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Easily Know How to Send Email from Yahoo to Whatsapp

Query-1 “Hi, I am looking for a reliable solution on how to send Email from Yahoo to Whatsapp. As there is no option is provide by Whatsapp application. Please suggest me a good method.”

Yahoo is the next best preference after the Gmail application for most people. It provides great options and features to its users.

Despite its multiple functionalities, it has been observed that the users become uneasy when the server goes for downtime. The constant flow of work comes to a sudden halt.

There arises a problem when the users had to send some important emails to their colleagues or reporting manager and the Yahoo server was not functional.

Such instances are noticeable and very common. To overcome this situation, the users can send emails from Yahoo to Whatsapp.

In this blog, you will learn the method to forward Yahoo mail to Whatsapp.

Method for How to Send Email from Yahoo to Whatsapp

The emails from Yahoo cannot be directly sent to Whatsapp as there is no such option.

However, there is a method to transfer Yahoo Email into two steps and they are as follows:

Stage 1: The first step is to take the backup of the Yahoo emails into PDF file format using the most trusted automated method as ‘Yahoo Backup Tool’.

Stage 2: The second step is to send the backed-up PDF files to Whatsapp using the steps that will be discussed in further paragraphs.

Let’s begin!

Stage 1: Backup Yahoo emails into PDF format using Yahoo Backup Tool

Yahoo Backup Tool is a secure and trusted application that can backup Yahoo emails into multiple file formats. The user can choose the best email file format to forward Yahoo mail to Whatsapp.

How to Send Email from Yahoo to Whatsapp:

  • Install and Launch ‘Yahoo Backup Tool’.
  • Now write the Yahoo Mail username and password. Then, click on ‘Login’ button.

forward Yahoo mail to Whatsapp

  • Select the email format as ‘PDF’.
  • Click on the ‘Save Attachment on Disk’.
  • Now locate the path for exported email files. Navigate and select the location. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button.

Select Location

  • Now you can see the destination path in the textbox pannel corresponding to the ‘Browse’ button.
  • To delete the emails from the server, select the “Delete After Download” option. Then click on the ‘Yes’ button.
  • How to Send Email from Yahoo to Whatsapp
  • Apply filter’ options as below:
  1. Select Folders: Allow to select the folders to be backed up
  2. Date Filter: It allows you to include date range as “From” and “To” options.

Data Filter option

  • The ‘Incremental Backup’ permits users to take backup for every exported mail.
  • The last step is to select or click the “Start” button to start the export process.

How to Send Email from Yahoo to Whatsapp

  • Once the export process will complete, then a pop-up window will appear with a message ‘Download completed successfully.

Stage 2:Use PDF File to Forward Yahoo Mail to Whatsapp

Follows these steps to find out how to send Email from Yahoo to Whatsapp using PDF file format.

  • Open the web browser and enter the URL as ‘’. 

  • Open Whatsapp on your Android phone and choose Whatsapp for the Web option.

  • Scan the code on your Android phone.

  • Choose the contact and then click on the attached document option.

  • Browse for the Yahoo PDF files and then click on the ‘Open’ button. Here, the multiple PDF files can be selected as desired which are to be sent on Whatsapp.

  • Click on ‘Send’ button to send the Yahoo PDF files to Whatsapp without any hassles.

Final Thoughts on How to Send Email from Yahoo to Whatsapp

In the above blog, a brief on Yahoo and the method to transfer Yahoo Emails to Whatsapp have been explained step-wise.

The method involves the automated tool along with the manual steps in order to send the emails in the form of resultant PDF files to Whatsapp.

The best reason as to why the users are looking to forward Yahoo mail to Whatsapp is that the latter allows the user to make the deletion in case the email is sent to the wrong contact.

The other reason is Whatsapp allows sending multiple emails in PDF format to multiple contacts.

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