What Can Be The Probable Causes of Roof Leakage?

Leaking roofs can be a menace if we do not take care to mend them. The fundamental purpose of a roof, to protect the house underneath, is ruined if the roof starts to leak. A leaking roof no longer protects the house from rain, heavy wind, or dust and instead becomes the source of more impurities entering the home.

Thus, you must be alert about a leaking roof and inform the Phoenix roofing companies as soon as you spot the earliest signs of leakage. In this write-up, we have stated some facts that may be the probable causes of your roof leakage. These facts are to give you an insight into the reasons why your roof is leaking.

However, we suggest you not experiment with fixing the issues yourself unless you are trained in this field. We understand that you might get restless to stop the roof from leaking as soon as possible, but trying to do something without training or supervision may be risky both for yourself and your roof. Therefore, please find the below points that may be the cause of your leaking roof. The roofing inspector, upon his visit, will inform you about the root cause and guide you accordingly.

Gaps or Cracks in Tiles or Shingles

When the roofing is first installed at our homes, the alignments of the tiles or shingles are perfect. However, with the passing years and due to depreciation, the tiles or shingles start developing cracks in them. The reason is that our roof bears all the heat, rain, and wind by protecting our home. Moreover, the compactness of the arrangements of these tiles or shingles may become loose, creating gaps between them.

The gaps or cracks shall gradually increase if they are not fixed, at the right time. Water that falls on the roof can get collected in the cracks or gaps. It will eventually seep into the void spaces, causing the roofing material to deteriorate. When we notice roof leakage and contact the Arizona roofing companies, the roofing inspector on their behalf will come and check our tiles and shingles for any noticeable or underlying cracks and gaps. If there are any pebble granules around the house, it may indicate that the shingles are badly damaged.

Improper Flashing

Flashing is the material that the Arizona roofing contractors install to protect the materials attached to the roof, such as sidewalls, vents, chimneys, etc. With the help of flashing, water does not flow up to the attached materials due to a watertight link. However, when the flashing is misaligned or degraded, it causes roof leakage. The roofing inspector, upon their visit, also checks the present condition of the flashing and whether it requires any repair or replacement.

Fixtures to the Roof

The most common and valuable facilities fixed to the roof include chimneys and skylights. While the chimneys are essential for directing the smoke from our fireplace or kitchen outside the home, skylights help us keep warm by directing maximum sunlight into our house. Thus, the probability of water seepage through any crevice or gap always remains.

With the passing years, the roofing material starts deteriorating, and the space where the chimneys or skylights intersect with the roof increases the chances of leakage. Even if the spot of leakage is far from the intersection of the fixtures, the natural ability of water to flow poses the threat of further damage. Thus, the roofing inspector will guide you accordingly for commercial flat roof repair or any other method for mending the leakage.

We hope the above discussion gave you a fair idea about what can be the probable causes behind roof leakage. We are not stating that these can be the only causes. Well, the fact is that there are many other reasons which can be responsible for the same. To identify the correct cause behind the roof leakage and to fix the issues, you need to hire professional roofing experts.

Just get in touch with one of the trusted experts of the industry for your roofing issues.

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