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Wearing a gender-affirming undergarment is vital for many trans women’s identity, comfort, and safety. tucking gaff is one of these items.

My name is Rae Hill, and I’m the owner and operator of Origami Customs. I run personalized and handcrafted swimwear, lingerie, and other clothing lines for people of all genders. I provide a safe environment for people of all sizes, shapes, ages, abilities, and gender expressions to have tailored things that match their needs. I’m also a happy supporter of the Free Trans Femme Shapewear Program at Point of Pride!

What exactly is a gaff?

A gaff is a pair of compression underwear at its most basic level. A gaff is a garment that can be worn with or without a “tuck” to help trans women (or anybody else with a penis*) attain a flatter, more gender-affirming appearance. This can help people suit particular garment styles (like swimwear) in a more comfortable and affirming way, among other things. Tucking is also vital for the safety of many trans women while they are out in public.

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What is the best gaff style?

This is purely a matter of personal taste. Many people prefer the hipster-style gaff because it’s a more modest cut with greater compression – ideal for everyday use and making you feel good about your physique or reflection.

If you do tuck, make sure the fabric is tight and strong enough to hold everything together secretly, yet thin enough to feel comfortable and breathable beneath your clothing, regardless of which tucking garment you choose.

Even though things are unpleasant, you should never be in pain. Stop and take a rest if you ever feel pain!

How can I calculate the length of a gaff?

Choosing the appropriate gaff size is similar to selecting the appropriate size of ordinary underwear. Measure around your waist, just above your hips, then double-check the seller’s sizing charts to make sure you’re getting the appropriate fit. (Avoid going down a size! Tighter isn’t always better.)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “tucking,” I’m sure there’s a lesson or an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race you can watch to get the gist. It aches, and I don’t care about having a vagina at this point in my life. So why should I care whether I look like this? Coming home and removing a pair of underwear that has been squeezing skin for the entire day is excruciating. I’ve spent years looking for sexy and basic underwear that feels comfortable and gives enough coverage for me to avoid tucking (or, on the occasions I do, wear a gaff). I found some pairs on my own, while friends recommended others. As we return to normalcy, the months ahead are riddled with unknowns:

High waist

This high-waist thong has the same amount of room in the front as the brand’s briefs above, but it doesn’t cut across your buttocks, making it more seductive. It has a lower compression but provides adequate coverage for individuals who don’t want their bits smashed together. If you’re not tucking, the thong should be paired with tighter clothing to eliminate lumps.

Parade Universal Thong

I like to wear this thing on days when I’m just hanging out at home or when I’m working out at home in the summer. The fabric is ultra-smooth, so it goes unnoticed even under the tightest of garments. It’s not quite tight enough for tucking, and the coverage isn’t as extensive as other pairs, but it’s enough to keep me secure. This, like a lot of Parade’s underwear, comes in a variety of bright colors, and if you don’t want to pay full price, there’s surely a lady you know who has a discount code.

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