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4 Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that  4 Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure affects millions of Americans every year. Many of us are struggling with numbers that are too high and we cannot seem to get them down. druid name generator Before trying any of the advice mentioned here it is vital to speak with your doctor. You may need to have medication to lower your pressure or you may be able to do it with your diet. Either way, you need to make sure that you are doing it the right way. So, let’s take a look at some foods that are known to help you lower your blood pressure. Please keep in mind that we’re not suggesting that you eat entire bowls of the below foods, but in moderation and with the right amount of exercise, each one has the potential to lower your blood pressure. 4 Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure

1. Oatmeal.


4 Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure
4 Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Out of all the foods you could eat to get your blood pressure under control, oatmeal is probably the most powerful. People get results with oatmeal that are astounding and in some cases, blood pressure readings can drop by ten points or more after a month of eating oatmeal every day.

This food is rich in soluble fiber and helps bind fat in your body before flushing it away. Numerous studies have been done on oatmeal and its effects and it is one of the easiest foods to eat to help get those numbers down. Just don’t fall into the trap of pilling on the sugar to make it more palatable.

2. & 3. Onions and Garlic.

You may not be very popular, but you will have lower blood pressure with these foods. They both work in much the same way by thinning the blood and making it easier to pump it through your body. These should be eaten in moderation, or you can even take garlic capsules to get the same results, without having to worry about the breath issue.

4. Melons.

The melon family, including cucumbers and cantaloupe, have been shown to help lower blood pressure. The good news is that these are quite tasty, easy to eat and won’t leave you with bad breath like onions and garlic can. You can easily add at least one serving of either every day.

By far, the best way to really lower your blood pressure is to get healthy. This means proper exercise, the right kind of diet and talking with your doctor to determine how to get your numbers into an acceptable range. You may be able to do it with your diet, but if not, it is important to take that medication to lower you numbers. It is far better than the side effects of having high blood pressure. Just remember, never try to lower your blood pressure on your own without the care of a doctor. You don’t want to risk your health, especially if your blood pressure is already quite high. Do it the smart way and your numbers will improve!


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