Unique Promotional Gift Ideas

In as much as marketing involves advertising goods and services to people, it’s also an art that consists of the study of human behavior. This is especially true when promotional gifts are involved. Marketing psychology shows that promotional gifts work because of the art of reciprocity. When customers receive unique gifts from brands, they feel the human need to give something back, either by spreading awareness of your brand or purchasing goods or services. If you’re looking to exploit promotional marketing but lost on gift ideas, we’ve listed a few below.

Useful Gifts

The best promotional gift is those that can solve an essential need of your customers. From mugs to custom socks, or umbrellas, your promotional gift should have an external use outside of promoting your brand. To find the most useful gifts, you need to research your customers, their personas, and preferences to know their exact needs and wants. Alternatively, you can opt for items that come in handy across the board to prevent overspending. Such items include keyrings, pens, and mugs—which pretty much everyone will use.

Two-in-One Products

These multi-use products are also known as life simplification tools. Giving customers a two-in-one tool that makes their lives easier creates a sense of gratitude, making them feel highly valued and indebted to your brand. One of such products is multi-use cutlery, a piece of cutlery that acts as a spoon and fork at the same time. It makes eating more exciting and reduces your chores by one piece of cutlery, a win-win.

Product Trends

In choosing trending products, you’ll need to conduct in-depth research into those items that are in high demand. Nowadays, various companies gift themed products, which is a sure way to keep your company in their minds. At the height of the COVID pandemic, many companies, regardless of niche, opted to gift branded and reusable face masks, sanitizers, and wipes, to workers and customers. This was, no doubt, a strong marketing strategy. When worn, a branded facemask is an interesting way to grab the attention of passersby.

Sweet Surprises

Handing out sweets is a playful way to get to every customer’s heart. Hand out branded sweets and chocolates with your company name and logo to ensure the marketing aspect remains. For example, if you’re in the architecture industry, you could hand out branded chocolates designed like a chocolate building. Likewise, a car dealership can offer chocolate cars, etc.

Innovative Gadgets

Opt for unusual and highly innovative gadgets like speakers, interactive UFO drones, and a power bank to truly and fully dazzle customers. Not only are these gifts innovative, but they are also highly useful for varying activities and needs. Don’t forget to include your logo and a brand message such that the gift markets you without your physical presence.

All in all, marketing has so many elements that, when done right, come together to take your business to the next level. One of such elements is the use of promotional gifts. Studies have shown that the use of unique promotional gifts by marketers encourages customers to pay more attention to a brand.

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