Can Kratom be used as a fertilizer?

Anyone who loves gardening or has spent time roaming in a garden would know: that good soil means good crop. To get a good quality crop, you must first have good quality soil. And, getting good soil is unachievable considering the impact of anthropogenic activities on the overall soil health. Therefore, farmers need to take extra care of the soil to get good yields and a vibrant harvest. But is it possible to maintain the high crop yields as well as nourish the soil? Yes absolutely! Try kratom powder as fertilizers. For the past few years, the soil quality has been degrading, continuously pushing farmers to look for better options for maintaining soil health.

Is Kratom the new solution?

First, focus on the purpose of a fertilizer. A fertilizer’s sole aim is to supply the soil with essential nutrients to yield a good quality. However, using a chemical fertilizer may help you increase the yield, but it will do more harm than good to the environment. Plus, the chemicals will also enter the ecological systems and eventually your body because humans get everything from nature only. No state of technology can filter out these chemicals once they enter the food system. Therefore, using natural fertilizers is extremely important, but they consume a lot of time and effort of farmers. So what’s the next best solution? kratom

Is Kratom potent as a fertilizer?

Mritagyna speciosa or Kratom consists of alkaloids and other beneficial compounds that help humans get relief from pain, anxiety, and depression and support mental calm. It also maintains the skin’s health because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Overall you can consume kratom powder very quickly by either adding a pinch of it to your tea or munching on a kratom gummy. The kratom industry is continuously booming at a starling rate and is expected to grow by five times in the next ten years. Quite a good amount to ignore!

Nevertheless, this southeast Asian herb has been in use since the history of humankind, only its widespread popularity is new. So far, the research around Kratom has always been limited, but thanks to popular demand and its benefits, researchers are diving deeper into Kratom’s potential benefits for soil. Hence, when the researchers dig deeper into Kratom, they find something that can change the whole setup of the fertilizer industry.

What does the research say?

In exact terms, the research was conducted to check the effect of fertilizers on Kratom’s group. The results were surprising as the section fed with fertilizers yielded a large white vein kratom crop.

The Result!

The result itself awaits further research and observation. Because Kratom has a high alkaloid concentration that helps maintain soil fertility. If more consideration is given to this subject, it can be a breakthrough point in the whole history of agriculture, not precisely kratom agriculture. Nevertheless, the research expands the span of Kratom, and if things go well, you can expect Kratom to be the next favorite botanical of humankind!

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