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Introduction to studying the Quran

There has been much discussion about the study of the Online Quran Tuition for example. There has been much debate about the merits and benefits of studying. The Qur’an, For example, several verses in the Qur’an that clarify doubts. In fact, these verses of the Qur’an describe why we need to study the Qur’an in an online Online Quran Tuition.

Reasons for the Holy Qur’an

Here are the different verses of the Quran to learn. In verse 1 of the Holy Quran, the Holy Quran contains the following
All admiration and praise is due to Allah who sent the Book to Muhammad (his slave) and included in it all doubts.
This verse from the Book of Allah Almighty tells us different things. The first thing is that we should be thankful to Allah Almighty for giving us. Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran, both of which are a blessing to us.
The second thing is that Allah descended this book on our beloved Prophet. The Prophet of Peace, in other words, it Almighty Allah, and. The third fact described in this verse is that there is no doubt in it because it comes from Almighty Allah.
How can we leave its teachings behind when the Online Quran Tuition is a true book that itself claims to have no doubt in it. We should start fighting for the teachings of the Holy Quran as soon as possible.

In verse 82 of Nisa, the Holy Qur’an writes

Do they not take heed to the Holy Qur’an? If it did not happen from Allah, (and if it did) they must have found some doubt.
This verse of the Online Quran Tuition gives us evidence on why we should study the Holy Quran. And it is one of the signs that it is true by presenting the fact that. Why they did not consider the Quran is that if it had not come from Almighty Allah. You would find errors in it, but you would not find errors in it.
This is a challenge to those who do not take the teachings of the Qur’an , for it proclaims. The principle that whoever rejects the teachings of Allah’s Book. On the Day of Judgment Allah will ignore him. And he will to punishment; but, whoever accepts the teachings of Allah’s Holy Book. Allah will with him and he will to a good place, and he will live in all occasions forever.

In verse 82 of Israa, the Holy Qur’an says

We have sent down the Holy Qur’an based on mercy for those who preserve their faith.
We have Almighty Allah, the Owner and Ruler of the affairs of the universe, and Allah has sent. The Holy Qur’an to help us live our lives as we have .
The matters dealt with in the Holy Qur’an on divine instructions. That the divine authority lies with Allah alone. Thus, we have the Holy Qur’an to act upon.

In verse 57 of the chapter Yusuf, the Holy Quran tells us.

O mankind! That someone has given you good advice, commanded you to do all good. Forbade you from doing all evil, and cured you of the diseases in your breasts. Is the guidance of the believers and the mercy of the believers.
This verse of Surah Yusuf tells us that Allah has sent advice for all the problems you face in your life. Allah tells us of His principle that those who accept. The teachings of the Holy Book will to Paradise and those who reject them will to Hell.
In this way we can decide which path to choose. Allah Himself describes that this Book commands us. to do those deeds which are good; according to this Book, it forbids us to do those deeds which are evil; but, these are evil.
Finally, he describes two features of the Qur’an: it is a guidance for those who hold fast to faith. , it is a mercy for believers.

In Sura, verse 89, the Holy Qur’an contains the following

We have sent you a text which is all-seeking, guidance (for believers), mercy (for believers) and waves of joy for those who submit fully to Almighty Allah and His Prophet, in peace and safety.”.
In this verse Allah calls us to act according to the teachings of the True Book. For it is the explanation of everything, guidance for those who hold fast to faith. And mercy for those who hold fast to it.
Finally, Allah says that for those who accept the Online Quran Tutors by Rate and the Sunnah. Of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, there will come a wave of happiness. So far

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