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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2022

Staying current with the ever-changing digital marketing trends can be daunting, but business leaders must be aware. Since more and more people are working at home, there’s been an explosion in social media use. While digital marketers are also jumping onto this trend, small-scale business owners are struggling to adjust to changing consumer habits -but it doesn’t have to be yours. Furthermore, PNM Group is a dgital marketing agency toronto that provides marketing services! Contact us today to transform your digital marketing goal!

Online education and e-commerce are growing, and online education is booming; here are the five most popular digital marketing trends you shouldn’t miss in 2022.

1. Marketing via video

Thanks to TikTok video content, they can be trendy and allow businesses and ordinary people to reach millions of users around the globe every day. The challenges enable creators to kick off an era while also creating brand recognition through the help of user-generated content as fuel for spreading the wildfire.

The success of TikTok prompted other brands like Instagram to compete with TikTok for video-related features and introduce Instagram reels, which were launched across more than 50 countries on August 20, 2020. Innovative options and trends such as video-related transitions led to creators jumping on this trend in an attempt to become famous on Instagram.

The purpose of Instagram Reels is to bring more significant engagement with users that have been greeted with positive reviews from influencers, brands and users. It’s not a coincidence that Pinterest and LinkedIn are investing in their video capabilities as the trend continues to grow and allow businesses to reach a more engaged group of followers.

However, the growing video marketing trend doesn’t mean you have to invest in costly video services. The emphasis is on telling stories and creating connections with your customers. Videos of short duration are generally enjoyable. The most important thing is to focus on the content, for instance, the narrative, to create an impact on your viewers and establish your brand’s voice.

2. Niche marketing (digital marketing)

Niche marketing focuses on a specific product or service to create an even stronger relationship with your target market. These markets allow you to focus on your customers’ preferences to know what they are looking for. It will enable you to establish your brand as an authority and build a loyal following for your company.

Niche marketing is a smart strategy as it can expand over time and eventually become more successful once you’ve built an established community for an early-stage company. With a smaller number of people, you can concentrate on the high quality of your content and establish connections with them. This makes it much simpler to determine and target your customers through organic or paid ads because there’s less competition.

Being able to position yourself as an expert will allow you to charge more because of your experience and be perceived as an authority figure in your field. This can help you be noticed in the social media world and help you get seen and increase your reach to a specific public through social networks. Niche-specific services include Instagram Reels programs, eco-friendly tools or organic pet products.

3. E-commerce platforms

The use of e-commerce platforms has seen a rise in popularity recently and is likely to increase in the following years. Businesses and businesses that deal with products will benefit from online using these platforms for visibility and using social media to increase brand recognition. Store owners can take advantage of an integrated web-based shopping feature through Instagram and Facebook using “Shoppable” posts and ads, creating seamless for users who shop online.

Our quest does not end here. Our digital marketing team works and research on daily basis to adapt with the current market trend. We find new tactics and save tons of time and energy of yours to build up your image and branding in the market with our clear and focused social media tools.

4. Mobile marketing

The most effective mobile marketing strategies are SMS for marketing and in-app advertising, the use of social media for marketing and location-based marketing, and proximity marketing. Based on Google Consumer Insights that 61% of purchases made online were conducted on smartphones from November 2018 until January 2019, with more than 27% of the rise.

Mobile traffic makes up over half of online traffic, and consumers are using mobile devices to look up products and purchase online. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the number of purchases made in stores has drastically decreased, making it vital to have an online presence and one that’s mobile-friendly. This means that you must ensure that your site is mobile-friendly to mobile devices.

5. Marketing automation

Over time, top marketing magazines like HubSpot, marketeer and SalesForce have reported that companies that utilize automation to nurture leads experience an exponential rise in qualified leads.

Sending out an email sequence is an automated method that allows you to follow up on an individual lead by sending out resources to enhance your sales, education or items and services. Beyond newsletters sent via email, messenger bots (also called chatbots) are becoming more well-known as they’ve been able to help businesses cut costs for operation and customer support and expenses. What is more, PNM Group is one of the leading creative agency toronto. Design, Development, SEO, IDX Canada, Branding, and Beyond.

Being on the Messenger Bot trend will bring you a benefit as a business owner. The ability to customize messages and follow sequences of notifications based on clever time delays and triggers turns into an effective sales funnel that boosts conversion rates.

Suppose you’re aware of the most recent trends in digital marketing, which will benefit your business by 2022. In that case, you’re ready to adopt them to achieve massive reach and increase levels of interaction. The new trends are just beginning, and it’s vital to keep up with the game of marketing.

PNM GROUP is a Toronto based digital marketing agency providing all in one solution for businesses to reach its full potential. We are here to assist you in branding with top-notch social media marketing techniques. From tech start-ups and small businesses to enterprise-level corporations. We provide high quality digital marketing solutions to help you achieve more leads and sales through digital media strategies and get you in front of your target audience.

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