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Dubai has been a fast developing tourist destination in the world. It is a perfect holiday destination in UAE which is loved by all generations, young. Old, men, women and even kids. So, plan a desert safari trip to see the amazing sites, attractions, and all around experience in Dubai. A desert safari in Dubai gives you an opportunity to enjoy the pristine beauty of the Arabian Desert and its lovely landscape.

The adventurous tours offers a variety of desert safari Dubai adventure activities like Dune Bashing, Belly Dance, Sand boarding, Tanning, Camel Riding, and Horse Riding etc. Not only this, your palate gets taken care off, mouth watering BBQ Food with non-veg and veg optional dishes are served on your desert safari tour. Enjoy some of the most exotic species of animals and birds in their natural habitat. See the wild animals at their own pace and go wild with them. This desert safari experience in Dubai is made possible through the permission. Support of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DCCR).

You can enjoy your overnight desert safari in Dubai through out the year. The travel operators have various packages depending upon your requirements. The well-known camel safari companies of UAE offer their services to the travelers who love to travel in the cool deserts of the Middle East. You can also enjoy the desert safari tour along with your family and friends. In addition to this, Dubai also has desert safari tours for couples that are very enjoyable.

Land Rover is a British owned company. Since the Company had made its entry into the United Arab Emirates (the UAE) in the year 1997. It has become a hugely popular brand. And in this beautiful country of the UAE, the Company has established many new offices and branches. This is one of the reasons why. You will find that you can explore many parts of the country on foot. Car or even on the bikes. Many tourists love to explore the tracks of the Land Rover vehicles and on a personal view. I can say that the company’s vehicles are very impressive.

If you are looking to take on a desert safari. Dubai is one of the best places where you can spend your vacation. You can buy the special Dubai city tour tickets from any travel operator. There are various companies offering the Dubai city tour tickets. If you want to make the best bargain, you should visit the online websites. These websites provide the Dubai land rover tours and the Dubai hot air balloon trips at the cheapest prices. So, a trip to the world’s most popular tourist destination, Dubai will be an unforgettable experience for you.

On the other hand, if you have your own vehicles and plan to go for the Dubai desert safari on your own. Then you can also do the same thing. There are companies, which offer self drive Dubai tours. You can book your tour online. You will find everything that you need on the website. These companies offer four and eight day tours and you can select the best deal according to your needs.

You can start off your desert safari with a visit to the world famous Dune buggy Grand Canyon. You can enjoy your desert safari in the comfortable interior of a Dune buggy. The four star Dune buggy Grand Canyon is equipped with all the facilities and amenities that make it the perfect place for a fun filled holiday.

Apart from the excursion, you can also go for some night tours in the Red dunes desert. The tour is exciting and offers you spectacular views of the city and the beach. You will have a chance to go for fishing, camel safaris, Jeep safaris, and luxury safaris, as well. A luxurious accommodation, meals, and sightseeing are available on the Dubai desert safaris. Thus, apart from seeing the beautiful scenery. You can also savour the numerous opportunities for adventurous activities during your luxury safari in Dubai.

Combine a Bike Rental and a Desert Safari for an Amazing Holiday in Dubai

Desert safaris with traditional barbeque meal is very popular among vacationers. If you find yourself very free one night and want to do something very exciting. Go on a desert safari in Dubai with traditional barbeque meal at the best hotels of Dubai. Desert safaris are the ultimate way to explore the beauty of the desert. One can see many animals roaming around such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, camels and deer. The most amazing thing about desert safaris is that one does not need any guide or assistance to see all the things around him.

If one wants to have a luxury safari in Dubai. Then there is no better place than the Desert Safari located at Bur Dhabi. This is one of the best luxury safaris in Dubai where one can enjoy riding on a camel. Driving over a sand dune, watching the birds playing in the sand, swimming in a river and enjoying the desert air. One can enjoy the ride in comfort and the dining facility is available throughout the day. For more adventure, try the quad biking or the camel ride in desert safari Dubai.

If you prefer to spend your Dubai desert safari in a more exciting manner, then there are two options for you which are a day long and an overnight safari. On day long Dubai desert safari, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and can visit the villages of Bur Dubai and Jumeriah. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and surroundings as well as, the sight of the village people who live in their traditional home made dwellings. A day long desert safari will allow you to feel the fresh air and see the sun rise and set. After a day long desert safari, you can take a ride on a camel or on a quad bike riding in the desert. The overnight safari to Dubai gives you the option of sleeping in your hotel room and exploring the city at night.

There are many places in Dubai where you can enjoy a private desert safari. The Sharjah Island is just 2 hours away by sea from Dubai, which is a great place to explore the vast empty lands. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Arabian Desert on camel or on a land rover.

Riding on a camel along the dunes of Sharjah Island is a unique experience. The camel ride will give you the opportunity to see some of the wildlife of Dubai. You can enjoy the camel ride and the desert safari price at the same time. Riding in a fully furnished land rover will allow you to get a chance to explore some of the ancient architecture of Dubai. The open buffet dinner on the land rover will make your Dubai holidays more exciting. You can enjoy the scenery and the sunset on the way back to the airport.

An off-road cycle ride through the wildest and most unspoiled areas of Dubai will offer you an amazing and exciting experience. You can enjoy the desert safari price on a bike ride. A Desert Safari with a bike ride to explore the local countryside will provide you with a great way to relax and feel the air on your face. A desert safari will also provide you with an opportunity to view the wildlife and the breathtaking sunsets. A desert safari will also give you a unique chance to see some of the most remote areas of Dubai

One of the best things about a desert safari is the ability to come back to the city on a full moon, where you will be able to enjoy the best dinner in town. The desert safari is a combination of ride on a camel and dune bashing. You’ll get the feel for the area through the two activities. The package will provide you with a guided tour of the area, after which you will return to the airport and have a great meal before taking off to explore the wildest parts of the city.

For a special desert safari to truly capture the true essence of Dubai, you can combine the private desert safari with an Aed flight. Aed are world renowned and they will fly you and your party to the remote al-Jafra Mountains. During the flight you’ll be given the opportunity to experience some world class diving right in front of you. Aed are very familiar with the surrounding environment so you will be in safe hands as they fly over the peaks and valleys. When you return to the airport you will be treated to dinner and a welcome drink from the Aed flight steward before being treated to an awesome dinner by one of the locals.

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