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Top 10 Places to Hire Remote Salesforce Developers

Salesforce is a platform utilized by organizations all across the world, thus there are positions accessible everywhere. There are several options to work in a range of locales, ranging from huge international enterprises to tiny firms. Some Salesforce engineers work remotely, which means they may work for themselves from home or anyplace with an internet connection.

A Salesforce developer is a sort of computer programmer that specializes in writing software for the Salesforce CRM platform or another component of Salesforce cloud technology. This includes everything from establishing websites to constructing apps. Daily, remote Salesforce developers works with computer code such as JavaScript and HTML.

Why Choose Salesforce for Your Project?

5 Significant Benefits of Using Salesforce

Customer focus and customer-oriented thinking are becoming increasingly crucial in determining an organization’s success nowadays. According to current data, more than 90% of businesses have invested in Customer Relationship Management software.

  1. Breakthrough Innovation

  • Salesforce is a platform for metadata. Metadata is defined as “data about data.” The simple accessibility of the Salesforce metadata layer enables customers to develop and commercialize more effectively while providing a superior user experience to clients, partners, and collaborators. 
  • Remote Salesforce developers provides up to three free updates per year that include advanced and new capabilities that may be loaded without requiring any changes to the system.
  1. Usability

  • A CRM should be simple to use even for inexperienced users to realize its full potential. Because Salesforce CRM serves a wide spectrum of businesses, many of which have no history in software or technology, this feature is critical. 
  • Remote Salesforce developers fulfills and surpasses the need for the simplicity of use by providing a simplified and very intuitive user interface.
  1. The Trust Cloud

Salesforce provides dependable data security and protection, guaranteeing that no sensitive information is lost or compromised and that users can work stress-free in a trusted environment. 

  1. Customization and adaptability

  • Salesforce’s adaptable and highly adjustable platform makes it more applicable to a wide range of industries and businesses. 
  • Salesforce’s mobile app interface enables employees to be more productive by allowing them to close more transactions, track marketing, serve customers, and collaborate and share data on any device via a single, integrated mobile app.
  1. The AppExchange 

  • When many clients want to perform anything digitally, the first thing they want to do is hunt for a comparable application. You’re bound to hire salesforce developers one on Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s largest business software marketplace. 
  • Salesforce offers consumers an open environment in which they may locate any apps that meet their demands. There are over 3100 programs accessible on the AppExchange marketplace, as well as over 2 million developers. 

How Remote Salesforce Developers will contribute to your project?


Helping businesses adopt Salesforce or migrate to Salesforce from other platforms typically necessitates a wide range of actions to hire Salesforce Developers before go-live. 


A firm may already have a Salesforce solution, but it may be lacking in some capabilities, such as connectors with new products that they have just begun utilizing or features to support sophisticated procedures that have been introduced in their organization. 


Although Salesforce developer jobs are generally the ones who execute codeless changes in Salesforce (aka configurations), remote Salesforce Developers may need to assist a colleague by changing the platform’s settings.

Application Creation

Some projects require the development of entirely new Salesforce apps, which can be created by Salesforce developer jobs for internal use or built by Salesforce technology partners and promoted on AppExchange for Salesforce customers to purchase ready-made alternatives rather than building them from scratch.


A significant portion of Salesforce projects involves the continuing task of maintaining a fully functional Salesforce solution. Hire remote salesforce Developers on this project, so that your daily tasks will most likely include bug fixes and customizations as needed.

Top 10 Places to Hire Salesforce Developers


Every remote developer in our network can work seamlessly with your team. Our engineers understand how to collaborate effectively with widely dispersed teams.

Companies today, regardless of their reputation or size, face a difficult task in attracting top-tier talent. Your next ideal developer might be halfway around the world. Optymize assists businesses in scaling their product teams by delivering qualified salesforce developers.

Hyperlink Information System

Hyperlink InfoSystem launched in 2011 as a mobile app development company. Because of its contributions in domains such as IoT, Blockchain, and AI, this firm is recognized as the top Salesforce Development Company which provides salesforce developer jobs in India. 

It offers full Salesforce Development Services such as planning, designing, and deploying Salesforce applications. 

Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Cynoteck was founded in 2008 and provides Web Development & Solutions, App Development, and e-Commerce. Furthermore, it provides exclusive salesforce development services. Their Salesforce developer jobs are customized and offer complete solutions. 

They help businesses, from startups to corporations, get the most out of Salesforce CRM. Their Salesforce expertise can help you rethink how you utilize Salesforce for business.

Clarion Technologies Inc.

Clarion Technologies was founded in the year 2000. It is a pioneer in providing Salesforce development services. Their experienced staff of Salesforce developers can comprehend and customize CRM solutions to your specific business needs. 

You may adjust the Salesforce CRM to match your business rather than altering the way you do business by using their significant knowledge in Salesforce setup.

Cloud Analogy

Cloud Analogy is a world-class Salesforce Development Company that specializes in end-to-end salesforce consultancy. Customization and execution are included in the consulting service. 

Cloud Analogy, being one of the leading Salesforce Development firms, seeks to provide top-tier Salesforce products, solutions, and services to help businesses become more connected, smarter, and sustainable. 

Astrea Information Technology Services

Astrea IT Services joined the market in 2010 with the intention of providing unique Salesforce development services. This firm has extensive engineering knowledge in Salesforce product development and support. 

Apart from Salesforce solutions, Astrea also provides mobile development and business intelligence solutions.

GetOnCRM Solutions

GetOnCRM was created in 2016 as a well-known Salesforce registered consulting partner with a primary focus on offshore salesforce development. This company caters to businesses ranging from small to large. 

It provides Salesforce as a platform for its clients to develop their enterprises on. Their professional Salesforce developers can assist you in creating an everlasting engagement with your consumers by using a wide range of technologies and industry best practices.


Cyntexa is a newcomer yet a notable Salesforce consulting partner in the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, and India. 

The firm began operations in 2018 and has a strong staff of certified Salesforce specialists to provide entire Salesforce solutions. They work with one of the leading Salesforce Development firms to assist organizations with strategy and design.

Cloud in 360 Degrees

360 Degree Cloud is a rapidly expanding IT service provider founded in 2012. As a ISV Partner, this organization assists with cloud deployment and configuration. 

This firm is well-known as a reliable Salesforce expert. Their expert personnel provide tailored solutions for startups to large organizations in a variety of sectors worldwide.

Quick Softech

Prompt Softech is a consumer-facing and market-leading IT service company that provides a wide range of services such as web, mobile, embedded development, IoT, CRM, QA, and Salesforce development. 

Prompt Softech has been uncovering the most profitable scenarios with a team of skilled Salesforce developers to make your investment in Salesforce genuinely beneficial.


Hiring the proper Salesforce partner helps hasten your journey by assisting you with the strategy, design, implementation, and maintenance of Salesforce-powered business solutions.

Keshab Singha

A MBA by education, Keshab Singha working as a Senior Marketing Analyst for last 5 Years. He brings a counter-intuitive thought to the discussion adding a customer point of view which has become central to success in today’s digitally driven business.

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