What does Smoking do to Your Body

Smoking is the inhaling of tobacco or other fatal drugs. Tobacco is a drug that has more than 7000 different kinds of chemicals, which makes it highly injurious and harmful for our health. Smoking can take a toll on your body significantly, it has the potential to damage your teeth, gums, and lungs. The addiction to this infamous drug can be fatal, leading to a painful death in some cases, as it affects every single organ of the body. While smoking is sometimes prescribed for medical reasons, for instance, it is said that smoking cigarettes can prevent Parkinson’s disease. But we cannot overlook the risks attached to consuming cigarettes.

Not only is smoking bad for your lungs and other organs, but it can also even affect the environment, natural habitats, and people around you.  If you are considering quitting smoking, vape is a recommended option by several experts. Look for vape shops online UK to choose a vape that is free from harmful drugs and get started on your journey to quit smoking.

What are the Effects of Smoking?

There are so many harmful effects of smoking. So much so, that the color of your blood also darkens with excessive smoking. Tar and carbon monoxide are examples of extremely harmful chemicals. Carbon monoxide can be deadly as it creates an addiction to smoking carbon monoxide in cigarettes, which reduces oxygen in the blood. Nicotine to an extent may also be harmful and tar is a gelatinous material that causes lung cancer in the long run.

Smoking Effect on Lungs

 if you smoke, your lungs are never going to be the same again. Smoking increases the damage to the lungs. It can cause lung cancer it damages the air sacs in the lungs, affecting the breathing pattern of the person which causes them to breath faster and inconsistently, regardless of any excursion. Moreover, tar also causes lung cancer and inflammation of the windpipe (trachea).

Smoking Effect on Heart

Smoking increases the risk of a heart attack. That’s why smokers have more heart diseases than non-smoker as it increases high blood pressure. The blood vessels and arteries are also affected by smoking.

Smoking Effect on Hair

 Smoking can cause scalp infections because of a weak immune system. It affects the hair growth system too and may lead to hair loss in the future. Not to mention, smoking also affects your eyesight and can also cause blindness.

Smoking Effect on the Skin

Several skin problems come about due to smoking as a reaction or an allergy. It also increases melanin, which gives you an uneven complexion and darker lips. Smoking decreases the oxygen levels in the body making your skin appear saggy, with aging signs coming into view. It also increases the incidence of skin cancer.

Quitting smoking is the way to go to lead a healthy lifestyle. Though it is challenging and you may still feel some of its symptoms over time, but remember the fresh start is always worth it. Additionally quitting smoking also improves your mental health which can contribute to a better lifestyle.

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