Best Car Shipping Companies in US 2022

Unable to locate the top auto shipping company? Stop worrying since we can assist you in putting an end to your troubles. Best auto transport It’s challenging to move from one place to another throughout your lifetime. This process is made more challenging by the requirement that you ship your belongings to your new address.

The duty of hiring a company to export your car is enormous. One of your most valuable possessions, your car, requires particular maintenance. Choosing the most reputable shipping company for your automobile is essential because of this.

Based on customer evaluations, Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, and shipping services, we assist you in choosing the best vehicle transport companies in the US. Here is a list of the best vehicle shipping businesses, all of which have received excellent client feedback.

Best National Auto Transport Companies 

Genius Auto Trans

Genius Auto Trans has received fantastic evaluations from hundreds of satisfied customers despite not being BBB accredited. In terms of customer service, delivery alternatives, and pricing, Genius Vehicle Trans is among the best auto transportation businesses. It is a dependable shipping choice as well as a cost-effective alternative to transfer your cars. They provide you with all the options you require, including door-to-door shipping and vintage car transportation. A reputable transportation business with a current USDOT and MC number is Genius Auto Trans.

The Unique Characteristics of Genius Auto Trans

The customer care team at Genius Auto Trans communicates with customers frequently to provide a simple booking procedure. On their website, you can request a free, immediate quote from them. You are given a shipping consultant by the company who stays in touch with you. You can unwind in this manner knowing that your car is in capable hands. Genius Auto Trans has no trouble with insurance coverage. Genius Auto Trans permits you to store up to 100 pounds of personal items in the trunk of the vehicle.

Montway Auto Transport

A well-known shipping business in the US with a substantial transportation network is Montway Auto Transport. Among the many shipping options offered by Montway are enclosed automobile shipping, door-to-door delivery, and many others. With a USDOT number that is currently valid and a 4.5 BBB rating, Montway is a trustworthy shipping firm.

What Is Special About Montway

Only car deliveries are Montway’s area of expertise. This guarantees that the company’s services are limited to moving cars for you. Montway won’t let you down with its more than 15 years of expertise and millions of happy consumers. Montway provides freight services and is aware of the requirement for military materials in order to transmit your POV. You might want to concentrate on your PCS and let Montway handle the work of moving because doing so can be stressful. Additionally, Montway offers its clients a live chat service that is accessible around-the-clock.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Shipping distinguishes itself from other national auto shipping firms with a special feature known as Price Lock Promise. This service makes it possible to deliver cars without fuss and provides set shipping rates. After employing their car removal service, you won’t have to worry about price increases. Sherpa furthermore provides a range of car transfer services for other clients, including online car buyers and travellers. Additionally, Sherpa Auto Trans has an outstanding 4.9/5 BBB rating.

Why Sherpa Auto Transport Is Unique

You won’t need to be concerned about prices rising thanks to Sherpa Auto Transport’s Price Lock Promise. Throughout the shipping process, they maintain the same costs. Sherpa Auto Transport also provides a Clean Car Guarantee in the event that your car is soiled while being delivered. Sherpa Auto Transport’s inability to guarantee specific shipping dates is one drawback.

Car Transportation in USA

American Auto Shipping 

American Auto Shipping, one of the first national auto transport firms, with thousands of happy clients and a long history in the industry. Since it began operating in this industry in 1999, it has received an A+ rating from the BBB.

Why American Auto Shipping Is Unique

American Auto Shipping works very hard to finish the shipments on schedule. However, this business will provide a free rental automobile if the wait time is longer than 14 days. Your autos may get soiled if you ship them via an open carrier service. American Auto Shipping guarantees to pay up to $20 for your car wash as a result. Along with door-to-door delivery, auto transport by rail, and customised shipping alternatives from California to Hawaii, American Auto Shipping also provides. You can transport significant pieces of equipment by using their car relocation service.


A network of brokers called AmeriFreight was established in 2004 and offers not only a trustworthy shipping service but also incredible savings. There is a separate menu with discounts for various client kinds on their website. They provide a range of services, including boat transportation, seasonal relocating, and military relocation. AmeriFreight shares an A+ rating with the other shipping firms mentioned above from the BBB. You can get any kind of auto transport services from this business to meet your shipping needs.

Why AmeriFreight Is Unique

Services for transporting cars may be expensive. This makes AmeriFreight’s numerous discounts seem favourable. The following people are qualified for their exclusive discounts: orders for numerous vehicles from the military, first responders, early-bird students, senior people, and medical personnel The three extra price tiers available in addition to the savings are Economy, Priority, and First Class.


Compared to the other shipping firms on our list, UShip operates a little differently. uShip functions as a market in contrast to the list of brokers. On this platform, numerous carriers can provide their services for a variety of shipment requirements. It also has a BBB rating of 4.6/5 from customers.

What Is Special About UShip

Customers can describe their shipping needs on uShip, and carriers can provide quotes. Additionally, UShip provides its customers with supplementary insurance. Customers are required to pay a separate fee for each quote, in contrast to the other leading vehicle shipping businesses. You can communicate with brokers in addition to regional carriers through UShip. Some carrier services might not include GPS tracking. uShip’s services are unmatched in the industry since it functions as an online marketplace where carriers compete for consumers’ business.

SGT Auto Transport

Another reputable firm for interstate shipping is SGT Auto Transport. It is BBB recognised and has a rating of 4.8/5. They offer all shipping alternatives necessary to meet your minimal requirements, such as enclosed and expedited dispatch.

Why SGT Auto Transport Is Unique

In every US state, SGT Auto Transport offers its car moving service. Therefore, SGT Auto Transport may help you ship your cars wherever you like. SG Auto Transport does not provide car transportation services from terminal to terminal, in contrast to other door-to-door shipping businesses. You can have your priceless autos on the scheduled day with their help. Your questions about their services will always be answered by their customer service personnel.

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