How to Look Older

I recently received an email sent to me by girl who is 20 years old and complains she’s often misinterpreted as an older child of 12 years old. Since she is a dance teacher she would like to be treated more seriously. She also I asked her what she could do be doing to make her appear older using makeup.

Are you tired of being mistaken for you younger sister? You may look older and older than you really are. You just need to pay attention to what you wear and how you carry yourselfand others begin to think you’re older.

It’s nice to look young However, there are times when you need to appear older. If you’re looking slightly older or even more mature makeup is the ideal instrument. If you use the right techniques it can help you to define and enhance your natural features, giving sharp, mature angles. By blending your face and subtle highlights it’s possible to make the face appear more mature and defined, even with the smallest of newborn faces.

It’s a common issue with beauty. Like women older than 40 years old would like to appear younger than they really are and women in their 20s and teens tend to not want to appear younger than they really are. Strange how that can work isn’t it? One day, when Jennifer turns 50 She will likely remember with nostalgia how youthful she was when she was younger.

Makeover Makeup: Look Younger

This is a long way away. For now Here are four tips for looking younger than you actually are.

Get That Ponytail Down! Ponytail

In an email she sent my email, Jennifer wrote, “I always put my hair up in the ponytail.”

It’s a scratching sound.

Ponytails are ideal for little girls, women who go to the gym, and busy moms. They aren’t meant for women who wish to look older. The first thing you can do if you want to appear your age or older is to lose the ponytail and adopt a more sophisticated-yet-trendy hairstyle.

For Jennifer whom I know is an instructor of dance I suggest a chic, simple hairstyle worn around your neck’s nape. I am a fan of this and have done so for the last five years. They’re way more stylish and sophisticated than a ponytail.

If you don’t require longer hair, consider cutting it shorter. This could make your appearance more youthful. A classic, or perhaps edgy Pixie, a messy long haircut, a classic bob , or shag are all good alternatives.

It’s fashionable to opt for shorter hairstyles. Find ideas from the Hair Trends 21 Celebs That Changed Their Hairstyles From Long to a Short Bob.

Apply a little make-up

Jennifer also said in her message to me, that she didn’t wear any makeup.

Another time, you can hear that scratching sound.

To look younger I suggest applying some sort of makeup. Below are three choices I suggest:

Make your lips stand out. Choose a bold lipstick shade such as dark red or dark pink. This can add an extra dimension to your face. is a classic style and lets you be as free of makeup as is possible. If you want to emphasize your lips and your lips are a bit pouty, keep the rest your makeup simple, but apply a bit of mascara to soften the top of your face.

Make a simple look mascara on your curly eyes, a hint of blush if you’re pale concealer for any spots that are uneven or reddened and a dab of colored lipstick.

your eyes stand out. your eyes look more dramatic with a an edgy copper and smoky brown palette. Line your eyes. Make your eyes stand out by using mascara. Keep your lips light by wearing gloss or lipstick in pink.

For more information regarding makeup application, refer to the How-to Guide for Applying Makeup.

Take a look at how you carry yourself

The word is “poise.” as a teacher of dance poise is probably innate to Jennifer however for the majority of us, it’s a skill that comes from the practice. No matter what age, if you wish to be considered more serious in your daily life, it is important to behave and conduct yourself with confidence. This includes standing straight and being mature by thinking before speaking, and being courteous.

I once had a close friend who was practicing speaking in lower volume as she believed she wasn’t considered a serious woman at work. I don’t advise taking this approach however I did notice that her practice resulted in perfect. She stayed true to her goals and improved as a employee. She’s currently working as a head trauma nurse at the largest Chicago hospital.

Dress for a Professional Woman

Your clothes can reveal the age you are actually at. If you’re looking to look aged or older look more mature, dress up. That means you should ditch the shorts and flip-flops, and replace them with expensive dark jeans, high-heeled small jackets, blouses. Like a professional woman.

Contoured to look older


Begin by applying your eyebrows. Utilize the small, angled eyebrow brush as well as shadow or brow powder that is dark to fill on the bottom and top edges of your eyebrows. Apply the shadow or powder towards the direction of your hair, and ensure that you remain within the natural brow shape. The arch and the ends of your brows the most so that you get a sleek elegant, mature look. [1]

Pick the shade that is closest to the shade you have in your brows. It’s also possible to go with one shade or two darker to create an even more defined appearance.

The sharper, defined brows make your appearance more polished and more mature.

Apply the concealer to any areas you wish to conceal.Concealer under your eyes, and on any imperfections you wish to cover. Apply it using your fingers by dabbing it, then gently pressing it on your skin until you’ve got it evenly distributed.

Choose a pink-tinted foundation if your skin appears lighter in tones. If you are darker, opt for a more peachier shade.

Apart from making you appear more radiant and more alert, covering-up can hide youthful-looking freckles and pimples, such as acne.

Apply foundation to create the foundation to provide a firm base. Utilize your fingers to rub the foundation in a thin layer on your forehead, temples the jawline, chin, cheeks, as well as the part of the bridge that your face is. After that, use a large circular brush to blend the foundation into your skin using gentle circular movements. Make sure you blend the foundation until about in the center of your neck in order to keep your neck and face identical in color.

Choose a shade that is a match to the natural color of your skin as closely as is possible.

The foundation will form the foundation of your contouring. This will enhance your cheekbones and make you appear older.

Begin your contouring by applying foundation on any angles that your face has. Utilize a contouring kit in the event that you own one, pick a foundation out of it that is 2-3 shades deeper than you’re natural skin tone. Apply a tiny round brush to apply it with soft lines across your face’s angles. Contouring helps to sharpen and strengthen your features which makes your face appear more mature and less round.

For fun, don’t forget to read my piece on women who’s bad hair and makeup has aged their appearance by years. Your Hairstyle and Makeup Aging You?

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