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5 materials to refresh your home without wasting energy

Materials to cool your home in a more natural way and without the need to use air conditioning.

The type of insulation to use depends on the needs.

Does the area you live in have very different seasons? If so, the heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter means that you can’t enjoy your home the way it should, so you need to have optimal protection.

But that’s not all, noise from neighbors, humidity, pipes or the electrical circuit are other important factors that seek to protect those who live in an apartment or house.

Not sure what you need? To cool our house in the hot months it is not necessary to resort exclusively to air conditioning equipment. Some materials have the ability to create a comfortable environment in a more natural way and without wasting energy. The key is thermal inertia, that is, the property of a material to accumulate thermal energy and the speed with which it is absorbed or transferred. In this sense, the materials with the highest density, such as natural stone, concrete and ceramics, are the most suitable due to their greater thermal inertia. To refresh the environment, the phenomenon of thermal conductivity can also be taken advantage of, that is, the heat conduction capacity and the surface temperature of a material.

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Natural stone

Within this group, granites are the freshest, followed by marbles –which are also very suitable for humid areas, since their low porosity does not allow the proliferation of fungi or bacteria–, sandstones, slate and volcanic stones. , although the latter, due to their dark color, absorb more heat than light-colored stones.


Ceramic products are 25 to 50% less conductive than stones and their usual thin structure causes their surface temperature to change rapidly.

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Lime, plaster and clay

Continuous coatings of lime, gypsum, clay and mineral paints are cool to the touch and have hygroscopic properties, that is, they absorb water or release it to the environment based on relative humidity (RH), which is of great help to achieve a indoor environment with correct RH and reduce the feeling of embarrassment.

Concrete and cement

They are materials thermally comparable to stoneware, but with greater thermal inertia. Concrete walls tend to be very thick, which favors their thermal inertia and, by extension, their ability to cool the environment.


In the natural process of evaporation, water requires large amounts of heat and absorbs it from its immediate surroundings. That is why its presence indoors in the form of fountains, ponds and indoor pools will help to refresh the environment.

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