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Why swimming with Lifeguard Requirements good for your health

Soon the first outdoor pools will open and the lakes will gradually reach operating temperature. What is a good reason to prepare the bikini or the swimsuit? Swimming with Lifeguard Requirements is one of the healthiest sports. If until now you have avoided the water, at the latest after reading this article you will be wanting to start swimming training. And for this we are going to give you five convincing arguments!

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1 Swimming Strengthens All Muscle Groups

Most professional swimmers have one thing in common: a lot of muscle. Broad shoulders, tablet and strong thighs give their bodies a very aesthetic appearance. And this despite the fact that swimming only involves the use of your own body weight, and in the water!

In the pool, you have to fight against extreme resistance to move forward. In particular, the arms and legs work tirelessly, but the torso, that is, the muscles of the central part of the body, also have to be used intensely. So swimming is the perfect sport to strengthen your muscles from head to toe.

Depending on the swimming style, some muscle groups or others are mainly trained. The breaststroke is good for the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms and thighs. Freestyle or front crawl primarily strengthens the arms, shoulders and core , and swimming on the back strengthens the core and back muscles. It is best to alternate swimming styles regularly.

2 Swimming takes care of your joints

When it comes to joint problems and back pain, swimming is the way to go. Under water, the load on the body is reduced by 90%. The natural buoyancy relieves stress on the intervertebral discs, tendons and ligaments, so that you can not only exercise with almost no discomfort, but also relieve your pain. Because when you swim you strengthen the stabilizing muscles.

Do you often have back pain? Remember that you should regularly exercise your back muscles, among other things.

3 Swimming is a calorie destroyer

Swimming is one of the most effective sports to lose weight. Why? Calorie consumption skyrockets when training underwater. On the one hand, this is due to the temperature difference, which the body has to compensate for by spending energy. At the same time, you have to constantly fight against a resistance. This is also taxing on the body and consumes energy.

Depending on the style, swimming burns between 200 and 500 kcal per hour. This is comparable to intensive jogging, but much easier on the joints!

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4 Swimming strengthens the cardiovascular system

Regular swimming training not only trains the glutes and biceps, but also the heart muscle, with the positive effect that you become more efficient in general.

The reason: under water the pressure is higher, so the blood vessels constrict. The heart has to pump harder to circulate enough blood around the body with each beat. If you swim frequently, your heart volume increases and at the same time your heart rate decreases.

5 Swimming trains healthy breathing

Breathing is an undervalued tool at our disposal to reduce stress in everyday life, release tension and help the body regenerate itself. Swimming is the ideal sport to improve your breathing technique. You force yourself to train a steady, calm breathing rhythm. This can have a lasting positive effect on your physical and mental health. To know more: Breathing exercises: 5 simple techniques to relax

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Mireya Belmonte explains the benefits of swimming

The swimmer Mireya Belmonte is Olympic champion in the 200-meter butterfly in Rio 2016 and winner of 24 golds, 19 silvers and 7 bronzes between the Olympic, World and European Games, together with her technical team, she has taken an online course on swimming called ‘Mireya Belmonte teaches swimming ‘ with Unico’s.


Compared to contact sports, swimming has the advantage of generating a low risk of injury and involving a large number of muscles in its performance, which is why it is not only practiced for leisure purposes, but also for health. According to Olympic champion Mireya Belmonte and her team, some of the main benefits offered by this sport are:

  1. Being an activity that develops the muscles of the whole body, it also improves elasticity and strengthens the joints. “ By floating through the water, it is easier on the joints and muscles than other contact sports. It’s a soft discipline”, says Belmonte.
  2. Unlike other aerobic sports such as athletics or cycling, it increases flexibility and favors coordination and agility.
  3. Swimming helps to have a better balance and, at the same time, to achieve a more efficient and faster reaction time. By practicing this sport, blood flow increases, and with it, memory is also greatly improved and learning is favored.
  4. It is an exercise that helps control stress, anxiety and elevates mood. According to the swimmer, it helps “to improve self-confidence and develop our independence.” And since it is an individual sport, “it allows you to focus on yourself, reflect and disconnect from day to day,” says Verbnoun, Mireya Belmonte’s coach.
  5. It is a recommended sport for all age groups. From the smallest to the elderly can benefit from its practice.
  6. Along with proper nutrition and hydration, it promotes restful sleep and rest.

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