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What‘s actually happening with home prices today?

Our parents and grandparents and ancestors always say and said their generations that they should get married, have children, and build or buy a home. Nowadays a lot of people will not agree with these statements, as some of us can have totally different views. For example, you can be childfree, or believe that investing in real estate is a waste of money.

It is okay to be different and have other views, but sooner or later you will come to the idea that you actually need a house, an apartment, or somewhere to stay.

Renting is a good idea as well, but you can’t do any major changes to the house, or you should follow some rules and instructions while you are staying. That’s why a lot of people prefer to have their own houses.

Buying a house is not the easiest and most affordable thing. That’s why you have to be very careful, you have to make research very thoroughly before buying a house.

Homebuyers are left wondering when the market will see some respite and home prices will begin to decline as they feel squeezed by quickly rising property prices, higher mortgage rates, and greater monthly mortgage payments.

That is not the situation anymore. With a two-percentage-point increase since the beginning of the year, mortgage rates have fast accelerated toward 6%. Additionally, property values have continued to rise. The national median existing-home price dropped $10,000 from June to $403,800 in July, according to the National Association of Realtors, although prices are still over 10% higher than they were at this time last year despite these signals of a decline.

According to experts, it is unlikely that costs would decrease significantly across the country anytime soon. And while the rate of home price growth may reduce, this is probably due to fewer people having the means to shop in a more expensive market. Locally, specific marketplaces may experience lower costs, but experts suggest that without a significant economic shift, a significant drop in prices overall is improbable.

Let’s see why we have so high prices now and why they are rising all the time.


The same supply and demand economic principles that apply to any other industry also apply to the housing market. The supply of homes decreases and the demand increases when there are more buyers than sellers, making it more difficult and expensive to purchase a home. Not only are there a lot of houses available, but there is also cash available to buy them. It’s uncommon for a brand-new homeowner to pay cash when purchasing a home. Buyers, on the other hand, employ debt in the form of a mortgage. Sellers can set high asking prices for their properties and still receive them as long as banks are ready to continue lending. But when banks stop financing as much, the cost of the house will need to decrease.

The Economy

Housing costs typically increase when the economy is doing well and the unemployment rate is declining. People feel more comfortable about their jobs and their capacity to take on mortgage debt when the economy is booming. Additionally, their chances of getting that mortgage authorized are higher. However, more people are forced to accept lower-paying jobs or live on unemployment benefits when the economy is in bad shape. As a result, fewer people are able to buy homes, there is less of a housing market rivalry, and motivated sellers must decrease their asking prices in order to make a deal.

Rates of Interest

Changes in interest rates also have very big influence on housing prices. Homes typically sell for high prices when loan rates are low. Low mortgage rates are one factor, and the more buyers there are, the greater the competition for available houses. Low borrowing rates can make it easier to buy a property that is pricier. You can borrow more money at a lower interest rate without experiencing a significant increase in your monthly mortgage payment. The monthly payment for your mortgage does, however, increase along with the interest rate. If home prices don’t decrease, housing becomes less accessible when interest rates climb.

The recent hike in mortgage rates over the past week put the demand for homes, which had slightly increased in August, back to sleep, according to a new report from real estate agency Redfin. Google searches for “homes for sale” decreased for the week ending September 3 compared to the same period last year, by 25%.

Redfin’s demand index, which tracks inquiries for home tours and other services related to home buying from Redfin brokers, revealed that demand was up 18% from the 2022 low in June but remained down 11% year over year during the seven days ending September 4.

Do you want to buy a home? 

There are both positive and negative news if you’re considering climbing the property ladder.

The good news is that low-deposit mortgages are still widely available, so getting a home loan can be a little simpler now than it used to be.

The bad news is that it’s quite improbable that housing costs will decrease considerably. None of the experts predict that prices will decline much over the medium or long term, but they do anticipate a much slower increase overall.

If you are intended to buy a home anyway, you have to find the top real estate agents USA

You may think that you can do it alone as you can research and find houses online, but you will not be right. These real estate agents spend years learning and practicing their skills, you who are so new in the industry can’t make a good deal.

Some of us are so excited about real estate tv series, that we don’t see the difficult parts of the job. And we think we can do it. Let’s keep doing our job and rely on our house-searching process for real estate professionals.

After you get your new house, you will be so excited that all the difficult parts of the process will be forgotten.

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