Best Place To Print Custom Vinyl Records In Australia

Listening to your favourite music on vinyl is a habit. Taking the album out of the sleeve, setting and eventually flipping that wax on the turntable, flawlessly adjusting the receiver, skimming through album liner notes, and placing the needle on custom vinyl records bring joy to audiophiles. Implant Media is the Best Place To Print Custom Vinyl Records In Australia.

In recent years, when the pandemic hit, people’s interest in switching to the traditional way of listening to music is becoming popular. Implant, a custom vinyl printing company, produces outstanding records that people love to bring home something valuable.

If you plan to make your own vinyl, then remember to know what music on vinyl records is selling well, and vinyl pressing in Australia has expertise in producing mono colours or multicoloured custom vinyl records, which undoubtedly look incredible with custom made designs that meet your project needs.

Vinyl record comeback continues, so does our vinyl services too

You might have heard and read of how custom vinyl records have overtaken CD sales for the first time in 35 years. Due to this comeback of custom vinyl in Australia, the artist both independent and signed, releasing their albums on custom vinyl records.

There are already bunches of musicians doing it, so why not make your own vinyl with the help of vinyl pressing in Melbourne?

Why choose vinyl pressing in Australia for great music

If you’re a musician who wants to catch the engagement of the prominent people in the music industry, you will need to boost those physical sales.

The more elevated the quality of the music, the better it will sound on your custom vinyl record. Remember first to level the audio to ensure the best outcome. Vinyl pressing in Melbourne tests the quality of the music.

Implant has collaborated with high-quality overseas pressing plants to offer custom vinyl pressing in whatever stock, colour, cover and sleeve that match your needs, with quick turnarounds.

Our expenses include all export duties and shipping, so there are no sly hidden charges when we give you the final vinyl product.

Choose your colours and design wisely

Vinyl pressing in Australia offers black, customized, or transparent colours. Why not integrate it with a colourful label and cover. Ensure there’s an apparent contrast between the white text and background colours.

Find a high distinction pairing for the text on both your cover and labels for reading purposes. For instance, do not use white text on a light background or make sure the logo in your design should be within the safety zone, signified by the red lines. Everything outside these lines falls on the fold and maybe cut off.

Choose your colours and design wisely for Vinyl Pressing

Gives room for creativity and artwork for covers

If you have an idea of what you want but don’t know how to create it. Be easy on yourself and use templates offered by Implant, a vinyl pressing plant in Melbourne, for the best result.

If you’re requesting the best physical format to maximize your visual creativity, then that would be custom vinyl records.

Custom vinyl records have ample space for your album cover, and when you add the inner vinyl records sleeve and the vinyl jacket, then there’s so much you can customize.

You can add download cards, posters, photo books, and lyric books, but you have to remember that single jackets won’t hold them in the inner sleeve with the vinyl record.

The custom vinyl records can also be designed with anything; vinyl pressing in Melbourne prints multicoloured, monocoloured, transparent, glow in the dark, and liquid vinyl. You can also have items designed into them, like coloured water, glitters, leaves, and even blood Etc.

Test pressing

Test pressings are essential for a pressing plant because this is the first time audio material gets assigned to a vinyl format.

Our vinyl pressing plant ensures your record, tests the stamper’s quality, and adjusts the press settings to make sure your music sounds good as your master file on a freshly pressed record.

In this procedure, the pressing plant may experiment with different settings and throw away a few records, but once the test pressing has acquiesced, we will keep the settings and use it for the main production.

Implant is a custom vinyl record maker in Australia which produces high-quality vinyl records on demand. You select what music you want on your record and make your own vinyl cover art. We will print top-notch custom vinyl records and deliver them all around Australia at your doorstep.

We believe our vinyl prices are cost-effective and the highest quality custom vinyl pressing available in Australia.

Why Use Our Vinyl Services

The hunger for vinyl continues to grow, and we’re here to ensure Australian bands and labels have access to the highest quality records and covers. Our exclusive partnerships with high quality overseas manufactures means we can offer custom vinyl pressing in whatever colour, stock and finish you desire, with quick turnarounds.

Our prices include all shipping and duties, so when we give you a final per-unit price, there are no tricky hidden extras. Once exchange rates and delivery fees are taken into account, most of the time we are much cheaper and less stressful than sourcing from local or international suppliers yourself. We believe we have the best priced and highest quality custom vinyl pressing available in Australia. If you think you have a better price please let us know.
When you’re ready to make an order, contact our sales staff.

Record options

We can produce standard sized 7” 10” and 12” Vinyl records to look however you’d like. Choose from our vast selection of colours, in opaque and transparent finishes. Or, request a custom PMS colour. Our standard records weigh in at 140GRM, but 12” records can also be produced in 180GRM heavy weight vinyl.


Due to the size of the sheet, the forms needed and the specialised gluing required, there are only a few places that can offer high quality, offset-printed record covers. If you find yourself in this boat, we can help you out, but only with a very limited range of printing options. When you press your vinyl record with us, however, we can offer you a complete range of covers and inserts, printed and unprinted. If you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Download Cards

Make it easy for your fans to download the record they just bought by inserting a download card into the record’s jacket. Each card will have a unique link which directs the purchaser to a custom page housing the downloadable audio file. Simply supply us your audio as MP3 (or your audio format of choice) and we’ll take care of the rest!

Test Pressing

Although not essential, we recommend that you choose to request a test pressing. If a test pressing is selected on your order, you’ll receive three records for you and your band mates to listen to and ensure the record sounds exactly as you imagined. Without a test press, you may save some time, but by default, you’ll be approving the one and only pressing.

What Do We Need From You

Audio Master

We recommend that you have your audio mastered specifically for vinyl. Audio masters can be provided in the following formats:
• wav files at 24 or 32 bit, 44.1 or 48 KHz – All tracks for a side should be supplied as 1 file
Please include a detailed cue sheet that specifies:

Length and playing times

We recommend the following maximum playing times:

12 inches:
Up to 14 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 24 minutes at 33 rpm.
For DJ applications up to 9 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 15 minutes at 33 rpm.
10 inches:
Up to 8 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 14 minutes at 33 rpm.
For DJ applications up to 6 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 9 minutes at 33 rpm.
7 inches:
Up to 4½ minutes at 45 rpm and up to 6 minutes at 33 rpm.
These specifications are general guidelines. Longer playing times require a reduction of the cutting level, and may require an alteration of the characteristics of the audio material.

Source: Best place to print custom vinyl records in Australia.

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