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What are the benefits, features and opportunities associated with corporate taxi booking solutions?

Due to the fact that travel is a significant part of our work, businesses have implemented a variety of measures to make employee travel to work simple and hassle-free. Occasionally, public transportation becomes an issue, particularly when one needs to arrive on time. Thus, taxi service has developed into a significant mode of transportation in the majority of cities.

A significant portion of corporate individuals rely on taxis for their daily transportation needs. There are several critical issues affecting working individuals at the moment, including timely arrival and security.

Thus, virtually all corporations have made taxi services available through a variety of taxi vendors in order to ensure that their employees do not miss important gatherings and arrive on time for work. Corporate taxis provide an exceptional arrangement for employees, particularly when they must travel long distances for work.

Taxi Mobility provides web-based corporate taxi dispatching software that enables businesses to book taxis or cabbies online from the convenience of their own home or office. This also enables the vehicle group to access and secure all of their employees’ information.

Why would you want to use a corporate taxi booking solutions?

Corporate clients primarily face two issues when booking a taxi service: time delay and security. It is critical from a security standpoint that each taxi software company is registered with and managed by local governments.

To promote security and ensure that corporate employees’ time is saved is a significant challenge for taxi booking companies.

Additionally, employees have a slew of expectations for themselves. These include the following:

  • For those who work in shifts, they anticipate being able to hail a cab on time.
  • Taxi reservation with maximum flexibility.
  • Effortless expense management.
  • Payments are simple and invoices are easily accessible.

Consider the following reasons for your company to have a corporate taxi solution:

Customer Protection

Employee safety on the job and while travelling has recently become a primary objective of corporate morals. As a result of numerous negative incidents involving employee well-being, numerous businesses are establishing a safe and secure work environment for their employees. That is why the majority of taxi companies guarantee that they will provide taxi service to your employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cabs are readily available.

Taxi accessibility is critical. In any case, it is possible that adequate rides for employees are unavailable during peak hours. As a result, it is possible that employees missed their flights or arrived late to their destination.

You can efficiently dispatch taxis for your employees by utilising a taxi dispatch solution. At the moment, your employees are not required to wait for their rides.

Complete billing and payment procedures

A corporate taxi dispatch software can significantly simplify the charging process for businesses. It generates an e-bill that contains information about the rides, such as the driver’s name, the taxi’s number, the ride’s start and end times, duration, and fare.

By disclosing all of these details, you can foster trust among your users. Additionally, you can track any exchanges in case you need to confirm them later.

Ride surveillance

A taxi solution with a high component count can assist you in adapting to these issues. It includes a continuous GPS tracker, allowing you to monitor the taxi’s location at all times. Additionally, you can determine whether or not your vehicle is following the correct route by utilising a real-time tracking solution.

In your taxi, you can activate an SOS button. It is used to assist travellers in the event of an emergency. When a user utilises this, a message about their circumstance is sent to their family or friends. Additionally, the corporate company and taxi company will be notified of the employee’s plight, and you will receive immediate assistance.

The essential characteristics of a corporate taxi service

There is a distinction between the requirements of a corporation and those of an individual. If you are providing service as an individual, you will only have one customer, but if you are providing service to a corporate company, you will be responsible for a large number of people. In this case, a corporate taxi solution may be advantageous.

The following are the critical characteristics of a corporate taxi solution:

Corporate advisory board

A corporate panel is a critical component of a corporate taxi booking system. The administrator will use this panel to manage all taxi booking-related activities and will take appropriate action.

The corporate administrator panel enables the corporate company to monitor each employee’s daily rides. These rides can also be calculated on a daily, weekly, or annual basis. This simplifies the administrator’s job of managing the business.

Invoices for Businesses

With an automated taxi booking solution, you can allow your employees or users to pay for their orders on a month-to-month or fortnightly basis. Similarly, you can send them notifications about upcoming exchanges.

Taxi booking solution includes prominent features such as charging and invoicing. Additionally, this one enables you to manage your charging method effectively. Similarly, you can select a unique billing method for each corporate customer.Conclusion

Individualized Pricing

Additionally, you can tailor your pricing structure by utilising a corporate taxi framework. With this customised pricing, you can provide your corporate customer with an adaptable estimating design.

If one of your corporate customers has a significant scope of business, he can bear the cost of a higher instalment. However, there are some customers who cannot afford such high rates. By utilising a corporate taxi booking framework, you can undoubtedly tailor your pricing structure to the specific needs of your business. As a result, you won’t have to miss any of your clients.

How can taxi companies benefit from on-demand taxi business solutions?

Taxi companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their profits. You no longer need to look further; simply implement a taxi business solution into your operation and immediately begin providing consistent taxi services to your customers.

The following are some of the ways that a taxi arrangement can benefit your business:

Contingent Income

It has been observed that taxi companies do not consistently receive rides. At times, a traveller or a driver may cancel a ride due to a simple circumstance. Subsequently, you must forfeit your rides in both instances.

A corporate taxi booking system enables you to establish a reliable revenue stream. When you provide a taxi service for a business, you can obtain a long-term customer and avoid the need to seek out customers here and there.

If you provide superior service to your corporate clients, there is a good chance that their employees will begin using your taxi service. Thus, you can increase your chances of acquiring planned customers.

Management of corporate clients

When it comes to providing taxi service, precise customer management becomes critical. If you have a large number of corporate customers, managing them becomes difficult. By creating profiles for your corporate customers, you can easily deal with them using a taxi booking solution.

Similarly, you can access all information in a single location. You can check the current status of rides for each customer, such as progressing, imminent, or completed. After the agreement has concluded, you can deactivate the customer’s profile.


Administration quality has a direct impact on the revenue of the business, and the same can be said for the taxi industry as well. Taxi companies have benefited from the incorporation of technology into their operations because it has enabled them to provide superior customer service. With Taxi Mobility’s productive taxi booking arrangement, you can begin offering agreeable taxi booking administrations to your corporate customers.

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