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Tips to choose best Pre primary Schools in Kandivali East

In that current avatar pre schools are educational institutions for children who are too young for primary schools. They provide an environment to discover and freely explorer within the various areas of development and recommended as a supplement to learning at home. One of the most life impactive decisions we ever make it to choose the best pre primary schools in Kandivali east for our little ones. You must be wondering which school is the right one for your child but you need to know that there is no single answer for that no fix formula will please all as parents look for different order of priorities when it comes to choosing a preschool. Some schools might have a swanky infrastructure but less experienced teachers but we will have the best team of caregivers in the modest surroundings.

Tips to choose pre primary schools in Kandivali east and best preschool in pune

Consider talking to other parents

One of the best ways to start is to talk with her friends and neighbors about different pre schools in your area. By  this you can learn about schools with fine reputations and see what kind of experience is there kids have had with them. You can also meet people involved like the teachers promoters etc. Who will introduce your child to live outside the comfortable secure environment of your house. More than just an imposing building and bright colorful classrooms you must be impressed by the people who are running the school and those who will be teaching a little one. You need to check if the teacher student ratio is suitable to provide the appropriate attention each child wants. You must check if the teachers are qualified to deal with kids of this age or are they just bored housewives passing time with convenient job.

Methodology of the school pre primary schools in Kandivali east

Different preschools follow different philosophies of education in summer based on the play way methodology or learning by doing. Some schools are based on the works of Italian educator Montessori. The others are so called typical preschools follow the reggio Emilia approach and so on. You must get advise that there is only so much you can learn by schools label. For example team Montessori means several different things to different administrators and teachers. But impressive sounding label maybe always ask the school to spell out the custom philosophy and teaching methods for your child.

Checkout the infrastructure and safety precautions

One of the most important things you need to check if the environment people and activities seem pleasing. This will suit your child’s personality. Even if you don’t care for the snazzy play areas besides expensive gizmos it’s a great idea to get a feel of the teaching helps and play equipment that the school uses.
Besides the quality of play equipment you need to consider the location. The layout which will also be an indication of high school ensures student safety. Besides the critical safety terms the school keeps track of students at drop and dispersal time must consider.

Parent involvement

Depending on a have actively involved in the school you want to be. You might find out how actively does the school seek out parents ideas and their health. Some schools might have an open door policy for parents. On other hand some schools have restrictive parent visits so parents must visit them only for the observed days. You also need to find out how the school plans to keep you updated. Its about your child’s progress and what is their policy of interactions.

Location convenience

Transportation is one of the most important factors you need to consider. Here as a child has to spend an hour in the car on the bus to get a really great preschool might arrive too tired or antsy to learn. Going to preschool close to your house can make it easy to continue friendship even after school and on the weekends. But for those kids who go to school near. Where their parents work time spent in the car with the parents. They turned into quality time and it is often easier for parents to be available readily in the event of emergency.

How long the day will be

Several preschool programs are for around 3 hours and took accommodate families. Here both parents work outside the home some of the pre schools offer day care facilities. Extention of awards where time is set aside for more home like activities. We mean snacks in the morning and afternoon besides an afternoon nap. Before you start shortlisting preschools you need to work out your time requirement.

Visit and experience first hand

You need to trust your gut as it is the first impulse when you walk into a pre school. You need to ask yourself does the atmosphere seem warm or joyful. Ask for a tour of the facilities and observe carefully. When you do so you can get answers for all the questions and even pictures hanging on the notice boards. This can give some clues to the schools philosophy and do all the drawings. Again it looks too perfect to be made by a preschoolers or do they support imagination etc.


The children become responsible for taking care of themselves as they are becoming independent and stay alone without their parents even if it is for a few hours, which makes the children separated. Kids learn to wash their hands before meals, remember to keep their toys at their place, and store their personal belongings in their cubby.

Language at preschool in Mumbai:

Preschool helps to improve language skills in children; it is a language-rich environment for children. They learn to speak words and long sentences. They help to create the base of command on the language; the children learn other languages also apart from their mother tongue.

Boost skills at Playschool in Pune:

The preschool activities grew skills in the children; as a child, they are very curious and observant about things. They are competent in skills such as toy assembly instructions or similar things. Preschools have literacy and math skills for the children. As an activity, they are exciting, attractive, and meaningful to children for their development and interest in learning new things.

Before looking out the schools a parent may be interested in, they need to have a precise idea of what works best for their family and child and what kind of environment their child enjoys working in, a structured or an unstructured one? A parent can make a list of schools that meet their needs armed with almost all the answers. School websites and prospectus will give parents a lot of info to help add the schools to their list. Parents can also choose to talk to like-minded parents and ask them for suggestions.

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