Top 5 logistic management software solutions available in the market

What is logistics management software?

The supply chain cycle in any business must have smooth running. From the supply of raw material to the company i.e. inbound transportation or prosperous delivery to the customer i.e. outbound transportation, hitches in the way should be eluded for an even going. Thus logistics management is an obligation to be executed with much precision and accuracy. Ecommerce logistics management software is the sagacious solution to handgrip major to minor shipping operations.

Why it is important?

Merchants can conceive the following tasks with ease:

  • Manage order processing
  • Control inventory processes
  • Manage services from third-party logistics providers
  • Plan demand and supply chains
  • Fleet management
  • Manage inbound and outbound transportation
  • Warehouse management

Top 5 logistic management software solutions 

Ecommerce logistics management software           

When it comes to picking the best one among many, perplexity is a normal rejoinder because there are loads of e-commerce logistic management systems obtainable in the market. An intelligent move is to explore the features of each system and chose one that fit your needs.

Ginkgo Retail

Ginkgo retail is serving the merchants at its best. It opened door to well-managed and keenly monitored transportation of goods. Merchants can benefit from its features such as:

  • Logistic process optimization – It ensures the smooth error-free running of the supply chain processes thus doubling business efficiency. Manufacturing products and their shipment become an easy task.
  • Maintain good customer relationships – As it fastens up delivery services, customers are much more satisfied and rely on the company more than before. Efficient management helps to gain the trust of customers.
  • Real-time data updates – As the system is cloud-based it is easily accessible from any device by merchants. Real-time data updates assist in instant decision-making.
  • Converge data at a single platform – It converges data from multiple channels to a single platform for easy evaluation by merchants.
  • Good administration – Computerized documentation of logistic procedures brings accuracy and efficiency to business administration.
  • Warehouse management – Overfilling and unnecessary space consumption is avoided.


Netsuite is the world’s best business management solution that is assisting 29,000 and above companies of many sorts efficiently. It automates the major procedures and generates real-time data reports so the merchants can take effective decisions for the brand’s betterment. With NetSuite, it becomes easy to monitor operational and financial activities. Above all, it helps to record every step of the supply chain system. So being a competent ecommerce logistics management software it gives unblemished visibility of information and provides control over supply chain operations.

The Netsuite app is available for IOS and android systems. To ensure smooth workflow it sends push notifications during an emergency so merchants can analyze work situations and take an action on the go. Whether big or small-scale e-commerce business Netsuite software benefits merchants at every step business voyage. Being a cloud-based system it is easily accessible through the internet. It gathers data from the company’s multiple warehouses and converges to generate a single data report. Netsuite manages your documents, accounts, product distribution, warehouse, and stock status, monitors order journeys, and regulates payment procedures, invoicing, etc. to handle the company’s logistics.


For a cost-effective e-commerce shipping management system, SAP is the smart choice for medium to small-scale e-commerce businesses. SAP makes product management an easy task as it provides an instant report on warehouse activities. From raw material supply to order fulfillment and successful delivery this astounding solution let merchants have deep real-time insight into the operations. It fastens up the supply chain process and guarantees a suave seriatim of the cycle.

Major tasks it performs include:

  • Inbound and outbound logistics management
  • Keep checking on stocks
  • Freight management
  • Plan and execute transportation
  • Track and trace order journey

SAP eCommerce logistics management software optimizes warehouse operations and helps suggest brainy alternatives in an emergency. Moreover, it ensures the availability of products to enhance a good customer experience.

Super Procure

Super procure is a cloud-based e-commerce logistics management system. Merchants can strengthen their logistics operation by picking super procure as a solution. It speeds up business efficiency, improves customer relationships, keeps the process transparent, and saves money and time by accelerating the order management process. Real-time data evaluation assists merchants in making wise and instant decisions, warding off unwanted delays that prolong the delivery time. Huge brands such as PEPSICO and SINGER are managing their logistics through Super Procure software.

This e-commerce shipping management system helps to connect with well-experienced freight providers. Merchants can view the rates offered by freight providers, negotiate with them, and then book suitable freight. Instant details of the brand’s performance, delivery status, and dispatch details give a strong hold over the company’s matters. It schedules the goods’ loading and dispatch time. All the data documentation is made digitally with great accuracy and is secure with the company. Super Procure provides an e-indents facility so merchants can bring transporters into a contract. It speeds up the vehicle placement procedure. Voice notes, email, text messages, and WhatsApp help in easy communication.

Logi Sys

Whether it is about inland transportation, sales, freight dispatching, or warehouse management, Logi Sys e-commerce shipping management system is designed to serve small to large-scale online businesses. Merchants can deliver orders through various transportation ways like by air, land, or sea. Logi Sys software help to manage various business operations, financial data, billing, invoicing, and notifications. It gathers data from various platforms to a single dashboard.

The user can operate software through devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, Mac books, and tablets.  Logi Sys fulfills international standards and provides comprehensive applications for e-commerce logistics management. Brands can have good control over finance through apt management of credits, tax compliance, cut-short payment cycle, and evading defaults.

The automated billing procedure reduces errors and produces a reliable report with great accuracy. It calculates tax for merchants and notes down the expenses of every task. Reminders are sent to follow up on pending payments. MIS reporting feature keeps check and balance on profit and loss to ensure smooth cash flow. Easy to understand interface lets merchants use the software in a friendly way. Every detail is monitored and recorded from the time order is placed till the successful delivery. Logi Sys give multiple controls to customers through a client portal. They can do freight inquiries, can request a quote and see its approval, track consignment, and get invoices.


Competition sustain in every business market especially the e-commerce business market which is now in trend. Merchants are in search of ways to enhance their business efficiency to compete and lead. Therefore, taking assistance from software such as e-commerce logistics management software is a need for growing businesses.


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