Your guide to all the different types of nail colour

Nail polish is among the most simple ways to change the look of your nails; it is the cosmetic product that doubles as an accessory for fashion. If you’re wearing a cool-toned lacquer or a rose gold-colored glitter that is chunky, the color of your nails tells much about your personality and style. It’s a good thing that there’s an abundance of nail polishes on the market that come in various formulas and finishes to meet the needs of every person. However, keeping track of the variety of options and terms associated with it can be quite difficult. To make it easier for you we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to all you should be aware of about the various kinds of nail polishes that are available on the market.

Regular nail polish

When you request manicure at the shop counter, this is the one you’re likely to receive: a luxurious, glossy formula. If you apply basic gloss finish nail polish, make sure to begin using a foundation coat, and then finish it off with two coats of polish and top coat. If your nails are weak you should apply a stronger base coat. This will prevent nail polish from chipping and will prevent breaking. Avoid putting on more than two coats. The more layers you put on your nails, the more quickly the color will chip.

The most efficient method to dry nail polish is to leave 2 minutes between each coat to let the first coat completely dry ahead of applying the following. Be cautious as it can take approximately an hour to allow the polish to completely dry. Cooler air dry nails more quickly that warm, therefore be certain to use a cold-air fan while drying.

Matte nail polish

Matte nail polish is comparable to regular polish, however the gloss is not shiny. It’s not difficult to see that matte polish can break more quickly than glossy polish. It’s best to skip the base coat. This allows matte polish to stick to the nail’s natural surface and last for longer. If you’re not looking to purchase glossy nail polishes use regular nail polish and matte top coats to get a similar effect. Matte nail polish is known to be more difficult applying than normal. One simple method for getting rid of any polish that sticks to the skin is to apply petroleum jelly using a cotton bud on the nail. Then, clean it up when you’ve got the polish in place.

Glitter nail polish

The glitter nail polish is great for weddings because in addition to helping satisfy the requirements that it is festive but but it actually lasts much longer than matte or regular polish. To achieve the illusion of opaque disco ball nails might be time-consuming, particularly because most glitter nail polishes are opaque but it’s definitely worthy of the time and effort.

Begin with an initial coat of base coat. This is followed by two coats glitter polish, based on how opaque you’d like it to be. If it’s a large glitter then use your brush’s tip to rub it onto until it adheres. Then, finish with a high-gloss top coat. The downside of glitter nail polish is the fact that it is difficult to get off. To remove it take a cotton ball and soak it in acetone, then place it on the nail’s surface for 2 seconds before wiping it off.

Chrome nail polish

Like a glitter formula Chrome nail polishes are generally more durable than regular nail polish. It is unlikely that you will have the same effect from the same bottle as you get with a salon treatment however, the striking metallic finish is great for night-outs and can add a splash of color to an otherwise boring look in a flash. Begin with a clean base coat, then two or three coats of the chrome polish and finally, an ultra-glam top coat.

Gel nail polish

Have you ever heard that it is possible to put on gel nail polish yourself for less than the price? Numerous brands are now offering gel polish that does not require an UV light, which makes it a breeze to apply yourself. Do not apply the base coat, and dive straight into the polish. Starting from the middle apply a streak, follow it up with the edges.

Gel polish does not require top coat because it’s well-known for its shine and long-lasting, but it is recommended if you want to add protection and gloss, you should consider a top coat. If you want a vibrant color begin by applying an uncolored gel polish beneath your polish to let the color stand out. If you’re planning to make the entire manicure process using gel nail polish – polish curing and all purchase this Nails Gel Kit that comes with an ultraviolet light that can be carried in a bag as well as gel nail polishes and remover wipes.

French manicure

The French manicure offers a timeless nails style that is great for any work or formal occasion. You can achieve a flawless French manicure in your own home with an entire kit with all the items you need to get the perfect white tips.

Five-free nail polish

In our modern world there is enough toxicity affecting us through pesticides or pollution in our food. We do not need any more chemical compounds in nail polish. Five-free nail polishes do NOT contain formaldehyde, toluene DBP formaldehyde resin, camphor, which is why they are non-toxic alternatives.

Wear-resistant and long-lasting nail polish that is chip-resistant

While salon gel nails give an emollient finish and last for up to two weeks, regular UV light can cause damage to the nails bed. The chip-resistant nail polish can solve the problem of chipping and keeps your nails healthy while at the same time.

Nail polish that is quick dry

For those who are busy or impatient people who want to have beautiful nails, consider an easy dry polish. It’s a lot faster drying than normal nail-polish and gives salon-quality nails in only a few minutes. It’s also scratch-proof and cruelty-free 100.


It’s essential to keep your nails’ health throughout your home-based paint applications to ensure when the time comes that you’re looking to change your color or switch glitter for gel, it’s simple to do. Follow these 3 easy steps for healthier nails.

1) Moisturize

One of the most efficient methods to ensure your nails are healthy is to apply cuticle oil each night before going to going to bed. The cuticles need to be moisturized to ensure healthy nails, so make sure to never skimp on this step. It’s also crucial to apply a moisturizer to your hands each evening and morning as well as when you’re in a climate-controlled room for prolonged period of time.

2.) Do your nails a good job by filing them regularly

Another crucial step to stop the nails breaking is to trim them in a way that leaves tiny chips near the end on your nails (the ones that you don’t be able to see) smoothed off. Repeat this process every two days to prevent larger cracks in your nails down the road.

3) Enjoy a pamper session at the salon

Also, treat yourself to a pampering session with an expert manicure every month. It will keep your cuticles looking healthy and clean, and provides intense hydration for your skin. And who would resist the benefit of a 10 minute massage of the arm and hand at the close of the session?

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