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How to protect wooden furniture

Wooden furniture always gives the home the attention and royalty it deserves. It is a beautiful mix of antique and modernity that enhances the look of every room. However, just like all things important need great care and attention, so does wood. If taken care of, quality wooden furniture can be made to last a lifetime and even be passed down for generations. That being said, even the best and highest quality of wood is susceptible to breaking down if not taken care of properly.  Therefore, it is important to protect wooden furniture to prevent it from early damage. 

Over time, wooden furniture loses lustre, is susceptible to scratches, termites, etc if no proper attention is given. To preserve and protect the shine of your wooden furniture, there are specific cleaning and care instructions that would help keep the wood looking gorgeous for a long time. 

Protect your wooden furniture by taking into consideration the following factors:

Protect wooden furniture by keeping moisture away

Moisture is known to affect your wooden furniture greatly. A rise in the moisture level can result in your wood swelling whereas low moisture content may result in the splitting or cracking of wood. A fungal infection may also take place in the presence of high humidity. Invest in a humidifier to ensure that the room humidity is at an all-time 50 per cent. 

If you have a 4BHK villa in North Goa then there are high chances for your wooden furniture to attract moisture from the coastal beaches. Here are a few best ways to protect your furniture:

  1. Keep your furniture six inches away from the walls as the moisture formed on the walls may damage your furniture if kept very close
  2. Keep your windows open to allow maximum entry of sunlight into your rooms. This will take away all the moisture content and keep your home humidity-free. 
  3. Keep moisture-absorbing tablets such as camphor or naphthalene balls in your wardrobe to protect your clothes as well

Protect wooden furniture by keeping it away from direct and harsh sunlight

Direct sunlight does not just give you a tan. It can also change the colour of your furniture. Placement of your wooden furniture away from the direct rays of the sun and keeping it in shade is one way to go about this. Remember that extreme dry or low humidity can also cause cracking. So don’t keep it completely hidden away in a dark closed room. You can also apply a thin screen or film on windows in case the sunlight directly comes into your room. 

Protect wooden furniture away from scratches and pets

Ensure a level of covering between everything you may keep on your wooden table. Place a table mat under laptops, makeup boxes, tea mugs, etc to avoid scratches or discolouration. Avoid the use of plastic or rubber as they will damage the finish. However, if scratches do occur, you can conceal it with a cover scratch product. 

Protection against wear and tear

Of course, the damage is something that is inevitable and it is quite possible for minor damage to take place even with the highest care. Use a liquid polish to hide abrasions and restore a wood’s original beauty.
If you feel the damage is too much to be treated with a simple polish and you want to preserve the original beauty, you may need to resort to something more drastic. One way to do this is painting. The painting will give your furniture some extra years. 

Protection from watermarks

As stated above, use a layer between anything that goes on top of your table. Coasters, heat pads, etc can help protect against any spill or water ring marks. If in case it does happen, scrub away the watermarks with sandpaper and rub a mixture of cigarette ash and cooking oil onto the stain.

Polish wooden furniture on a timely basis

Don’t neglect the look of your furniture at all times. Polish it regularly, at least every quarter year. Apply a thin layer while polishing as a thick layer may give a cloudy finish and look fake. Wipe all the extra polish before it dries and do not mix different polish. Since oil makes the wax gummy, clean the surface thoroughly before the application of furniture care products. 

Regular cleaning

Clean and wipe your wooden furniture as regularly as possible. Wiping it with a dry cloth will rid the dust that may settle on it. Use soft material like a cloth or dust feather to avoid damage while taking care. You may even vacuum it with a soft brush to ensure thorough dust removal. Only if your wooden furniture is waterproof you may use a damp cloth. Always clean your furniture before you clean the floor.

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