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What is Pocketbuddy extension, and how can it save your money?

If you are a shopping enthusiast and frequently shop online across various e-commerce platforms, this article will be very helpful. This article will discuss an amazing and extremely useful money-saving chrome extension called Pocketbuddy. Pocketbuddy is a money back chrome extension that can work on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. It is very easy to install, and despite its tracking algorithm, it never steals or misleads any of your personal information. Pocketbuddy only analyzes your shopping patterns and does not access any other personal details of yours like emails.

Let us further read about how Pocketbuddy works, what benefits it offers to the users, and how it is better than other cashback extensions and money-back apps.

About PocketbuddyMoney Saving chrome extensions

Like other money-back extensions, Pocketbuddy is also available as a chrome extension. When you love shopping online, you obviously want to save money on shopping. People who have a habit of making frequent online purchases always look for options that could save them some extra bucks. For this reason, people often add some useful extensions to their chrome. The algorithm of these extensions analyzes the users’ shopping patterns and provides them with attractive deals and discounts that they can avail of at the time of checkout. Also, the main job of these extensions is to provide the best discounts and attractive cashbacks on various payment methods.

You may save money with Pocket Buddy. When you visit an online store, the money back chrome extensions looks for the best deals and discounts. The best payment option among those you have already provided is then suggested.
All you have to do is choose every payment method you use or have access to. The next time you shop online, Pocket Buddy will instantly start working its magic. The next time you visit a shopping website, keep an eye out for the Pocket Buddy pop-up.

In order to provide you with the greatest deals on your cards and other payment choices, Pocket Buddy works on all of the main online retail websites. Now that optimum savings are ensured, you can shop online without worry.

Once you select all your applicable payment methods from within the extension, It will show the best offers and discounts instantly. Pocket Buddy has included all the major debit and credit cards.

Pocketbuddy is one such chrome extension that works on Chrome extension. This extension enhances the

overall shopping experience of the users by picking the best payment method for their online shopping. This extension finds the best discount and offers for you on your available payment methods. 

The finest feature of the Pocketbuddy money-back extension is that it stops any additional product pop-ups, which helps you avoid purchasing stuff you don’t need. However, Pocketbuddy displays recommendations for the same product on numerous websites, but it does not display any more products that are linked to the one you have selected. You don’t have to be limited to a single form of payment if you use Pocketbuddy, which is another fantastic perk. Every time you choose to pay, Pocketbuddy will still let you take advantage of the best discount available.Pocketbuddy searches through multiple websites and apps at once, matches any active discounts with your selected payment method, and finds you the greatest and most lucrative offers.

For example, when you have added Pocketbuddy as an extension to your browser, Pocket Buddy helps you to find the best offers and discounts on your available cards when you shop online. 

Pocketbuddy is an extension that you can add to your browser and enjoy shopping online. You simply need to be aware of any fraudulent calls or texts as Pocketbuddy never asks you to share any confidential financial details like OTPs, PINs, etc. 

How does Pocketbuddy work?

Pocketbuddy works on such an algorithm which enables it to track your shopping activities across various apps. This helps you to find the best offers and discounts on your available cards when you shop online.

For example, if you purchase a lot of home essentials regularly from different online platforms, then Pocketbuddy will instantly analyze and react to this pattern and will show you – 

For example, you are using Amazon for shopping online. You are a frequent Amazon user and always choose payment methods like Google pay, Amazon pay, or Apply pay. Now Pocketbuddy’s algorithm will analyze and study this and give you various offers on these online payment methods. Pocketbuddy will give you amazing cashbacks, vouchers, coupons for various other apps, or other benefits for choosing that payment method. All you need to do is to choose a particular payment method and proceed to checkout. The Pocketbuddy app does the rest.

Another great benefit of using Pocketbuddy is that you do not need to be stuck on just one mode of payment. You can choose to pay using different methods every time; Pocketbuddy will still enable you to avail of the best discount possible. 

Pocketbuddy actually surfs over various apps and websites at a time and matches any ongoing discounts with your current mode of payment, and gets you the best and most profitable deals and discounts. 

Installation and Security of Pocketbuddy – 

Pocketbuddy is a quite reliable and easy-to-use money saving chrome extension. To install Pocketbuddy as your extension on chrome, you just need to download it for free. Pocketbuddy requires no sign-up, no paid upgraded versions, and no referrals for any additional benefit. It will work very easily for you. 

You just need to follow these three simple steps to add Pocketbuddy to your existing browser – 

  1. Click on the extension button on the top right corner of your browser window to add it as an extension.
  2. Pick your payment method. Once you install Pocketbuddy, you can add all the payment methods
  3. Then Pocketbuddy chooses the best payment method for you.
  4. Depending on the online shopping website, Pocket Buddy sorts out the best payment methods for you by comparing available cashback, discounts, and other offers

Pocketbuddy is, thus, a great way to save a lot of money while shopping online. Additionally, it saves you also from the hassle of searching for discount coupons, etc.

Conclusion – Towards the end, we can say that there are many attractive money back chrome extensions that you will come across when you start searching for money back chrome extensions, But Pocketbuddy is one of a kind. The main benefit of using the Pocketbuddy chrome extension is that it is very easy, safe, and secure for your use. You can rely on Pocketbuddy totally for all your shopping needs. Unlike many other apps, Pocketbuddy never asks you to pay extra to enjoy an upgraded version or refer friends to earn more benefits. It is very easy to install and has a simple sentiment analysis algorithm behind its whole functioning. It will simply analyse your shopping patterns and payment methods and generate the best offers and discounts for you accordingly. 

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