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Upcoming Bikes in India for 2022 – Top 10 Models to Look Out For

Here you will get Complete Info about Upcoming Bikes in India. If you’re looking to buy a new bike in India, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of models that are on offer.

From local manufacturers to international giants such as Honda, Kawasaki and BMW, the choices are many and varied.

Luckily, we’ve done our research and can bring you the top upcoming bikes in India based on customer surveys, technological trends and market trends over the next two years.

Here they are, our top 10 best upcoming bikes in India 2022

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Top 10 Models to Look Out For : Upcoming Bikes in India


  1. Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Next Gen ( Expected launch: Sep 2022 & Expected price: ₹ 1,50,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Next Gen is expected to be launched during the September of 2022 and will be available in two variants – normal & deluxe.

The Deluxe variant is expected to have a slightly elevated price tag as compared to the basic one, but it should still come within ₹ 1.5 lakhs.

It will have a more premium touch with more refinements both on the outside and inside.

One of the major upgrades on this bike is likely going to be its engine,

which is supposed to pack improved performance as well as fuel efficiency in comparison with its predecessors.

2) Honda Activa 7G ( Expected launch : Sep 2022 & Expected price: ₹ 80,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

This brand has a cult following worldwide, but is also hugely popular in India.

Honda Activa 7G, expected launch Sep 2022, will be their all-new and improved version of the Activa 4G.

The new bike will have an engine size of 177cc and come with a fuel injection system.

There are some changes that the company has made to the design which make it look very attractive.

Honda will charge you between ₹ 80,000 -₹ 100,000 for this model and believe it is one of the most anticipated bikes out there.

3) Simple Energy One Electric Scooter ( Expected launch: Sep 2022 & Expected price: ₹ 1,00,000  onwards)


Upcoming Bikes in India

The Simple Energy One electric scooter is a beautiful two wheeled design that has been engineered as one of the best performing, fastest and most reliable vehicles in the world. With four operational modes,

this technologically-advanced vehicle can run on electricity only, charged by an external power source, or charge the onboard battery pack with kinetic energy.

The mobility solution boasts smart power management to maximize safety and battery life.

It uses regenerative braking technology and a remote charge button that lets you know when the scooter is fully charged so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice halfway through your commute.

4) Kawasaki W175 ( Expected launch: Sep 2022 & Expected price : ₹ 1,50,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

When the Kawasaki W175 was introduced at the EICMA motorcycle show, it was well-received.

The water-cooled engine is a 190cc parallel twin cylinder engine that gets liquid cooling as a result of increased power and control.

The fuel injection system will provide cleaner air as well. With an expected weight of 160 kg and lots of comfort features, it’s certain to be a favorite among buyers.

5) BMW F900XR [2023] ( Expected launch: Sep 2022 & Expected price: ₹ 12,40,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

The F900XR is an adventure bike that has been based on the BMW R nineT. The BMW F900XR comes with black liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine which produces 103.25 Bhp and 92Nm of torque.

This sporty motorcycle comes with 17-inch tubeless black wheels, an ABS braking system and a hydraulic clutch. Furthermore, the F900XR also comes with a digital speedometer and multifunctional trip computer.

Moreover, other features of the BMW F900XR include single seat cowls, 12v power socket and heated handlebars.

Finally, it’s expected launch date is September 2022 while its expected price starts at Rs 12,40,000 onwards.

6) Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 ( Expected launch: Oct 2022 & Expected price: ₹ 2,70,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

The Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 is a great value bike, with a price tag that can be expected to be at least a lakh less than the KTM 390 Duke.

The Svartpilen is also more comfortable and better geared for long-distance touring than other bikes on this list.

It has bags that have good capacity and sits well on them so there’s less chance of damaging anything when riding over bumpy terrain or on bad roads,

while it comes fitted with a tall windshield so you don’t get battered by wind noise as much.

It also has average performance figures but offers space enough to store items when not using them and a fuel tank cap which won’t lose fuel pressure if shaken.

7) Yamaha MT 03 ( Expected launch: Oct 2022 & Expected price ₹ 2,80,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

Yamaha MT 03 is one of the upcoming bikes in India that is expected to be released this October. It falls under the MT range and is priced at 2,80,000 onwards.

With a curb weight of 130 kgs and an engine displacement of 321cc it will be very much suited for commuting within city limits.

The best part about this bike is that it does not require gear shifting with two gear variants available; a Six-speed gear speed variant.

8 )Benelli 302R ( Expected launch: Oct 2022 & Expected price ₹ 3,50,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

Benelli 302R (1)

This bike will be one of the most attractive and quickest motorcycles ever. The amazing features it offers includes ABS and dual airbags, automatic traction control system,

LED lamps and indicators. Plus, you get a unique instrument panel that comes with an LCD display panel (2) . There’s also the two-tone combination which adds a touch of class to the motorcycle.

As if this wasn’t enough, this is an adventure bike which means that it has some qualities that are designed for dirt riding as well! What more could you want?

Plus, there’s also this remarkable feature on offer with this beauty.

9 ) Kawasaki Ninja H2 ( Expected launch: October 2022 & Expected price : ₹ 35,00,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

The upcoming Kawasaki Ninja H2 is an updated version of the existing two-wheeler from the brand. The front features twin headlights that are flanked by both square and circular air intakes.

Below, there’s a set of LED daytime running lights. Apart from this, there’s also a unique spoiler arrangement at the top of the fascia.

The rear doesn’t get many changes either and retains its LED tail light strip with DRLs as well.

10 ) Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX ( Expected launch: October 2022 & Expected price: ₹ 23,00,000  onwards)

Upcoming Bikes in India

While the 2022 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX might not be out yet, speculations hint at an October 2022 release.

It is expected to come with a 998cc Inline-Four engine and will come with some advanced features

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