A Comprehensive Guide about Sales Discovery Call

Getting leads and generating more sales are the ultimate goals of the organization that specifically target business-to-business dealings. However, it is always easier said than done. At times even the interested prospects lack interest in the deal when they are not dealt with properly. Therefore, the discovery call is the chance for call agents to finally get the prospects on board and finalize the deal.

What is a Discovery Call?

A Discovery call is the one that is made after the prospect has shown an interest in the product or service. It means that the prospect is willing to overview your services and strike a deal if you can cater to their needs and requirements. If the call agents succeed in addressing the pain points of the prospect, it will not take much time to seal the deal and win over the prospects.

Keep scrolling down this article to get your hands on a comprehensive guide about sales discovery calls and make sure to utilize it efficiently.

Top 6 Tips to Conduct a Successful Sales Discovery Call

A lot of the call agents treat the discovery call as their trophy. They think that if the prospects as shown interest in the service, it is equivalent to signing the deal. So, instead of trying to address their needs properly, they try to find more prospects. This attitude is not acceptable at all as it can backfire. The agents must follow specific practices to make the discovery call successful. Here are some of the major tips to conduct a successful discovery call.

Prepare For the Call

In more than often cases, the prospects show their interest through emails. So, if you have received such an email and need to contact the prospect, make sure to prepare for the call. You can prepare for the expected queries and concerns so you can clear the doubts of the prospects. Discover calls make the amateurs nervous as they have the pressure of getting a prospect on board, due to which a lot of organizations hire call center companies in Dubai and let the experts manage discovery and cold calls efficiently.

Consider Prospects Journey

One of the basic and key tips for conducting a successful sales discovery call is to consider the journey of the prospects. It does not mean that you should only focus on the journey of the prospects with your organization and what compelled them to show interest in your products or services, but you must consider the organization of the prospect and its journey to gain insight.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions is another basic tip that the call agents must follow to conduct successful discovery calls. You can ask various types of questions like rapport questions, goal assessment questions, priority questions, and fact-gathering questions. All these types of questions will help you know the prospect and cater to their need in an efficient manner.

Stress Benefits Not Features

Another winning tip the call agents must follow in sales discovery call is stressing the benefits of the product or service and not its features. If a prospect has shown interest in your service, it is probably because they know the features you are offering. Once you enlighten them about how it will benefit them, you will get one step closer to signing the deal.

Let the Prospects Speak

Another critical tip that the call agents must follow to make the discovery call successful and fruitful is to let the prospects speak. Do not keep on talking in an effort to convince the prospect, as it will only give rise to their suspicions. Let them speak their mind and lead the conversation so they can know as much as they want and make a decision based on the facts and not just your convincing arguments.

Ask Questions like Experts

The last tip to conduct a successful sales discovery call is to ask the questions like an expert. Instead of simply answering the queries of the prospects, the call agents must ask the important questions that the experts would have asked. However, if your agents are not at that level, it can cause loss to you. You can hire a call center company such as and let the experts handle the discovery calls and ask the critical questions they should ask to ensure finalizing the deal.

Follow the tips and win more leads!

Failing to win over the prospects in the discovery call is the worst mistake for any organization. It means that the call agent has done something wrong to make the prospects rethink their choices and decision. If you are facing a similar dilemma, contact the professionals and get them on board to get rid of your worries of disappointing the prospects.

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