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To publish a children’s book in a traditional way, it is significant to look at a publishing house and gather necessary information about the type of books they promote. Check out the books that have been published through their platform and examine whether your manuscript fits accordingly. Before making a move, read the submission guidelines perfectly to avoid rejection. This article provides you a list of publishing houses that accept children’s books.

Andersen Press

A well-known oldest publishing house in the UK founded in the late 70s and named after Hans Christan Andersen. The Andersen Press publishes children’s fiction books and has a great age range for their young readers, which includes 0 to 12+ years. The publishing house has published the work of some famous and award-winning authors, and they promote solicited as well as unsolicited submissions.

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Quarto Knows

The Quarto Group is also an older publishing house started in 1976, but they begin to publish children’s books in 1990. They promote new and innovative ideas to enhance children’s interaction with the books, and they accept unsolicited submissions as well. The Quarto Knows publishes books for children of all ages with various categories in the local and international market.

Penguin Random House Ireland

An Irish-based publishing house known for its bestsellers globally. They are pretty diverse in the selection of genres, as they accept all genres. The publishing house appreciates online submissions from authors, where the author is required to email their manuscript along with the cover letter, synopsis, and a short note about themselves. However, due to higher demand, there is excellent traffic of manuscripts submissions in Penguin Random House, so an author should patiently wait for the response, which might take few months.

Ransom Publishing

The Ransom Publishing house publishes books for reluctant and struggling readers who lack interest in books. Ransom Publishing provides books that are higher in interest but lower in reading level so that their reader would not lose attention from the book throughout their reading experience.

Ransom Publishing also has a sister company, Dragon Books, which offers children books for the library and classroom. Authors who are highly creative and willing to motivate children for reading must work with Ransom Publishing to improve the reading skills of unenthusiastic children.

Dinosaur Books

Dinosaur Books is a small publishing house that provides excellent service in the children’s book domain. The age range for children’s books is limited from 5 to 12 years, and it focuses on younger middle and middle grades. The best thing about Dinosaur Books is that they welcome and promote new writers, underrepresented authors, and unsolicited manuscripts as well. The publishing house promotes new talent who is keen to collaborate with the Dinosaur Books team.

Maverick Books

Maverick Books publishers were launched in 2009, promotes picture books, junior fiction, and middle grades. The publishing house is straight about their guidelines and word counts, for picture books up to650 words for children below seven years, 6,000 – 18,000 words for junior fiction, intended for age group 7 to 10 years and 18,000 – 55,000 words for middle grade, for age group 8 to 12 years.

The authors need to submit their complete manuscript or initial three chapters along with a synopsis and a cover letter, following the guidelines mentioned on their official web page.

Piccadilly Press

Piccadilly Press publishes books for children from 5 to 12 years of age; they promote family-oriented fiction and picture books. The authors are recommended to submit their scripts with a synopsis to their official email addresses.  The prime focus of Piccadilly Press is on middle-grade readers. This publishing house does not accept unsolicited submissions and prefers traditional publishing only.

Michael O’Mara Books (Buster Books)

It is an independent publishing house, which does not support unsolicited work, so an author must submit their work through a literary agent. They publish children’s books in a variety of categories including, early years, picture books, sticker books, fiction, coloring, activity, puzzle, etc.

Everything with Words

A small independent publisher founded in 2017 focuses entirely on children and adult fiction books. For children, they have an age limit of 7 years to young adults. This publishing house accepts books that are forty thousand words long. They publish solicited as well as unsolicited work; however, they do not publish picture books.

Flying Eye Books

It is an international publishing house, which publishes picture books and non-fiction children’s books. They have clearly mentioned their guidelines for submission on their website. The Flying Eye Books are currently publishing manuscripts submitted to them through publishing agents only.

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