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6 Unhealthy Habits You Need To Leave Right Now

Are you interested in becoming more active? Are you trying to eat healthier foods? Are you struggling to stick with your new lifestyle? Unhealthy habits die hard. It takes several steps to change your practices. Sometimes, it can take a while for changes to become new habits. You may encounter roadblocks along your journey.

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Healthy eating habits and regular exercise can help you lose weight and give you more energy. These changes may become part of your daily routine –if you keep at it for a while. By removing unhealthy habits from your life, you can avoid serious health issues like diabetes and obesity.

Insufficient Water Intake

Water makes up 60% of our bodies, so it is not surprising that water positively impacts overall health. Hydration is essential for maintaining your mental sharpness, mood stability, and motivation. Your skin stays supple, and your body cools down when it gets hot. This allows your muscles to work more efficiently, and your kidneys can remove toxins.

How much water do you need to drink? Adults need approximately 13 cups of fluid per day, women need around 9. You get 2 and 1/2 cups from food, which provides about 13 cups daily. Because no one size fits all, it is essential to check your urine color to determine if you are drinking enough. Senior citizens are commonly guilty of this unhealthy habit because they forget to drink water after a while.


Nail biting is also an unhealthy habit, it is not only unhygienic but also socially repelling. It can lead to dental problems such as malocclusion of the anterior teeth, which could cause stomach problems and severely deformed fingernails over the long term.

People who bite their nails have shorter nails than the average person. Nail plates can also be scarred and may eventually disappear.

Find out what triggers nail-biting and change it with a neutral or positive habit. If you find yourself gnawing your nails when stressed, you can go for a walk, or listen to music, instead.

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Drinking and Smoking

Globally, Smoking is the leading unhealthy habit that is the cause of death, Smoking-related diseases are responsible for approximately 500,000 deaths annually in the United States. Smoking could have a significant impact on the life spans of up to one-third (or more) of China’s male population. Gender-wise, male smokers experience an average loss of 13.2 years and 14.5 years, respectively. That’s more than a decade of lost life.

Smoking can cause premature skin aging, i.e., Smoking can cause wrinkles, yellowing of teeth, and bad breath. Studies show that people who smoke secondhand are more likely to develop health problems than those who smoke.

Drinking is one of the most addictive habits one cannot easily control. It may be difficult to quit drinking if you drink a lot. Reduce the number of glasses you consume daily and the number of drinks you have per week. To help you with your drinking habit, contact with a rehabilitation center is the right choice. You can restore yourself to the earliest phase and start living a healthy lifestyle.

Too Much TV is an Unhealthy Habit

It can be relaxing to watch TV, incredibly well-written dramas. Remember that TV is not your daily life.

Your life will not be transformed if you spend three hours a night watching television. Instead, use that time to reflect on what is happening in your life and make a plan for the future.

Watching too much TV is a waste of time and electricity as well. It makes you feel tired and look very dull. Hence avoid watching too much TV as you have a lot of things to do in your life. 

Be Positive

Indulging yourself in negative thoughts is one of the most depressing and unhealthy habits which should be avoided at any cost. 

There are two options for how you can respond to any situation: zoom down to the problem areas, complain about the situation, or celebrate the good things and work towards improving them.

While many of us recognize the importance of the former, we often do the latter. But why? It’s easy to focus on the negatives and criticize others, but it doesn’t empower or inspire us.

Change your mind. For every negative experience you have, I challenge you to find three positive things about it. Do this for a week, and you will notice that your first instinct is to think positively, not negatively.

Skip Breakfast

This is a serious unhealthy habit. Although you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there are many other things that you must do. If you skip meals, your metabolism slows down. Plus, breakfast gives you the energy boost you need to get through your day. 

You’re likely to overeat later if you don’t have this fuel. A study of Chinese schoolchildren has shown that people who skip breakfast gain significantly more weight over two years than those who eat breakfast.

The Bottom Line

These unhealthy habits can harm your mind, body, and soul. You can get rid of them all. There are many other unhealthy habits in human life which are reasons behind many ailments. If you wear dirty clothes, don’t bathe daily, don’t brush your teeth, and have dirty hair, you risk trapping germs in your body. You can identify your bad habits and follow strict self made rules to stop them. You’ll be happier and healthier.

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