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What is the the Most Suitable Material of Rug for Your Home

Prior to get a new rug for your home, exploration of the availability of different types of materials is really important. You can decide which rug material will suit best your lifestyle and space. Consideration of the rug’s location, traffic of that particular spot and activities conduct on the space should be done to review if the piece can work in that space.

Here, we have put detailed insight on various materials used for rug with their benefits and downlines. Hope, the blog will be your right guidance in selecting the best choice both in terms of decor and practical use. So, let’s start….

Wool rug

The most usual material used for making a rug is wool. It results in the weaving of durable and softest rug ever. Woollen fibres can be used making of both machine-made and hand-knitted high-quality rugs. Tended sheep are reared to obtain premium quality wool for knitting the rugs. Sheep will be sheered and scoured the wool prior it converts into woollen balls to weave the rugs.

Because of the strong fibres, wool is really an ideal option for the manufacturing of rugs. Apart from being water repellent it has the ability to combat against stains too. Luxury wool carpet acts as insulator for keeping the floor warm in cold climates by giving cosy and soft feeling at the same time.

When you get a brand new rug, shedding is natural for a couple of days. Afterwards, it will be no more! Wool cannot hold on the dye for long and has a tendency to fade off over the years. Also, any humid and damp places are not ideal spots to put on a woollen rug as it can absorb the moisture and humidity.

You can lay this premium carpet in any high traffic spots like dining and living to embrace the cosy feeling.

Silk rug

Due to the natural subtle sheen-like feel, silk rugs are always softest. Often it is the premium choice for luxurious flooring option. Silkworms are responsible for producing silk fibres widely found in Asian subcontinents. As silk possesses dye-absorbing property often the rugs made from it are of vibrant and rich colour.

Silk rug feels sumptuous because of its softness. The details of design will be of finest quality and very intricate. Silk rug cleaning is actually cumbersome due to the delicate nature of the fibre and high probability of bleeding of dye. As a ultimate color may overlap one another ruining the look completely.

It wears down easily and exhibits footprints if ever placed on a highly trafficked spot of the home. Lower traffic spots like master bedroom is the right spot to lay your lustrous silk masterpiece.

Cotton rug

Most of the flat-woven rugs have used cotton as the prime material. This vegetable fibre is actually produced by plantation to tailor strong and elastic-less threads. By the way, rugs made from this material are always tight and intact.

The rug becomes affordable and cleaning turns out to be easiest. But, it is never highly durable as woollen rug. However, it is the safest to use in risky corners of the home like kids’ rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Buying a rug becomes easiest task to perform if you are known which material is suitable for which spaces of your home. Elements London has a lavish collection of premium luxury carpets you can choose from. Each masterpiece is created using handpicked premium quality natural fibres blended with shades, moods and interior decors of a residential space.

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