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Cleaning Services In Texas: Why is a cleaning deposit required for seasonal rentals?

To maintain a clean and pleasant space, cleaning must be done at least once a week, and even more, depending on the activity. While hiring a weekly Cleaning Services In Texas may seem expensive, you can save money without letting dirt and dust build up in your beautiful vacation abode. Thus, the professional can carry out the cleaning easily without having to charge you extra in the end.

However, you will be unable to save money if you have not requested a deposit if you damage your objects or installations.

There are many advantages to requesting a security deposit from travelers who book your accommodation. This allows you to choose how much to charge based on your property features and house rules and lets your hosts understand that they are responsible for your accommodation during their stay. So do not forget to request a deposit to ensure your seasonal rental.

Seasonal rental cleaning checklist: 10 things to remember

It’s time to take into account these ten tips to follow and not to forget to make a success of your seasonal rental cleaning!

1. Prioritize your tasks

What should you clean most often? The answer is simple: anything within sight of your hosts. Even if you do not receive guests in the next few days, you must ensure that everything that people see from the outside is beyond reproach. This includes the garden, windows, and all other visible elements. Inside, you’ll want to ensure the basics, like floors and surfaces, are clean, as these are the first things your guests will see when entering your home.

2. Make a list to prepare for the departure of your hosts

Don’t be afraid to ask your hosts to do a few cleaning chores before leaving your vacation rental. But be careful not to ask too much of them because they might feel like they’re working on their vacation or, worse, doing the work for you. Or, if you’re going to hire a Cleaning Services In Texas, simply prepare a list of your specific requirements: allergies, valuables, pets, etc.

By creating a list, you will make the task easier, both for your visitors and for yourself. You will also make it easier for yourself to welcome the next guests.

Here are some ideas to include on that starter list:

  1. Put furniture and accessories back where you found them
  2. Throw away all open food from the refrigerator
  3. Run the dishwasher
  4. Put the towels in the laundry basket
  5. Take out the trash
  6. Check that you do not leave any personal items in the cupboards
  7. Close all doors and windows
  8. Unplug small appliances and turn off lights
  9. Add any tasks relevant to your listing, and don’t forget to send a thank-you email to your hosts if they followed your instructions correctly.

3. Ask for a deposit, including cleaning fees

It is strongly recommended that you request a cleaning deposit from your hosts to cover any damage caused to your property. But you could also add cleaning fees to this deposit and only deduct them if your tenants leave your accommodation in poor condition or do not respect the internal regulations.

These practices are there to protect the interests of your vacation rental, so do not hesitate to implement them! There’s no harm in asking for a deposit, including cleaning, especially if you leave a clear checkout list and it isn’t followed!

Be careful; however, if you do not return the deposit (or only part of it), do not forget to send photos to your hosts to justify this decision.

4. Go green

Why not do something for the environment as part of your rental business? The planet will thank you for it, and you will earn points from your holiday guests for your interest in the environment and your ecological actions.

You can do many things to clean up your vacation rental while taking care of the planet. For example, you could buy cleaning products that are ecological, natural, and do not pollute the water. You could also buy a recycling bin (or different containers for each type of garbage) to make waste management easier for your guests. Extra tip: help your guests recycle by listing the items they can put in the different bins!

5. Keep in direct contact with your maintenance staff

If you don’t clean your vacation rental personally, speak directly with the cleaning company or the staff who take care of it. Be sure to clarify things like areas to prioritize, closet locations and contents, and anything else you find useful to help them do their job as well as possible. It is important not to leave the cleaning and upkeep of your home to chance.

6. Think about cleaning when choosing furniture for your home

Try to plan by eliminating furniture or decor that could stain easily or items that will require more maintenance. For example, avoid the accumulation of trinkets that collect dust and slow down the cleaning team. Conversely, consider items that could help you protect furniture and surfaces from damage, such as tablecloths or mattress pads.

7. Make cleaning go unnoticed

Your goal is for your guest to not notice and care about cleaning your vacation rental. It would be a shame if your guests could not fully enjoy the view or the decoration simply because the carpets smell musty. Don’t let them leave with a bad impression just because of a stain on the floor or because you haven’t descaled the coffee machine.

Recent studies show that housekeeping (or rather a dirtiness) is one of the most complained about items by hosts. They would have no problem leaving a bad review due to a lack of hygiene in the accommodation.

So what can you do if you (or your housekeeping staff) have neglected to housekeep? If your guests contact you about a housekeeping or maintenance issue, you should act as soon as possible to resolve it. If your guests don’t tell you anything but leave you a negative review after their stay, take a deep breath and respond as calmly as possible.

8. Do a deep cleaning at least twice a year

When high season approaches or ends, check your vacation rental thoroughly for cleaning and maintenance. Many things need to be checked regularly to ensure that your service is always up to scratch.

Try to think of everything, especially the less obvious things like the grout in the bathroom, the garden sprinkler system, the inside of the drawers, or even the leaky taps. Take your time; these checks are extremely important.

For this reason, we have created a list of items to check during a general inspection of your vacation rental.

9. Think long term

Take the time to inspect all the elements in good condition today but which will need to be change in the medium or long term. This will give you better control over your maintenance budget and allow you to spread out the expenses rather than deal with everything in a hurry.

10. Prepare your accommodation for off-peak periods

Save time and prepare your accommodation for periods of less activity. For example, clean and replace all bedding, towels, and other textiles that need to be cleaned to prevent the spread of bacteria. You can also remove all the sheets from the beds, empty the refrigerator to avoid mold, and unplug all the electrical appliances because, even if they are not turned on, they continue to consume energy.

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