Trendy and Designer Rakhi Ideas for Brothers

The Special Bond of Siblings

Brothers and sisters have a special bond. Siblings call each other names and play pranks on each other. We often fight unnecessarily just for the fun of irritating one another. If you are the elder one, it is always fun to pull your younger siblings’ legs by telling them that they are adopted and that your parents love you more than them. These kinds of irritating, fun, loving behavior are common amongst siblings. 

As Rakhi signifies their love, sisters put in a lot of effort, so get Rakhi ideas and select the perfect Rakhi for their brothers. Rakhi websites are filled with ethnic Rakhi collections online from where sisters can pick up the Rakhis as per their choice. 

Amongst siblings, a sister and brother bond is the most unique and polarising. Sisters hate their brothers when they unnecessarily mess up their hair, complain to their parents, and insult them in front of their friends. Still, at the same time, sisters hate the thought of being separated and away from their irritating, crazy, lovable brothers. As proof of their love, sisters get to tie Rakhi to their brothers once a year. So, if you are looking for a perfect Rakhi for your adorable brother, here are a few ideas to help along.

Trendy and Designer Rakhi Ideas

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated once a year, and during the festival season, Rakhis are in high demand. To accommodate the customers’ demands, various trendy and designer Rakhis are available in the market nowadays. 

Personalized Rakhi

There are times when you would want to deviate from the mundane and make a change. To achieve this, you can buy a personalized Rakhi. Online portals provide you services where you can buy Rakhis, which are personal for you. To make the Rakhi personal, you can add some funny pictures of your brother. This way, the Rakhi can be one of its kind and unique. This could surprise your brother, and you could both have a good laugh.

Kids Cartoon Rakhi

If you have a younger brother, it could be difficult for you to connect with him, and you might not know if a normal Rakhi design would please him. But you can be sure to make him happy if you buy him a Rakhi that has his favorite character on it. 

Various online shopping websites offer you a wide collection of kids Rakhi, made up of many cartoon characters. You can find out your brother’s favorite Cartoon character and then buy a Rakhi with that character. You can be rest assured that your brother would be very glad for his Rakhi. 

Designer Rakhi

Designer Rakhi is a fusion of tradition and elegance. The old, common Rakhi can be boring, but you can combine both ethnicity and elegance with designer rakhi to make it new and fresh. Ethnic Rakhi collection can easily be found online. To buy an ethnic Rakhi online, you need to visit the websites which provide these services.

Silver Rakhi

If you want to give your brother a rakhi that sustains him for a long time, then you can buy him a silver rakhi. Silver rakhis also come in various designs, so you need not worry about the Rakhi being ordinary. As Rakhi signifies protection, tying a silver rakhi could mean that your brother will be protected for a long time as silver rakhis last very long. Because of its surety silver, Rakhi is a profitable investment, which will protect your brother and at the same time make him happy with its design. 


Rakhi is one of the best times to cherish the love and warmth as well as the teasing and fighting relationship between siblings. Sisters spend a lot of time deciding on the choice of Rakhi. Market is filled with designer Rakhis and thus pick the one which suits your taste and style. Above listed are some of the trendiest and designer Rakhi collections. let us know which one is your favorite in the comments down below. 


Anurag Malik is content manager at Rakhi Celebrations, an online rakhi delivery shop. He loves to share his ideas on social media on lifestyle, health, business and more.

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