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Best Attractions To See In Austria

See In Austria

With its rich history and culture, Austria is a beautiful place to visit for your vacation. Also, since it’s very close to Switzerland, it is known as the winter capital of Europe. However, if you are just looking forward to visiting the historical and cultural places or hiking the amazing Alps, summer can be the best time. To assist you with the best, we have mentioned some of the best attractions to see in Austria. So, look into it.

How To Get to Austria?

Let us find out how to reach Austria before we directly hop on to the best places to see in the place. So, there might be some other ways to reach Austria. But, you must know, and you cannot deny that the most convenient way would be to fly to Austria. So, if you have not booked your flight to date, it is the right time, you can call VivaAerobus Telefono. With Delta, you can book the flight at a very low rate. So, if you are looking for budget-friendly flights, you should definitely check with Delta Airlines. 

List of best attractions to see in Austria 

When you talk about some of the smallest countries in Europe, Austria is the prominent one. It has mountains, lakes, and whatnot making it appropriate for tourist visits. Here are a few places that will convince you better and motivate you to pack your bags to fly to Austria for your upcoming vacation.

The Vienna Hofburg 

Well, this has been a place of power for years in Vienna. Today, the authorities conduct the meetings and the state business where once Emperor Joseph II used to make decisions. Since the year 1275, the palace has undergone many constructions and alterations. Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Classicism, and Rococo are the different schools of knowledge that influenced the architectural beauty of this place. The complete Hofburg complex covers 59 acres. This includes two thousand and six hundred rooms and the19 courtyards. The major highlights of the palace are the Imperial Silver Collection and the arrangement of dining services offering lavish and royal banquets that at a time were held here. Moreover, you should not miss the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Apartments. The former actually focuses on the life of Empress Elisabeth and her times. On the other hand, the latter talks about Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, who occupies this series of 19 rooms. 

The Spanish Riding School

The school finds its birth in the times of  Emperor Maximilian II. He introduced one of the most famous horses to Austria, named Lipizzaner, in the year 1562. At present, it is one of the finest places that teach fine riding with a touch of aristocracy.  One of the main activities to do in the school for the visitors is to see the famous equestrian displays. This takes place in the Baroque Winter Riding School. If you want to see the animals showing their talent, you need to buy the tickets online because there is a huge rush of the public at the ticket counter.

Salzburg Altstadt

It is one of the best attractions to see in Austria. It was the Prince Archbishops, Salzburg. Therefore, it is seen as one of the spiritual destinations in Austria.  The Archbishops during his time, appointed some of the best and finest architects and artists to decorate the residences, monasteries, and churches. Today it is seen as one of the best places for visitors to visit and explore. However, with the passing centuries, churches and monasteries have undergone many changes and alterations. But all of these are worth watching. The main highlight of this place is St. Peter Abbey and its churches. 


Without question, one of the most attractive tiny towns in Austria, if not all of Europe, is Hallstatt. It’s a great starting point for exploring the breathtaking Dachstein Salzkammergut region, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Hallstatt’s prosperity, which is founded on its lengthy history of salt production dating back to prehistoric times, is attested to by the exquisite Baroque architecture.

You can also explore the Dachstein Caves, one of Europe’s most remarkable cavern networks, which are, in some spots, up to 1,174 metres deep, or go to the adjoining Hörnerwerk cavern’s underground salt lake. Highlights include the Mammoth Cave, with its enormous pipe-shaped passageways created by an old underground river, and the Giant Ice Cave, with its sub zero summer temperatures and enormous caverns with stunning frozen waterfalls.

Kitzbüheler Horn

The well-known resort town of Kitzbühel, one of the best places to ski in Austria, spoils snow enthusiasts with its 170 kilometres of skiable pistes and slopes dotted with tiny mountain huts, where they can stop for authentic Alpine snacks and chilly beverages.

Kitzbühel has three skiing areas, the smallest of which, Bichlalm, is exclusively for free riders, despite being the location of the yearly Hahnenkamm, the most difficult of all downhill ski events. However, Kitzbühel is not merely a ski resort. The town is as charming as Alpine villages come with its walls, frescoed homes, and the snow-covered Alps as a backdrop.

Burg Hochosterwitz in mediaeval times

The impressive Burg Hochosterwitz, the most significant mediaeval fortress in Austria, sprawls to the east of St. Veit on a cliff rising about 160 metres above the valley. The castle, which was initially recorded in 860 AD, had a violent history before being taken by the Khevenhüllers and expanded in 1570 to fend off Turkish invasions. The castle has always been owned by the Khevenhüller family and has never been taken by an enemy.

The Burger, a steep access road to the castle, snakes its way up through the 14 defensive gates to the lovely arcaded courtyard. Here, the church at the southwest corner of the castle with its high altar from 1729. And, the small chapel with its wall and ceiling paintings from 1570 are both located.

Therefore, these amazing places are going to make your trip a stunning experience. Do not wait any long. Just pick up your phone and book the flights. Many customers are not able to book flight tickets on their own from the official site of the airline. So, you can call on the Vivaaerobus Tijuana Telefono. The money you can pay the airline will be connected to the live person at Delta. The person will book the flight tickets on your behalf. 

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