Vacheron Constantin Displays These Six Startling Watches at its New Boutique

Vacheron Constantin announced that it would exhibit the ‘Classic with a Twist’ from its new boutique from July to November. The watchmaker is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Historique 1921. They explain that this exhibit pays tribute to the brand’s creative freedom in the early 20th century.

However, the limelight will be on luxurious and classic watches from the 1910s to the 1930s. These timepieces are historically significant because they belong to the era when people celebrated Vacheron Constantin for its innovative watch designs. Thus, the exhibit’s name is Classic with a Twist.

You can see some truly spectacular luxury watches from that era, representing the brand’s unrivalled artistry. Let’s have a look at some of the early 20th century Vacheron’s unique creations here.

Barrel-shaped Watch Ref. 10594 in 18ct Yellow Gold – 1915

The Vacheron Constantin Reference 10594 represents quite a unique approach. It displays a more conventional barrel-shaped case design. Moreover, the watchmaker shifted the minute track in the watch to the dial’s exterior from the interior.

However, the silver dial will capture your attention with its ornate-styles black enamel ‘oeil de perdrix’ hands. With a classic case and dial design, the Reference 10594 looks much dressier.

Elongated Barrel-shaped Watch Ref. 10144 in 18ct Yellow Gold – 1915

Reference 10144 is as bold as anything in Switzerland today, in the case of design. The watch features a barrel-shaped ‘Tonneau’ case with true curviness. Moreover, it has a silver-toned dial with a fascinating layout of Arabic numeral markers.

You can see the inverted numerals going around the dial. Furthermore, the dial comes with blued steel ‘oeil de perdrix’ hands and a minute track in the centre.

18ct Yellow Gold Wide Unique-shaped Watch Ref. 10970 – 1917

What will perhaps capture your attention in Reference 10970 is the ripple effect. It looks so real that it may seem you are looking at the timepiece underwater. However, the watch is neither oval nor rectangular. It flaunts a type of left-off-centre design that was a dominating trend during the Twenties.

However, the 18ct yellow gold Reference 10970 also flaunts a silver-toned dial but unique numeral hour markers. The numerals, at first glance, appear like standard fare. But if you look closer, you will see that the numerals come in different sizes.

18ct Yellow Gold Cushion-shaped Watch Ref. 11677 with Crown at 11 – 1919

The Vacheron Constantin Reference 11677 enjoyed an iconic status at its time. The watchmaker is known to manufacture two series of six cushion-shaped timepieces. However, they featured offset crowns and offset dials.

Vacheron Constantin sold two of these six timepieces to Reverend Samuel Parkes-Cadman in 1928. He was a renowned American newspaper writer and clergyman. However, among the two models he owned, one was this 1919 cushion-shaped model.

Vacheron Constantin has covered the timepiece several times on their site. The design persevered over the years. And today, it is a significant part of the brand’s collection in its latest form. However, you can see it here in an 18ct yellow gold silhouette.

The watch flaunts a white enamel dial with enamelled Arabic numeral hour markers and the signature crown at the 11 o’clock side. Furthermore, the dial has a small second sub-dial in the middle of 4 and 5 o’clock. This timepiece is worth looking closely.

Cushion-shaped Chronograph Ref. 11059, Mono-Pusher, Yellow Gold – 1928

Vacheron Constantin Reference 11059 features a cushion-shaped case, single pusher and a pulsation scale. Interestingly, doctors used the pulsation scale to measure the heart rates of patients in beats/minute. However, this model packs many features, in case of dial text and complications, within an elegant 18ct yellow gold case. The dial sports matching leaf-style yellow gold hands. Overall, Reference 11059 looks like a genuine stunner.

Minute Repeater Cushion-shaped Watch Ref. 11243 in White & Pink Gold – 1930

When it comes to looks, Reference 1930 appears like the most traditional watch. It comes with a minute repeater complication that the watchmaker fitted inside the watch’s white and pink gold cushion-shaped case. However, the standout features of the Reference 1930 are ideally the applied Breguet style numeral markers on the dial.

Moreover, you can again see a silver-toned dial and ‘oeil de perdrix’ hands. However, Vacheron Constantin offered the hands this time in pink gold.

So are you interested to see these iconic Vacheron Constantin watches? If yes, you can visit the Vacheron new boutique – 28 East 57 Street New York, NY.

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