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What would you choose if you have to choose between shower and bath? Both offer distinctive benefits so, choosing among them may be difficult than you may think. However, if what you think to have both facilities in your bathroom. You may think how this may be possible as you may be short of budget and may not have enough space. Many people are not aware yet that there is a solution for both of these problems. So, you don’t have to sacrifice a bath for a shower or vice versa. Because you can install a shower bath that offers dual utility, by doing so, you will not need any extra space separately for each of these items. Thanks, new designs. You have plenty of design options available for such baths available in different shapes. 

If you also want to enjoy having both of the facilities, then read on as we are going to discuss few amazing benefits that this type of bath has to offer.

How Shower Baths Combine Bath and Shower Facility?

A shower bath is a solution to the problem of limited space in the bathroom. Most households in the UK are small, and that’s have limited space for bath and shower facilities. Therefore, whenever they decide on a bathroom makeover, they have to sacrifice features they can enjoy. Since a shower and a bathtub are similar utilities with distinctive benefits, it’s that compromised. However, the great thing is that a simple bathtub with a different design can let you enjoy both without needing extra space or associated costs. 

How to Use a Shower Bath as Bath and Shower?

In simple words, a shower bath is similar to any other bath but with different shapes. These baths are available in shapes like L or I. That means these have a normal end while the other is a bit wider than the normal. So, that side can be used as a shower. A simple overhead shower will do the job. You may install a shower screen on that side to avoid water splashes as well. 

What are the Benefits of Combining Bath and Shower?

You can expect the following benefits of combing into one unit. 

  • The first is an obvious benefit: you can enjoy both bath and shower in a single unit so you don’t have to worry about limited space or need to sacrifice any of this facility. 
  • The second benefit is that with separate units, even when you have space available can cost many times over it. For example, with just a single bath, you only have to pay for the bathtub. While installing a separate facility, you will have to pay for a shower, enclosure, shower tray, or wall panels, depending on whatever you choose. So, it will increase the overall costs significantly. 
  • The third benefit is that a shower over a bath looks amazingly beautiful. These easily fit into design and style while improving the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. In case you are after a contemporary style bathroom in a smaller space, then it can be a preferred choice for you. 
  • Another benefit of this combo is that it is a better choice for family bathrooms. It is because, if you have a family with kids, a shower alone may not be a better choice. It is not possible to get your kids under the shower. However, sacrificing one over the other may also be problematic. Installing a shower bath will be a great solution for this problem as you can bath your kids in the tub while using a shower whenever needed for yourself. And all without extra cost and space usage. 

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