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What Are The Best Practices for Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications in Gatsby WordPress Themes are alerts or notifications that are sent to the users via the desktop web and mobile web. They may slide in at the top or pop-up or bottom right-hand corner of the screen, or appear on a mobile device in a manner nearly identical to push notifications delivered from apps.

The Fundamentals of Web Push Notification

This foundational knowledge benefits when it comes to building your explicit content strategy. While every brand will have a different strategy, there is loads of information that pertains to everyone. Gatsby WordPress Themes Web push notifications include the following details:

  • Notification Title: Some use their name here.
  • Notification Content: The message that is sent having characters count varying through browsers. 
  • URL Notification: The domain transferring the web notification.
  • Icon Notification: The logo or any image.
  • Browser Icon: The logo of the browser included in notifications.

Practices for Web Push Notification

Your particular brand and marketing goals will further determine your distinct web push strategy. Regardless of industry like you are in eCommerce, or digital agency or HR, financial or technology consultants you can follow the practices to enhance your business using the advanced technology to build a website like that using Jamstack technology to build faster and secure websites. 

Device and Browser-based Notification

You must segment your audience based on their browser or device type. Small tweaks to your message can make sure it looks good across all screens and browsers. You must be careful in drafting your push notification message in terms of heading and content. 

A call to action button like subscribe or click to confirm or just an ok button will do the needful. We also suggest placing the most important part of your information at the beginning of your title or body content to ensure that the message is not ignored.

Optimizing with the Timezone

Here you must check that that your push notifications arrive once you intend for them to, check that you optimize by user timezone. this can be a fast and simple thanks to facilitating make sure you are providing excellent user expertise for all of your subscribers.

An aggravated subscriber will simply conceive to unsubscribe from your notifications, and you don’t wish that! Avoid any mistakes of this nature by merely optimizing by timezone.

Using Triggered Campaign

Triggered campaigns, however, send as a result of a user’s specific action at your website. All you would like to try and do is produce good result. A Good campaign and specify what the trigger is, once found out, Mostly time it’ll trigger for example send mechanically whenever a subscriber completes the given action. It can help also might be visiting a precise page at your website, opting into your net push notifications, or abandoning their go-cart.

Automation like this helps to save lots of your time and helps you deliver the goods your promoting goals. The modern Jamstack technology supports the triggered push notifications like that build on GatsbyJS for the frontend and headless WordPress for the backend. 

Gatsby wordpress Personalized Messages

Personalization is well achieved by putting in place numerous custom attributes. These will enable you to feature dynamic parts to your notifications like a user’s given name. you’ll be able to conjointly value more highly to add disengagement text just in case the custom attribute doesn’t exist for a specific user. this is often a good thanks to adding a further layer of personalization to your net push campaigns.

Customized Icons for Gatsby Themes

Visual components dominate the promoting world lately. the most effective thanks to doing that are by exploiting custom icons. we have a tendency to advocate adding another picture into the combo to differentiate different types of campaigns. you’ll be able to conjointly use massive pictures in your internet push notifications, however, remember that they won’t show up for all of your users. massive pictures solely show for Google Chrome users on golem mobile devices or on Windows desktop devices.

Keep a Track

How many users click your campaigns are useful, however, to actually analyze however well your internet push campaigns area unit playing, you wish to modify conversion pursuit. If you’ve got an honest CTR however an occasional conversion rate, you’ve got a haul. Track your conversions and tweak your campaigns pro re nata to assist boost your conversion rate.


No matter what your company sounds like, if you’ve created the choice to induce starting with net push, you wish to stay these items in mind. These practices for net push notifications can facilitate guaranteeing your campaign’s area unit booming and lead to a solid increase in traffic and conversion by optimizing your net push expertise at every stage of the process from opting into the notifications themselves, to your analytics.

Modern Jamstack technology helps in adding features using the static site generators like Gatsby and backend based on headless CMS like WordPress making the website faster, secure, scalable and serviceable.


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