Music has always been an important center of the country. Based on it, he gives us life lessons about love, family, and fun. It has always been difficult to test the art of the top ten musical symbols. Who wouldn’t believe who is the best?

The media is shocked. Today’s selected artists are selected based on album sales. Although the name of the thief seems perverted and outdated, the most popular personality in the music industry is popular.

These artists have been approved by MTV, VH1, and Billboard, who have been around for a long time and have become legends of art. TOP 10 MUSIC ICONS OF ALL TIME

1- The Beatles The Beatles

The Beatles are one of the largest teams of all time. She will always remember them because they teach the world that we only need love, and Lucy is a real diamond in the sky. The organization was founded in 1960 in the eclectic city of Liverpool and converted music.

They have done great with the rock style. Beatlemania took the 60s and put these four powers at the top of our list.

2- Elvis Presley

is pulled back with your white suit because Elvis Presley is in second place. Rock King began in 1954 when people ignored his provocative style. Between dance moves in her arms and being able to immerse all the girls, the actress became a sex symbol for a period of time

With beautiful pop songs, Gospel songs, and blues, this man gained the respect of all the audience. This person is not just a baby.

3- When Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson)

King of Pop took third place, the list was full of royal personalities.

Michael Jackson is one of the most famous players. His outstanding moonlight and white gloves made Jackson a child star with a Hollywood legend. Growing up in the Jackson 5 theater and being on stage was no secret. While the audience loved his beautiful voice, his undeniable life, and his murderous dance, he became a source of inspiration for future generations.

4- MADONNA Madonna is a best-selling author and female artist.

This 80s superstar is truly a household name. Growing up in a small town in Michigan, his job was really a “prayer”. The superstar is known for his fun, colorful costumes and hopeful loneliness, and he will go down in history. Madonna (Madonna), 54, has just released her 12th album and is on a MDNA tour. This beautiful Hollywood girl certainly doesn’t look like a virgin thing.

5-Elton John Elton Sir John Elton is one of Britain’s most successful attacks.

Although Elizabeth II stabbed him, her reputation is much higher. With the release of 30 albums, his position at Rock House and Roll Fan Hall has been confirmed.

The artist, composer and producer have improved because of their unique layout and their beautiful voice. Although John uses magnificent glasses and shoes as a fish tank, his pure musical prowess is second only to that.

Under the leadership of the

6-LED ZEPPELIN, Zeppelin,

Due to the lack of energy and darkness in today’s music culture, Jimmy John, Robert, and John brought the instrument. TOP 10 MUSIC ICONS OF ALL TIME

They were playing popular rock music at the time. Names Related To Death

They climbed the ladder with their entertainment and musical skills.

Is the Queen of the 7th real life? Is this a dream?

For the Queen, their success is real. Four Londoners have proven themselves to be living legends.

As former members Brian May and Roger Taylor continue to use their 41-year legacy, the Queen will never be forgotten. After selling 17 albums and over 300 million records, these people really became champions.

8- ABBA ABBA ABBA When you think of ABBA,

you immediately attract the smiling faces of Agatha, Bjorn, Benny and Anna.

For the past ten years, the dance company has played an important role in the global market. After great success in their Swedish and English cities, dancers quickly fled to the United States.

. They sold stage plays and traveled all over the world, entertaining fans at “Mama Mia!”

 9-PINK FLOID Also Floid Pink Floyd

is one of the first success stories of continuous psychedelic music. A group, with an album of ideas and

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