Top Reason Why you need Mexican Car Insurance?

Every Journey, when you travel Mexico by car, Mexico Auto Insurance Required for your Trip.

  • Mexican law requires that your insurance is arranged by a Mexican insurance company. Insurance approved by Mexican federal law.
  • When you are traveling in Mexico City. No matter your vehicle registered in Canada or the USA, you must require car insurance offered by a Mexican insurer. 
  • While traveling to Mexico by vehicle, you must obey the traffic rules in Mexico. Hence, you should make sure you get coverage from a Mexican insurance company for your trip.

USA Car insurance is Not Accepted when Traveling to Mexico

  • Auto insurance from insurance agencies in the USA only covers the territory of the USA.
  • Some American insurance companies provide coverage for a few miles beyond the border. And for a limited number of days. But this is physical damage coverage only.  So, you must buy your car insurance policy from an insurance company in Mexico City.

Is Your American Auto insurance policy valid in Mexico?

  • U.S. car insurance policies. it only provides for physical injury coverage in Mexico. This coverage package has an endorsement called “Mexico Limited Coverage.” Keep in mind that this coverage does not provide third-party liabilities. So if you have injured someone. And the accident was your fault. You are without coverage until you have a Mexican Auto Insurance policy
  • Physical injury coverage offered by the U.S. insurer. It is only accepted if the accident or loss of any occurs within 25 miles of the border. Some “limited to Mexico” permits are valid for 10 days.
  • Not All insurance agencies in the USA offer this coverage. 
  • Therefore, it is recommended to inspect with your car insurance company. For added security and peace of mind. remember to purchase a Mexican car insurance policy from Mexican insurance agencies  for a road trip to Mexico.

It is not necessary to wait to buy a car insurance border or in Mexico.

  • The key factor is that your temporary import permit will not be accepted at the Mexico border. When the vehicle is financed by a bank or other financial institutions. Mexico Customs requires a letter from your financial institution authorizing the enter your car or any type of vehicle into Mexico
  • Your insurance company must show that Mexican car insurance has been purchased in advance in order to issue a letter of authorization.
  • At the border, it may be difficult to find a place to buy insurance, No Doubt you will waste your important time. And also pay higher prices for Insurance.

While staying in Mexico, The cop may ask you anywhere for an auto insurance policy.

  • During a Mexico trip, a State cop or local cop may ask about your car insurance anytime and anywhere.
  • For any reason you don’t have Mexican car insurance, the fines range from $ 150 and up depending on what Mexican state you are in.

Choose Best Mexico Auto Insurance Company 

Amigo Mex insurance represents one of the auto insurers in the Mexican market.  We offer hassle-free online Mexico car insurance.  We are the most reliable and easiest way to buy low-cost Mexican car insurance online. Get Quotes, Buy and Print your insurance policy in a few minutes and at the best price, and with the best quality service.


Amigo Mex Insurance is a part of American Border Insurance Services Inc.over the 25 years of experience offering quality and reliable Auto Insurance for Mexico. We offer its Mexican auto insurance quotes and policies through reputable Insurance Agents & Brokers in san ysidro, San Diego CA.

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