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5 Finger & Hand Exercises You Should Be Doing Every Day

Hands and fingers continuously do their job for us every day. Without hands, it isn’t easy to perform even a simple task. Thus, we must take care of both hands. We use our hands almost every minute and every second to accomplish our job. But the fact is that our hands and fingers get fragile with growing age. To remain active, you must practice some basic hand exercises. They are straightforward; even you can perform them at your home or office desk.

Let them explain below one-by-one

Five-finger exercise you must perform every day.

Wrist stretch exercise

Wrist ache or wrist pain is a widespread problem among senior adults, especially older women, as they used to perform many household chores where they put enough pressure on their wrists. Overactivity of hands and putting pressure on the wrist causes chronic pain. If this wrist pain is not correctly handled initially, it may turn into lifelong complications such as tendonitis and rheumatoid arthritis. To get relief from hand pain, you have to take the assistance of a hand therapy specialist or occupational specialist.

They will check your hand condition by recommending some effective exercise. One of the simplest is the wrist stretch exercise. It is a very effective exercise that offers pain relief in the short term. To perform it fully, stretch your hand in front of you with both palms facing towards the floor. Then take your other hand, place it towards your fingers and stretch them as much as possible. Then slowly stretch all fingers back towards your body, then put together near about 5-10 seconds before slowly returning them to the basic position. Keep your hand over the tip of the fingers and push them down. Doctors advise to do it only in 2-3 reps for each hand. When you perform this exercise, focus on breathing. If you feel severe pain, stop the exercise, and contact your physiotherapist.

Finger stretch exercise

After the wrist, you need to focus on your fingers. It starts with placing both of your hand’s palms down on the flat surface; it can be on the desk or a table. Begins with the heel of your hands and the tip of your fingers touching the table. To start this exercise, slowly stretch your fingers down and extend them while all of your fingers and palms are touching the smooth surface. Hold this position for 1 minute before coming back to the initial position. In order to experience the best result, you have to do this exercise at a separate time in a day. Do this with four reps with each hand. You can do this hand exercise at your office desk or on the sofa watching your favorite TV show.

If the finger pain remains the same after doing this exercise for certain days, you will need professional attention. Make sure to call a hand therapy specialist to get the medical treatment.

Tight Fist Exercise

This kind of exercise helps you 

in two ways 

  1. It can strengthen your fingers
  2. Help you to release some built-up stress

.First, bend your arm at a 90-degree angle, then hold both of these hands with palms facing upwards at the ceiling. Carefully turn your fingers to make a fist, then lightly clench your fist for five to ten seconds. Then slowly open your fist and return fingers to their completely extended position. This exercise should be performed in 3 sets of 10 reps per day. To save time, you can work with both hands simultaneously. 

Finger extension exercise

To perform it, you need to have a rubber band. Start this exercise by placing the rubber band around all fingers and thumbs outside. Try to stretch these fingers and thumbs as much as possible from each other before taking them back close again. You need to do this 15-20 times a day. But please make sure not to do it more than two separate times a day. If you overdo it, you may experience finger pain.

Finger Lift Exercise

Start this activity by setting both your hands on a level surface with all fingers and your whole palm level down. You’ll be gradually lifting each finger in turn, requiring around two seconds to lift a finger, then, at that point, two seconds to bring it down before continuing on to the following one.

In the event that you’re tied for time, you can lift each of your fingers simultaneously, building up to 5 in transit up, holding it there for 5 seconds, then, at that point, considering to 5, you cut them back down.

You’ll do this activity one time a day, performing 2 or 3 sets (dependent upon you) with ten redundancies for each finger. Like the finger stretch exercise, this stretch should be possible casually while settling on decisions at your work area or staring at the TV around evening time.

 Practice these hand therapy exercises, and notice significant results within one month. If you don’t see improvement, please contact your nearby physiotherapist.

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