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Wooden Watches UK

Wooden watches are undoubtedly a fine-looking timepiece but how do they perform? Well, the answer’s yes; especially when you purchase them online from Wooden Watches UK. They are simply so damn cool-looking and fashionable, since they are created using top-quality materials like ceramic, steel, resin, and even precious stones. In addition, they have an unparalleled lifetime, since they don’t depreciate in value like many other watches do. Also, these are crafted from exquisite wood, so they can be worn year after year without losing their beauty. If you want to get one now, then read on.

But why would anyone need a wood watch? A wood watch is simply a functional, beautiful timepiece that is elegant and sophisticated. It has a classic, elegant look. The look is accentuated by its color and finishing. Some have intricate detailing and an applied gold or silver inlay.

Wooden watches have two different types of movements. The first is the mechanical watch, which uses a self-winding mechanism. This type of movement consists of a thin spring that rotates around a fixed metallic center. The other type of movement used in wooden watches is the water-motor mechanism. The water-motor is mounted underneath the spring in the case of mechanical watches.

The Manufacturing of Wooden Watches UK

There are three common materials used in manufacturing wooden watches UK. The first one is hardwood. Oak, ash, cherry, maple, hickory, poplar, birch, and teak are some of the popular hardwoods used for these types of watches. Second, grade wood such as walnut and ash are also used. Third, a combination of two or more grades of wood are used. Those watches that are made from cedar and mahogany are known as mahogany wood watches.

A popular choice among people who love wood is to use real leather as the watch band material. Though this may cost more than the other materials, it will guarantee to last longer. Since leather is a natural product, it blends perfectly with any metal. Unlike other synthetic materials, leather does not look unnatural on a person’s wrist

The best wooden watches come in many different designs. They can be traditional, vintage, or contemporary. It all depends on the style of the person wearing it. There are those that come in simple, plain styles. There are also those that have a more elaborate design.

Different Colors of Wooden Watches UK

Wooden watches also come in several different colors. While the traditional brown and black color of most watches will remain to be available for a long time, others come in other colors such as blue, green, yellow, or red. The more colors, the better since you can match it up with your dress color or the outfit that you want to pair it with. The materials used for the watch also matter. Watches that are made from silver or white metals are cheaper compared to those that are made from platinum, gold, or silver.

If you want to buy a wooden watch, then the best place to go to is the internet. Online stores that offer these watches are offering them at the lowest prices. Some even offer free shipping and give you an opportunity to test their products. In addition to buying online, it is also advisable to buy watches in local stores. You can ask the sales clerk, which is the best watch material to buy based on your taste and preference.

Various Functions of Wooden Watches UK

The shape of the watch is also another consideration to consider. A round watch will look more attractive if it is matched with the right dress. Also, the type of band and strap that you choose to wear with the watch will also help to make it look more appealing. Bands that can be wound up easily are preferred over hard straps.

Some UK based watchmakers offer a wide collection of these accessories. You can visit their stores online and browse through the various collections of these accessories. You may also try to take a sample of the wood material they use in making the watches. After all, a fine watch made from genuine wood will last for a long time and give you a lot of pride.

Wooden watches UK is not just functional but is also aesthetically appealing. You have a lot of options when it comes to style and design. A watch that is made from fine woods like rosewood, ebony, or walnut will have a classic, elegant look that is very common among elite watches. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and materials for your accessory.

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