5 Pointers to Factor into Get Higher Ranking with App Store Optimization

Recent years have seen a surge in the usage of mobile applications. There are more than 2.9 million apps in Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in Apple App Store. So, how are you going to make a mark with your mobile app? How will you stand out in the competition? App Store Optimization is the answer. Keep reading to find out the pointers you need to consider while performing app store optimization.

Key Pointers to Consider

1. Keywords
List the keywords that competitors are using and the ones that potential customers are searching for. When you match keywords with the needs of the customers, it gets easier for them to locate your app from the app store. Always use keywords that are related to your app, otherwise it can attract penalties in terms of low ranking. Also, never use keywords with the word “app” or “name of the competitor”.

2. App Title
Although, there is no clarity on whether using keyword in app tile leads to higher ranking or better click-through rates, but it is an important relevance signal. Make sure that the title of your app has the keyword.

3. App Updates
Newness is loved by bots, be it for on-page optimization or mobile application. If you keep on adding new features to the app or optimize it for new OS release, there’s a possibility of seeing an improvement in ranking. Most ASO services providers recommend their clients to release updates regularly.

4. Screenshots and Videos
Visuals always attract attention, so why not have it them in your app? Start with choosing an icon for the app that can easily be recognized and associated with your brand. Add screenshots of the important features of the app, as many users check them out before downloading the app. Having a video about the usage, features, and navigating around the application can also increase the number of downloads, which will eventually increase ranking.

5. Ratings and Feedbacks
Having good rankings and a lot of feedbacks can get your app position higher in the results. However, make sure that users are saying good things about your app.

Final Words
The number of apps on Google and Apple Store is enormous. Keeping a note of these pointers will help your mobile app rank higher in search results. Since the competition is stiff, it makes sense to look for reputable app store optimization services providers who can help you achieve desired results faster.

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