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Why USA-made PVC panels outperform FRP Panel?

The FRP panels were a traditional favorite among businesses. The FRP wall material brought utility and performance that drywall lacked. However, the FRP panels have certain drawbacks that just cannot be ignored. The downsides of FRP have made businesses choose a better and more durable alternative – Duramax PVC Panels. The vinyl panels have outclassed FRP wall materials, providing greater value and advantages. The PVC panels are a class apart, considering their durability, strength, maintenance, and easy installation. Commercial applications where humidity and mold growth are major issues prefer installing PVC rather than FRP. Here are reasons why USA-made PVC panels are considered way better than fiberglass. This write-up will help you make a clear choice to buy PVC panels online. 

Durable and waterproof PVC panels outperform FRP

The USA-made PVC panels have greater longevity than any other cladding material. The high-quality vinyl materials last for 45 to 50 years post installation. The vinyl panels have a non-porous surface that sheds off liquids rather than absorbing them. The PVC panels with no crevices or wooden backers do not trap moisture or attract vapor from humid environments. The PVC panels assure 100% water resistance as they get manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl raw materials. PVC panels have exceptional longevity as the ½-inch thick material has an inner webbed trusscore design to offer great strength and robustness. The vinyl panels never fall off the wall and resist high impacts or blows.

On the other hand, FRP wall materials are thin, fragile, and not resistant to high impacts. The FRP wall material has an OSB backer board that is susceptible to moisture damage due to its water absorption tendencies. The FRP panels are highly vulnerable to mold, mildew, and bacterial infestation as the rivet joints have small fissures that trap moisture, leading to contamination. FRP panels can never offer 100% water resistance and are unfit for wet commercial interiors. The FRP panels require repair and occasional repainting to retain the sheen and luster. The FRP panels underperform, paving the way for PVC wall materials to rule the show.

Quick PVC installation is affordable too

Want wall cladding materials to get installed within 7 hours, then buy usa-made PVC panels online? The vinyl panels come directly from the Duramax factory in DIY kits with a user-friendly installation guidebook. The vinyl panel installation does not require extra materials or skilled laborers. You only need to spend $5 to install the DIY PVC panels. The panel kit is a one-time expense which makes vinyl a cost-effective deal.

On the other hand, FRP panels take minimally 2 days for installation, and 2 skilled laborers are enough for the job. The FRP wall materials have additional charges as you need to buy rivets, backers, and adhesives for the installation. The FRP panel installation is more than double the material cost, considering the extra expenditure in hiring skilled workers and buying additional materials. Why spend more on FRP installation when you can save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor expenses by choosing PVC? Contact Duramax experts for the one-time PVC purchase at factory-direct costs. The panels get shipped and dispatched within 2 weeks.

Low maintenance PVC panels are cost-effective for the long haul

After-care is an important aspect of PVC installation. The maintenance of vinyl panels is not challenging at all. You are not required to maintain the PVC wall material regularly. Occasionally wiping the PVC panels clean with a damp mop is great for longevity and maintaining the sheen and luster. usa-made PVC panels are fade-resistant, stain-free, and do not get discolored or turn yellowish. The low-maintenance PVC wall material needs no repairing or replacing for the long haul.

On the other hand, FRP panels require great after-care. Professional cleanups and repairing are a part of FRP maintenance, and things get expensive with the time. As a result, the FRP panels and heavy-duty maintenance are financially dehydrating for the businesses, making vinyl the better wall cladding choice.

In the current scenario, commercial areas demand regular cleaning and sanitization. Deprivation of proper cleanliness can put the hygiene of commercial space at a huge stake. If you are looking for the easiest way to practice effective cleanliness, nothing could be better than installing vinyl walls. Made from 100% pure vinyl, PVC panels are thin plastic cladding material. By installing PVC panels, you can ensure clean and sparkling commercial space. You can also opt for PVC panels to improve the aesthetic appearance in the best possible way. Learn more about the benefits of installing PVC panels.

Reduce Humidity Level Effectively

Commercial spaces usually attract a high amount of moisture due to the absence of proper ventilation. As a result, smudges and stains appear on the commercial walls and ceilings. In order to prevent the ill effects of moisture, you are recommended to install USA made PVC panels. PVC panels are not supported by a backer underneath. Besides, the absence of pores makes them excellent water-resistant panels. 

Apart from that, PVC panels are excellent chemical-resistant panels. As a result, such panels do not undergo corrosion, rusting, and other harmful external impacts. 

Possess Excellent Durability

PVC panels have durability compared to the installing FRP panels. High-quality PVC panels have an excellent lifespan period of 40-45 years. In addition, they do not undergo multiple replacements or repairs at all. Additionally, PVC panels need occasional cleaning, saving additional time and money. 

Simple Installation Process

The tongue and groove interlocking system allow panels to attach to the studs. No lamination or glue is needed for installing PVC panels. You can hire one local installer, and the installation process is hassle-free. You can save 40% of the material and 50% of the labor costs effectively. 

Consider Duramax PVC Wall Panels for Getting Advanced PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels 

We, Duramax PVC Wall Panels, are one of the finest providers of PVC wall and ceiling panels in the USA. We aim to provide FDA-compliant and ASTM-certified PVC wall and ceiling panels that meet the maximum hygiene and safety standards. Duramax PVC panels are lightweight that give you easy maintenance. You can visit the Duramax PVC Wall Panels website and place your customized PVC panels. Book your free consultation with our experts and buy PVC panels online now.

Final Words

Consider vinyl products if you want an upgrade from the FRP wall panels. FRP once dominated the market, but now it’s time for the white and bright PVC panels to shine. The water-shedding qualities of the vinyl panels make them a sought-after wall cladding material, and the long-lasting feature is an added asset. Connect with Duramax at 323-991-7507. Request a quote now. Book a free sample.

Improve the Cleanliness with Top-Rated PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels

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