Types And Functions Of Surgical Bone Chisel

Surgical bone chisels are integral orthopedic surgical tools because of their amazing features. A bone chisel is a bone-reshaping instrument that works imposingly for orthopedic surgeons during routine surgical procedures. The structure of this tool is powerful enough to deal with dense bones and hold them for the sake of reshaping. Today, this field is procuring great advantages from this outstanding tool to make every surgery feasible.

Uses Of Surgical Bone Chisel In Veterinary Orthopedic Procedures

Some of the noteworthy uses of bone chisel are:

  • It has major applications in the fields of neurosurgery and ENT medical treatments.
  • For the tapping, surgeons use a mallet with this tool. It can do tapping by using hands as well.
  • This instrument is reliable for separating the iliac crest from a bone graft of any size.
  • Due to the utilization of a bone chisel, surgeons are executing Saucerization effectively on the patients.
  • It can remarkably cut the hard bones and delicate cartilages of the nose and ear.
  • It comes in different variations and is a surgery-specific tool in orthopedic treatments.
  • A surgeon depends on a bone chisel because it gradually performs its job and cuts out the perfect piece of the bone as the surgeon wants.

Different Variations And Function Of Surgical Bone Chisel Instrument


A chisel includes an angle to cover the major part of its organic functioning. To talk about its size, this tool has different lengths and sizes that differ from other profiles and work according to their length and shapes. An orthopedic surgeon must position the chisel’s angle in the same direction as the bone to cut the appropriate part. On the other hand, to smooth the bumps on the bone and give it an entirely new shape, the surgeon removes the bevel from the bone.

  • Pterygoid Chisel: This type of chisel is used in osteotomy procedures where it works on a regular bevel for better performance.
  • Nasal chisel with guard:This is a protective type of bone chisel that is reliable for rhinoplasty treatments. It includes a guard to protect the nose and the cartilage on all counts.
  • Central nasal chisel:It differs from the previous profile because it has smaller extensions than a chisel with a guard. A surgeon can replace it with the previous one easily.
  • Straight Chisel:This tool lacerates the enamel by following a pushing mechanism. It is because of its sturdy structure that it involves a flat shank to function effectively.
  • Mono angle, Bi-angle, Triple angle:These are standard variations of a surgical bone chisel. Their sizes make them perform differently on numerous structures during surgical procedures.
  • Wedelstaedt Chisel:This has important applications in the field of dentistry. A dentist uses it to remodel the surface of the decayed or damaged teeth of the patient.
  • Ochsenbein Chisel: The structural design of this tool makes it able to grab the tooth from all directions tightly so that it will remain protected during the procedure.
  • Reverse action/Rhode’s Chisel:The instrument removes the bones around the teeth and permits a successful pull stroke to take out the bone with a single jerk.
  • Enamel Hatchet:It is a multifunctional tool in the profession of dentistry. It is because the tool can simultaneously deal with the enamel, buccal, and lingual walls.
  • Gingival Marginal Trimmer: For treating the axio-pulpal line, this tool enables the user to perform confidently to lead the treatment towards success.
  • Read’s/Coupland’s chisel:This tool is important because it breaks the decayed tooth and exceeds the expectations of a dentist in this regard for routine dental treatments.
  • Chisel Scaler: It cleans the oral cavity from gingival buildups that can harm the patients if they begin to prevail.
  • Triangular Chisel:This looks angular and has important applications in different fields to accommodate the users.



Types Of Surgical Bone Chisel In Veterinary Instruments

There are different variations and types of bone chisels available. A veterinarian can choose them as per the need for surgical procedures. There are some noteworthy types, such as:

1.    Mini Lexer Chisel

Lexer Chisel is a bone-remodeling tool for orthopedic surgeons. It has a thin shaft to which a comfortable handle is attached that does not irritate the user while performing the surgery. A perfect choice to scrape and cut small pieces of the bones when required.

2.    Stille Type Chisel

The tool excavates the bones and makes them hollow during the surgery. The premium quality stainless steel structure gives it the strength to work impressively for surgeons. Even though it consists of a powerful body, the tool includes a comfortable handle for proper utilization that does not exhaust a surgeon.

3.    Hibbs Chisel Curved

The tool is important for its dual-functioning nature. First, it can cut tiny pieces of the bones and scratch them as expected by the user. The body is made of steel which gives it the power to deal with the dense bones in regular orthopedic surgeries.

4.    Alexander Chisel

The tool is ideal for efficient working. The tool is the best option when it comes to treating and moving the hard bones so that the surgeon can take a better view of the entire surgical field. However, one prominent drawback of the tool is that it lacks a comfortable handle, making the user hold it carefully to avoid challenges.

5.    Hajek Septum Chisel

The tool is for approaching the bones located in the deep regions and is difficult to reach by any other orthopedic tool. However, surgeons can use it for other bone-relevant functions as well.

6.    Army Pattern Chisel

The surgeon can use this tool to scratch the bones during reshaping and reconstructing procedures. In addition, the user can include a mallet to enhance the overall performance by increasing the tapping motion.


Bone chisels are one the essential instruments in veterinary surgical instruments. They help in the remodeling of broken or fractured bones. Different variations are available, which a surgeon can choose per the requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a bone chisel?

A bone chisel is essential for shaping the bones. It is also useful to widen and smoothen bone structures such as the maxillary crest cranial bones.

Is there any difference between osteotome and chisel?

The osteotome is similar to the bone chisel, but the working end of the osteotome is beveled. Osteotome helps to split the bones while chisel helps to cut the bones.

What is the use of Rongeur in surgical procedures?

Rongeur is used for gnawing holes in the bones. They are just like the pliers in structure.

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