Best 7 Seater Used Cars in India

It’s good news that people searching for 7-seater used cars in India can choose a wide variety. They are presented with a plethora of options from different brands. Each car has unique characteristics that can lead to uncertainty about the best 7-seater car to choose.

The good thing is that now customers can check out with multi-brand used car sellers in Kerala, India, and compare the performance, features, and looks of the cars. These used car dealers provide some of the best-used cars for clients. 

Top 7-Seater Cars in India

Here are the top 5 models you can choose from;

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova has been reigning the 7-seater MUV segment for a long time. Other brands including Maruti and Mahindra could shake their position a bit by introducing equally good models. Still, Innova’s position remains intact both in new and used car sales. Quality assurance from Toyota may be the main element that acts in favor of the model. Of late, the enhancement in production quality by other brands has become a challenge for Toyota Innova.  

The car is available in both petrol and diesel variants. The 2-liter petrol and 2.5-liter diesel variants are perfectly designed to suit the customer’s expectations. Toyota Innova has a spaciously designed interior and decent features that make it a suitable car for long drives. Innova is perfect for big families or as a taxi.  

The 2-liter engine generates a power of 130 PS and a peak torque of 181 Nm. The 2.5-liter diesel variant produces 101 PS power and a max torque of 200 Nm. The car is not available with an automatic transmission.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Maruti Suzuki has undeniable supremacy in the Indian automobile sector. The brand created an identity through customer-centric features in the early 80s. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga has been a successful MUV from the brand. The model has been selling phenomenally since its launch. Putting Toyota Innova on the back foot, Ertiga has been racing ahead.  

Ertiga is one of the most comfortable MUVs to drive in the city. The interior of the model has been designed so carefully that a big family can travel comfortably. Maruti Ertiga is available in both petrol and diesel variants. Offering a mileage of around 18 km/l, Ertiga is a budget-friendly option as well.

The petrol engine provides a power of 103.26 at 6000 rpm and a max torque of 138 Nm at 4400 rpm. The diesel variant generates a power of 89 PS and a peak torque of 200 Nm. The second hand Ertiga is indeed a great option.

Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V is a premium MUV model from one of the most reputed brands. The model has been discontinued. However, this doesn’t mean there is an issue with the technical or structural elements of BR-V. You can own used Honda cars from reliable multi-brand used car dealerships like Indus, Cardekho, Cars24, etc at affordable prices.  

The budget-friendly model from Honda offers excellent interior features. The pricing hasn’t affected the selection of material for the interiors. BR-V is available in both petrol and diesel variants, both of 1.5-liter capacity. The model has the automatic option as well. Providing excellent driving comfort and power, Honda BR-V can be the choice for a 7-seater used car,

The 1.5-liter petrol engine produces 117 PS of power and a max torque of 145 Nm and the diesel variant offers a power of 99 PS and peak torque of 200 Nm.

Mahindra Marazzo

Mahindra has been a strong contender in the Indian automobile spectrum. They have been collaborating with international brands to produce stunning results. Mahindra Marazzo has been such a model that came out from the brand after collaboration with the famed Italian car design firm Pininfarina.

The quality-built model from Mahindra has distinctive design features and outstanding on-road performance. Though the design may not be to the taste of a few, the car is one of the decently selling models in the used car segment. The car is available in the diesel engine option only.

The BS-VI variant 1.5-liter diesel engine in Marazzo generates a power of 121 PS and a max torque of 300 NM. The boot space can be increased to 680 liters, from 190 liters, by folding the third row.  

Renault Tiber

Renault entered the Indian car market in collaboration with Mahindra. The duo separated and Renault has established its presence in Indian roads with unique models. Renault Tiber is such a model that has excellent features at a relatively low cost. Pricing has been the significant factor that helped the brand to create a strong identity among the customers.

The 1-liter petrol engine installed in the Tiber offers good fuel efficiency and decent power output. It produces a power of 72 PS and a peak torque of 96 Nm. You can check out this model if you are looking to buy a low-priced  7- seater in India.

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