What is predictive dialer ? & why does your business need it.

What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that, like auto dialers or robodialers, automatically dials numbers from a list. A predictive dialer calls numbers until it detects a connection, during which point it transfers the call to a live agent. Dialers funnel out busy signals, voicemails, no-answers, and disconnected numbers, among many other things.

So, what differentiated predictive dialers from the other automatic dialers? Their ability to use call metrics to forecast when human agents will be able to answer the next call, so that they can schedule their auto-dialing to correspond with the availability of agents. If a call center is busy and many agents are talking, the predictive dialer will slow or stop its outreach until it detects that agents are nearing the end of their calls.

Another distinguishing feature of predictive dialers is their capacity to dial multiple numbers in one go. The goal is to call the appropriate number of leads at the appropriate time to maximize agent utilization.

Predictive dialers have been in use for approximately 30 years. They originally came in the banking industry and were primarily used for debt collection. While predictive dialers began as hardware solutions, many companies now provide predictive dialer software, which is frequently hosted in the cloud. Many businesses prefer hosted dialers because they reduce up-front capital expenses as well as IT costs. Some dialers can even integrate with CRMs such as AcmaTel Communications to provide call metrics visibility.

How does the predictive dialer actually work?

It predicts the time it will take each agent to complete a call and the agent’s availability using an algorithm and previous call statistics, and then dials the appropriate number. The predictive dialer system recognizes answering machines, dropped calls, and unanswered calls, your agents will only receive live calls from your clients.

Because the predictive dialer only connects the agents with a user that will actually answer the call. The dialer dashboard allows you to change the maximum number of simultaneous calls and the dial level.

What happens to unanswered calls?

Customers’ patience usually runs out after a few seconds, so you only have a few seconds to regain it. Keeping your abandonment rate as low as possible is the best way to maximize the efficiency of your calling process. Each abandoned call is the result of a failed dialing setup, which your predictive dialer should handle automatically.

Predictive dialers have been designed to save you time and money. By automatically calling numbers until it reaches a live call, a predictive dialer allows agents to spend more time speaking with prospects.

It helps reduce agent idle time –

Manually connecting calls takes a long time for agents. Every time a call center agent answers a call, he wastes time listening to busy tones, answering machines, or dealing with disconnected calls. These time-wasting signals are detected by predictive dialers, which skip calls that contain them. This allows you to decrease agent idle time while also increasing agent efficiency.

You can easily detect unproductive and productive local numbers when using predictive dialers. It even checks agent availability and routes missed calls to those who are available to handle the next call. This allows the agent to complete more calls per hour by saving time.

It helps boost sales –

You can increase the number of calls while improving the quality with predictive dialer software. No one can guarantee success on every call; however, the fact that the agents are answering more calls increases the likelihood of more leads being converted by the end of each shift.

Manual dialing is inefficient because the majority of the time is spent listening to busy tones, leaving voicemails, or scheduling follow-ups. Importing contacts from other sources can help to simplify lead generation and management even further.

Helps reduce operation costs –

Even if your company does not receive or make many calls, you may want to hire an operator to direct agents’ calls. Nonetheless, finding someone we know will do the job well can be difficult.

You can save money by utilising your existing computer network with predictive dialer software. A cloud-based predictive dialer eliminates the need for new hardware. Everything you need to transform your call centre is already in place.

When you use predictive dialers in call centres, you can employ fewer call agents because only a few agents are required to handle calls. This lowers call centre operational costs.

Benefits of Predictive Dialer –

  • Removes voicemails, missed calls, disconnected numbers, and busy signals from the caller’s caller ID. Uses dialling based on algorithms.
  • Raises the call connection rate by placing many calls at once.
  • Searches for a free agent.
  • Gives representatives a constant flow of calls.

Take into account the size of your clientele –

Reps can see the next call in line and choose whether to ignore it by using a preview dialer. A progressive dialer, on the other hand, automatically dials the following number in the list. While larger firms might gain more from a predictive dialer, smaller businesses might prefer a preview dialer.

Predictive dialers: How Effective Are They?

The effectiveness of predictive dialers has been the subject of several reports. Predictive dialers have been demonstrated to produce impressive outcomes when phone utilisation is the main concern. Predictive dialers can increase agent productivity by 200 to 300 percent, according to one research.

Improved compliance to the Do Not Call (DNC) policy –

Predictive dialers replace risky procedures like merging or deleting spreadsheets or eliminating DNC numbers from a database with DNC compliance that is integrated into their operation. Businesses may be subject to fines or penalties as a result of these antiquated procedures.

Final conclusion –

It is critical to make calls and contact prospective customers as soon as possible, especially in today’s fast-paced world.Not only will cloud-hosted, predictive dialing solutions save your agents time dialing, but they will also be able to place and answer calls from anywhere in the world.

A predictive dialer system is a certain way to boost productivity and efficiency at your company if you’re looking to modernise the operations of your outgoing contact centre and lengthen the time your agents spend interacting with leads.

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