Winter Business Casual Office Outfits – Slay All Day

We all dream to work from home one day, but we must endure another season of gray skies and chilly shoulders. And while the winter warm-up may be over, you should still have to force yourself inside. So why not push play on your favorite autumn-vibe tunes and force a smile through that cold exterior?

With the right winter business casual outfits from women’s online clothing stores, you can make it through the day (and look chic all the while)! You don’t have to let the winter weather get you down, though! These outfits will keep you looking sharp all day long, no matter what the temperature outside.  

How to style winter business casual outfits

The key to styling winter business casual outfits is layering. You don’t wish to stay too hot or too cold, so layers are key. You also don’t want to wear and style too many clothes, or you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable and also a bit sloppy. You also don’t want to shiver in the cold, so making sure you have just the right number of layers is essential.

Make sure your winter business casual outfit has these three components:

  1. An outer layer of some sort. It could be anything from a cool blazer to a trench coat, but it should be something that will keep the cold out, and your layers are hidden.
  2. A shirt or sweater, preferably in a color that will match just about anything you wear on the bottom. Choose something of your favorite equal comfort and style, whether it’s a vintage tee or cashmere, perfect fit worth every penny!
  3. Trousers that go with just about everything. You don’t want to have to worry about your pants on a day when you’re already struggling with the cold. Choose a neutral hue like black, navy, or gray, and you’ll be good to go.

Optimal outfit ideas to style on chilly workdays 

With those three basics in mind, here are some winter business casual outfit ideas for you to try!

Outfit 1: A blazer, a shirt, and trousers

A black blazer is a perfect way to start your outfit. It’s professional enough for the office, but it also has a bit of a casual vibe to it. The leopard print-lined details on long sleeves with front pockets look too stunning. Instead, style it with a black tee or white turtleneck shirt that can be a great choice for winter because of the neutral color. And certainly, with a black blazer, you can match anything! 

Style it with trousers or women’s jeans that are not only slimming but flattering to every figure and keep you warm. So a great outfit to try on for colder months. 

Outfit 2: A cute blush tee, leather blazer, and denim trousers

A blush tee is perfect for this casual girly look because it’s a lightweight fabric, and it’s the color that suits everyone and goes with everything. An edgy blazer is the ideal outer layer of this outfit and looks professional and practical to keep you warm all day long. Style it with navy trousers because it’s a great choice due to its classic hue and slimming factor. It’s the best of both worlds!

Outfit 3: A blazer, a wrap skirt, and a blouse 

A black blazer is a great way to start your outfit and make it extra professional. It’s also slimming and will look great with any color skirt. Style it with a tan brown wrap skirt that’s great for business casual wear and even professional. To stay cozy, you can wear tights underneath your skirt, and it looks slimming for every woman out there. And a cream blouse, light and airy, perfectly fits your style.

Outfit 4: Dress and denim jacket 

Dresses are an excellent way to go when you’re considering winter business casual outfits. A navy wrap dress and a burgundy sheath dress are great options for women’s dresses. They’re professional, slimming, and will keep you warm all day long. Black tights are perfect for winter because they’ll keep you warm, and they’ll also look professional. A light denim jacket is perfect to complete your casual work look. There are nude booties for women, so it doesn’t look too overwhelming. 

Outfit 5: A shirt or sweater, knit cardigan, and black trousers

A perfect way to start your winter wear is with a gray turtleneck sweater. It is so classic and versatile that you can wear it with just about anything! Turtlenecks are one of my winter staples because they keep me warm without making me feel suffocated. Style it with a knit open cardigan, and it’s professional enough for the office, but it also has a bit of a casual vibe to it.

Wearing black trousers from boutiques stores online is not only slimming and flattering to every figure, but it also keeps you warm! So it’s always a good idea for colder months.

In between work and happy hours with your friends, slay all day in these outfits! You’ll look stylish and put together all day long. No matter what the temperature outside says, you’ll be able to brave the cold in style!

Tips to style winter business casual outfits

  • Layer up! The key to staying hot and cozy in winter is layering. So add a blazer, a shirt, and trousers to your outfit, or a shirt, an outer layer of some sort, and trousers.
  • Choose neutral colors. When it comes to professional outfits, it’s best to play it safe. So keep your outfit neutral, and you’ll be good to go when it comes to color!
  • Avoid heavy fabrics. In the winter, it’s best to stick to light fabrics that will keep you cool and keep you warm. Heavy layers or bulky fabrics will only make you feel hot and uncomfortable.

Bottom Line

When it comes to winter business casual outfits, there are endless possibilities in women’s online clothing stores! You can mix and match different styles and hues to create an outfit that’s perfect for you. So keep it professional and slimming, and you’ll look fabulous no matter what kind of day you’re having! Just remember to layer up, choose neutral colors, and avoid heavy fabrics, and you’ll be able to slay all day at the office!

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