5 Crucial Things You Should Acknowledge While Making Custom Iridescent Mailer Boxes

Different Sizes And Dimensions:

Custom iridescent boxes are well known because of their versatile nature. These boxes can serve many purposes, such as mailing purposes or gifts because of their appearance. What is good than packaging that can ensure the safety of your mail or even products? Similarly, people also use them as present packaging because of the rainbow texture appearance. That is why we are offering the best solution to solve your packaging problems.

Do you want to use these custom iridescent boxes wholesale for different purposes?

We have several sizes and dimension options in custom boxes. For this reason, we have a team of experts and designers ready to fulfill all of your demands. They will craft out custom sizes and dimensions for your personal packaging needs. In this way, you will be able to use these custom iridescent box packaging for many product packaging, gifts, and mails.

Premium Material Options:

Choosing a material for your custom iridescent mailer boxes is essential because it defines the integrity of the product inside. Its top-notch touch decides the finest quality of your packaging. Perhaps, there are some features a custom packaging material should offer are durability and customizations.

In this case, we have shortlisted some packaging materials that are one of the most premium materials. They ensure all the packaging responsibilities.

  • Paper stock:

Paper stock is one readily available packaging material that is easy on your pockets. They are highly durable because of their thickness. However, their thinnest form used in efficient ways can assure serious protection to the product within the box. Their thickness varies from 12pt to 24pt, which means they can take care of the products efficiently. You can increase and decrease the thickness of the packaging according to your requirements

  • E-flute corrugated:

These materials are also well known because of their robust nature. However, the flute designs in the layer of packaging shape it to bear any unwanted harm. These materials are generally used to carry heavy products such as electronics. Corrugated also varies in its thickness and has a range of 14pt to 22pt. You can set thickness limits according to your requirements and budget.

  • Eco-friendly Kraft material:

This is my personal favorite because of its bio-degradable nature. Indeed, this will impress your customers because often, the packaging is a waste. In this case, all the plastic residue and containments affect our world adversely. That is why people are in support of companies that are using eco-friendly packaging material for custom boxes.

On the other hand, you can make a reputation for your brand in the market by using kraft custom boxes. It is because people think that you are one fantastic company with positive ambitions. Moreover, you can advertise your brand with this benefit and hook up with more minds. Thus, your business will increase by investing in your custom iridescent box.

Several Printing Techniques:

Never think that printing doesn’t play an essential role in increasing brands’ visibility in the market. However, it is not even that simple because many competitors in the market are always ready to introduce exciting things. All of them believe that packaging is the first impression of the product. Henceforth, if you want to allure customers towards your products, you need one top-notch custom printed boxes. There are many printing techniques in the market, but the following are the most effective ones.


  • printing;

It is one of the most luxurious printing methods that exist in the modern era. This is because the finishing of offset printing is fabulous. It gives a sleek and soft-touch experience to the customers when they hold your product packaging. It will help if you consider this your first option because offset printing will surely help you stand out in the market.

  • Digital printing:

Digital printing is one of the most frequently used printing methods worldwide because of its budget-friendly nature. This type is beneficial to add illustrations and attractive designs to your custom packaging. Therefore, whenever you are ready to invest in your packaging. Call us to hire the best expert who understands your needs.

Accessories And Attractive Options:

There are other valuable options, such as die-cut windows and foil stamping for your custom boxes. Perhaps, the die-cut windows are the best of their kind because they make the customers satisfied. However, when someone wants to buy the product from a retail store. They mainly focus on two significant concerns, such as the durability of packaging. On the other hand, they are concerned about the quality and visual appearance of your product.

In this case, you can make this experience frustration-free for customers by adding custom die-cut windows. In this way, the customer will be able to look at the premium quality of the product. Henceforth, the mind of the customers satisfies with your product quality. Now they can invest in your products without any tension. Therefore, try using these minor yet effective customizations on your custom packaging.

Use Finishing Options:

Finishing options help you to elevate your product’s visual appearance. You can design your custom packaging into real charming stars. They look so beautiful that anyone would want to touch them and make them part of their belongings. Perhaps, finishes add an appealing look to your custom packaging and help it to stand out in the market. However, increasing your brand’s reputation is always helpful because it assists you in gaining loyal customers for your custom packaging.


Custom boxes are well known for their efficient presentation skills and robust nature. These boxes will help you out to embellish your business in a short period. That is why we have listed some essential options that you should use while making custom mailer boxes. Order these now, and they will be on your doorsteps in 5-6 business days. Custom mailer boxes are a weapon in the arsenal. So avail this chance and dominate among your competitors.

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