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Why use house air purifier for bedroom?

As people pay more and more attention to air quality, almost families with high standards of health will be equipped with an air purifier in their bedrooms to purify the air pollution from the outdoor haze, dust, PM2.5, as well as pet hair, and second-hand smoke caused by indoor human activities.


Although these pollutants are small in size, they can be detected from time to time in different ways. For example, when we open the curtains in the morning, we can see countless dust particles floating in the beam of light shining into the room, and it is scary to think that we are breathing such air all the time.


For example, if our cabinet, or floor, a period of time is not clean, there will be a thick layer of dust, hair, stain mixture, living in such an environment, it is difficult to ensure that there will not be respiratory diseases and other problems.

house air purifier

Therefore, to choose an house air purifier, it is very necessary to purify the air all the time. Different from the needs of other scenes, the bedroom has higher requirements in noise, purification, intelligence and other aspects, which is why it is recommended that you choose the a house air purifier.


People need fresh air most when they sleep.

More than 80% of their time is spent indoors, and they spend up to 8 hours sleeping in their bedrooms every day. The quality of sleep is directly related to the health of the human body. And related to the daily work, study and life. People do not feel when they sleep. This is the best time for people to recover their physical strength, eliminate fatigue and restore their body, and it is during this time that oxygen is most needed. The FRESH AIR INSIDE ENTERS THE BEDROOM CONTINUOUSLY TO THE PERSON MORPHEUS, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE PERSON’S BODY RESTORATION.


You may have this feeling, such as the Windows and doors are tightly closed, in the morning when you open the window to feel the outdoor air is very fresh. In the cold winter, we close the doors and Windows to create a closed environment. It blocks the cold air outside from entering. As we inhale oxygen from the air and exhale carbon dioxide from our bodies, the oxygen in the room is not fresh, and the carbon dioxide concentration increases. At this time, we don’t want to open the window for ventilation. Because when we open the window, cold air, smog and outdoor noise will enter the room. In summer, we often turn on air conditioning and do not want to open Windows for ventilation. Although the air in the room becomes cool. There is no fresh air coming in at all, and the concentration of carbon dioxide keeps rising. Children are the most vulnerable to carbon dioxide: they are vulnerable, and because carbon dioxide is heavier than air, its concentration increases the closer it gets to the ground.


Bad air environment in the bedroom.

People in sleep, out of quiet, private, energy-saving demand, will close bedroom doors and Windows, especially when opening air conditioning is more so. This will lead to the rise of carbon dioxide concentration in the bedroom, air moisture loss, thus appear “hypoxia”, “air conditioning disease” and other sub-health symptoms, such as morning headache, dry mouth, nose, throat pain, affect human health. In fact, many people are already aware of this problem. But if the window is opened when the air conditioning or floor heating is working, it will cause too much energy consumption and reduce the cooling and heating effect. And with the gradual deterioration of the external environment, noise, dust, air pollution and other factors have to make people give up opening Windows for ventilation. So, how to solve this problem, neither open the window but also can have fresh air into the quality of sleep?

The air purifier provides negative oxygen and good air

The house air purifier can purify indoor air without opening Windows, and solve the problem of indoor ventilation well. It provides fresh air to the bedroom 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And avoid the problem of too high indoor carbon dioxide concentration caused by long-term window closing. And ensuring people’s respiratory health during sleep. Air purifier has gradually become a standard part of housing design in modern society. especially for families with elderly people and children.

Suits for many applications

Let the owner sleep at ease, children sleep soundly, the elderly sleep soundly. Give the family a rich oxygen, quiet, clean sleep environment. It is also one of the biggest appeals of people to install fresh air system. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless gas that is 1.5 times heavier than air under normal conditions. Carbon dioxide is harmless in small amounts, but when it exceeds a certain amount, it can affect the respiratory system because the concentration of carbonic acid in the blood increases. Making it more acidic and causing acidosis. The normal amount of carbon dioxide in outdoor air is 0.04% (400 parts per million). When the concentration of carbon dioxide reaches 1%(1000 parts per million), people will feel stuffy, dizzy and have heart palpitations. At 1500-2000 PPM, you will feel wheezing, headache, dizziness. Above 5000PPM, the human body function is seriously confused, so that people lose consciousness, consciousness.

2J8 house air purifier helps you sleep

MSPure 2J8 house air purifier can not only kill viruses, microorganisms and bacteria in the air, but also release positive and negative ions of “air vitamin” in real time. Positive and negative ions can effectively reduce the amount of air dust in the air by 97%. The removal effect of PM2.5 is excellent. At the same time, positive and negative ions can effectively improve neurasthenia. And it improves cardiopulmonary function, improve the body immunity. House air purifier effectively and timely decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, and can remove odor. At the same time, ultrasonic humidification technology is used to solve the problem. Like indoor air drying, so that the air is more fresh. It has the advantages of energy saving, smooth operation, low noise and long service life.

Tips for choosing air purifier

Now the air problem such as haze is serious, the fresh air system has become a hot product. But if it is a complete fresh air system, it needs to be combined with the ceiling. And the installation is more troublesome. The advantage of this machine is that the volume is relatively small. And the installation only needs to open a small hole, relatively convenient, for less renovation cost, change the project is small family more suitable. However, relatively speaking, its cleaning function is slightly worse than most air purifiers. After all, it pays more attention to the ventilation function, cleaning is only incidental. If there is a weak body in the home, it is recommended to consider carefully. You shou choose MSPure air purifier machine.

Although noise and energy consumption is not the core index. But because the air purifier is often open for a long time, it is also the key index that we need to consider properly. The higher the energy level, the better. And the noise you can see if you can accept it when you put it into the lowest gear (usually sleep on the lowest gear). Of course, the higher the efficiency rating, the less noise and the higher the price.

If the air purifier is not kept regularly, all the pollution sources are backlog in it. The humidity is high, and the time is long. It will naturally breed all kinds of bacteria. But the original machine for purification has become the source of secondary pollution. (Therefore, the humidifier and air purifier are not suitable for running at the same time.)

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