Top 10 car accessories for your car

If you have bought a new car then you may not immediately feel the need for car accessories but let us assure you that once you have bought our listed products, you will appreciate how useful; car accessories are.

Hyundai i20 is a car which sells like hot cakes so we will list i20 car accessories but the accessories remain the same for any car. You just need to purchase according to your car’s model.

And for any experienced car drivers, they will be able to relate the need for these accessories. So, let’s get started right away.

Best i20 car accessories which can be used for any car

Car cover

For most people in India, their cars hold a special place in their heart. So, covering a car when in open  space is a good practice to protect the body paint of your car. A well-maintained car will produce a positive aura about you.

We have an i20 car cover waterproof with the antenna in this list and this is a well-constructed car cover that has an antenna cover and pockets for side-view mirrors. This additional focus to details ensures that the cover fits perfectly to your car. You can get a similar cover for any car. Just search for the above-mentioned specifications and you’ll be good to go.

Keeping your car in open space brings peril to your car. Chances of a bird dropping or tree sapping are imminent in most cases. Bird droppings are acidic and can damage the clear coating of the car’s paint. So, it is always advisable to cover your car when parked outdoors.

Seat covers

Seat covers are very necessary to protect the original stitching of seats and their surface of them. Over time, our seats may wear out and so a seat cover will prevent it from happening. Additionally, if we have a seat cover, we can keep them clean easily as they are removable. But cleaning the original surface of the seats is not so easy.

Furthermore, seat covers can enhance the feel of the seat. Some seats may seem to be rough or hard but having an appropriate seat cover can change the feel and make us comfortable in our rides.

Chrome garnishings for front profile

These are chrome line additions or covers available for i20 which protect the car at some parts and also enhance the look of the car.

There is a headlamp garnish available which provides underlining of the headlamps and gives a bold look. This does not do much protection work but serves aesthetic value.

Next, we have a bumper corner protector. This is good for new drivers as they often cannot judge the space around the car and the bumper corners get scratched due to this. If you have a bumper corner protector installed, then only it will get scratched which can be easily replaced. But if you don’t have it installed and the car’s paint gets scratched then it cannot be repaired easily.

Another bumper garnishing is the lower profile garnishing which can save the bumper from scratches in case of contact to a vehicle in front of your car.

These can be mounted on any i20 variant.

Side profile accessories

We can mount the door visor with a chrome insert. These are available from the Hyundai showroom.  Door visors are also known as rain guards. During rain, you can open the windows a bit for ventilation and the door visors will stop rain from getting rain inside your cabin. 

These act as sun blockers as well and also provide aerodynamics to the car which will help in reducing wind noise as these work as deflectors at high speeds. Door visors come as a set for all four doors.

ORVM chrome garnishing is another side profile accessory for i20. These give full cover to the side view mirrors. This is also beneficial for new drivers as they get their side-view mirrors scratched. This also provides aesthetics.

Door handle garnishing is another accessory worth mentioning in the side profile list of accessories. They cover the door handles fully and hence protect the door handle from impacts and scratches.

Door side molding also gives protection in case of contact of the door with something and also enhances its look.

Rear profile accessories

Here also we have light garnishings like the tail lamp garnishing etc. boot garnishing is also available. On the rear side, most accessories are only for aesthetic purposes only and don’t serve much in protecting the car.

Rear sunshade

This is an important accessory as we drive our car in various weather. In a bright sunny day, sunlight entering from the rear glass may disturb us.  Rear sunshade bloods the sunlight and also serves in keeping the car cool.

Along with rear sunshades, window sunshades are also available for all the windows.

Cabin mats

Cabin mats are useful to enhance the fee of the car floor as well as save the floor surface from various things like scratching due to our shoes and boots or any accidental spills.

If we use a soft cabin mat then it can give us comfort barefoot and make our ride enjoyable.

Steering wheel cover

In many cars, steering wheels come with hard plastic which is not very pleasant to touch. But installing a leather steering cover or any other cover can give us a smooth and soft feel when we are driving the car. It can also reduce the fatigue of our hands.


Car perfumes are an integral part of our driving experience as they can keep our moods fresh. There are various forms of perfumes available in the market ranging from sprays to AC vent perfumes. 

Car tissue box

This may not seem very obvious but is of utility value if you spend a longer duration of time in your car. You may need tissues for various reasons. You can wipe off your hand after eating something in your car or you can wipe off your sweat after you enter your car from direct sunlight. It can serve various functions.


In this blog, we have presented you with the nicest to have accessories that will surely be of use to you at some time or the other. We are delighted to inform you that you can shop for cool accessories for cars with us all without visiting any shop in this hot weather. Just surf our site and order the best deals.

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