Complete Guide to Driving Licence Renewal

The old procedure for getting your hands onto a driving licence is extremely hectic and time consuming. The long waiting hours that you would have to face. endless visits office in order to get through driving license renewal can take away a good chunk of life.

However, as the technology has advanced and digital advancement has taken over the world, driving licence procedure has also shifted online. 

You can avoid all the hectic procedures and physical requirements and get every problem related to driving licence sorted out via the online portal while staying back at home. With the help of DLIMS, you can now apply, verify, renew, or even check all the updates with the help of the new online portal very easily. 

Getting a Driving Licence in Pakistan

In order to help you understand the ins and outs of this, we are here with a guide of how to get your driving licence problems solved through this website.

Renewal of Driving Licence Online 

It was extremely difficult and tiring to get your hands on a driving licence in Pakistan because of all the efforts required to complete the process, however, the new changes in technology has brought revolution and eased up the process for everyone.

Moreover, with the help of PITB (Pakistan Information Technology Board) we can now get through all kinds of processes related to the driving licence by using their new digital system DLIMS. By using DLIMS online you can now check any updates, verifications, renewal and more without worrying about the hectic schedule. 

Application Procedure of DLIMS 

The new application is not at all difficult or complicated, all you have to do is understand the procedure and get started with the work; 

  • First login to the DLIMS Website. 
  • Once you are done with that, download the form which is required by you from the download sections. 
  • Fill in all the requirements on the form and submit it. 
  • Next you would have to submit all the required documents to the nearest licensing office. 
  • After that you would have to pass the initial theoretical test after a licensing period of 42 days.
  • After passing this test and going through the medical tests you would now be able to take the driving test under expert’s supervision. 

Documents required for Renewal of Driving Licence 

In case you plan on getting your licence renewed, the process for doing that is different to that of getting a new driving licence. 

Take a look at the list of important documents required for renewal of a driving licence. 

  • The application form E enclosed in a cover. 
  • 2 Passport-sized Photos 
  • 2 copies of your CNIC 
  • Your original driving license 
  • Fee ticket as mentioned in License Document 
  • Medical reports 
  • Ticket of the relevant license 
  • Return your old driving licence

You can drive your car through the streets and roads once you have received the slip after completing the process. Until you get the renewed driving licence via TCS. You are not have to give a theoretical or physical test again in order to get your driving licence renewed. 

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