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Black VPN Router Review

What is BlackVPN

BlackVPN is a top VPN service provider on the market, so it comes as no surprise that their pre-built routers are just as high quality. If you’re looking for a router with all of your VPN needs ready to go then BlackVPN should be in consideration! There’s only two options available but they offer excellent speed and security which makes up for anything else lacking.

For years, a company called Black has been providing VPN services to the masses. They have released their own line of routers for home use which is specifically designed with customer security in mind. The router comes fully equipped with DD-WRT firmware and can provide up to 60Mbps download speeds through its wireless N capability (although this may vary).

The BlackVPN Router Review: In recent months it seems that data breaches are becoming an all too common occurrence as hackers continue to crack down on networks across the world without discrimination or prejudice – meaning we’re all at risk! With our dependence on smartphones these days, connecting via Wi-Fi hotspots exposes us more than ever before – making your internet connection just one attack vector away from being breached by cyber-criminal.

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BlackVPN Features

BlackVPN routers are designed to combat the threats that come with an increasingly digital world. They run on a modified version of standard DD-WRT firmware, which has been user-tested and refined for more than ten years. The advantage in using BlackVPN is twofold: they’re secure (because we encrypt all traffic) and easy because our scripts do everything you need them to so there’s no hassle getting connected!

With the BlackVPN scripts, you can make it easier to set up your VPN connection and manage its settings. Those who are used to DD-WRT’s backend access will still have that available too!

Here are some features which we definitely think are worth highlighting, and haven’t seen much elsewhere:

  • Easiest VPN router to use with a point-and-click GUI. Very fast and easy to change the VPN location via a simple web page. Most other VPN routers require you to change config files or to change the domain name manually.
  • Plug-and-Play. The virtual private network vpn software account is pre-installed so all customers need to do is plug the router into an internet connection and it will automatically connect to the VPN.
  • The VPN Control Panel can be updated with a click of a button. When they add more VPN locations (Brazil is coming online soon) or add more features (SSL tunnels are coming to the routers soon too) then nobody is left behind by having an old version of the VPN Control Panel installed.

BlackVPN Security

BlackVPN has taken the router game to a whole new level. Their encryption is so strong that you won’t be hacked even if they are monitoring your internet activity, and their design makes it easy for anyone with no prior knowledge of networking to set up a secure connection in minutes!

When starting the company, they wanted to ensure that customers wouldn’t be tracked. They do this by making sure that your shipping address is not linked with any other information on their website and storing them in different areas of their database (so you can get a VPN account without having to provide an address).

BlackVPN Speed

We tested the speeds on our RT-AC56U and found it to be in the same region as what we achieved on our computer, but of course with a few Mbit drop in speed. We also had enough speed to stream, browse and carry out P2P activities like usual when connected through Ethernet or WiFi.

One of the advantages to running VPN on your router is removing nodes that could be compromised by a DNS leak. We were able to confirm this with as well and found no vulnerabilities in using WebRTC protection at all!

VPN’s are a good solution to protect your privacy, but what if the connection drops or you switch locations? The “Kill Switch” that this router has is unlike any other I’ve seen. This feature cuts all of your internet access when a VPN disconnects so not only do you avoid leaks from being tracked with someone else’s IP address, it also prevents hackers because they can’t get in and use their own fake information while staying on line with yours.


The BlackVPN add-on to the DD-WRT firmware is very basic, but this doesn’t detract from it. You can change your VPN settings and administrator settings right on their home page with just one click by navigating through a control panel that they have set up for you already. If you want more in depth knowledge of how these routers work then head over to the dd-wrt forums where there are many helpful people willing and able to assist any need or question at all!

How to order the BlackVPN router

Ordering the router is just as simple as ordering from Amazon. All you need to do is select which one you’d like, enter your payment information and then enter your shipping address – but depending on which shipping method you have chosen, it could take up to 25 business days for delivery!

To prevent fraud, they will only ship to verified PayPal addresses.


BlackVPN’s routers have had a strong showing in our tests and reviews. We love that they’ve thought of making things even easier by offering their customers support for VPNs straight from the router settings, so if you’re thinking about getting one then we would recommend this as a good pick!

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