Tips for Renting a Car in Dubai 

Whether it’s your first time hiring a car in Dubai or you’ve a experienced renter in UAE, it’s always a very good habit to plan everything ahead. In todays world, almost every business is dealing online with their business website and business whatsApp. You can easily find a best rent a car company in Dubai easily by making search on google or by exploring social media platforms.

The reason of planning ahead is to get idea about rental cost and also to know about car rental prices as most of business in Dubai are displaying prices with each single of their rental cars.

First we will talk about tips and then will also see the list of best rent a car companies in Dubai.

Tips for Renting a Car in Dubai

1. Don’t choose at first, Compare prices with different car rental companies

2. Make sure with car rental company twice, that everything is be on time

3. If you want car at Dubai international airport then keep your mobile phone connected with wifi

4. Make complete video of the car from outside and even for inside

5. Ask for credit card charges as some company takes and some don’t take

6. Make special request for full full tank.

7. Make sure about each extra kilometer charge, in case you exceede the kilometers

8. Get complete information about car rental insurance

9. Make sure about car returning time and date

These are the major tips for Car Rental Dubai which you must need to follow.

Why to make video of the car as everything will be mentioned on paper?

It’s routine for car rental companies in Dubai to check car damages and scratches while giving and on the time of car will return. Yet, there’s still that chance that they’ve migh missed something from the previous renter, and might they put that charge on you, while taking back the car. So, before you sit inside the car, take some time to check car’s exterior for any possible damage or scratch.

Many scratches and bumps will might not be visible at first glance. Get down to the level of the panels to see the paint from different angles.

Some scratches may be more obvious in certain aspects. Make sure you are with your agent while you do this so they can take notes. You can also photograph the endings so you can keep your records.

Check all doors, trunk and hood. Make sure they are all hinged and latched perfectly. And while doing this, it would be a good idea to check the condition of the tires, not only for cosmetics, but also for your safety.

Ask about car features before to leave

Each car has its own characteristics and features.

But before starting the engine, Make sure to ask about car features and functions.

Even if you are in rush, Just give some time to get used to the new vehicle.

Adjust your seat and mirrors and check that all indicators are working properly.

Properly check the light and wipers as well.

When you feel quite comfortable with a rental car, then it is good to go.

Type of Fuel in Dubai

There are 2 types of fuel mostly used in Dubai. The first type is Special Fuel and the other type is Super Fuel.

If you are renting a Sports Car or Supercar then fuel will be Super.

But if you are renting a small economic or mid- Luxury Car then you can also use special fuel.

But make sure to add Super-Fuel for all big cars in Dubai.

Which Car Rental Type to choose?

You will get a wide range of options in term of car rental types.

Whether you want to Rent SUV in Dubai or looking for Sports Car Rental. Mostly car rental company deals in all different car rental types.

Car Rental DXB

carrnetaldxb is a leading car rental service provider company in Dubai. Car Rental DXB offer a wide range of vehicles from all top leading car manufacturer brands including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford and much more. You can experience a high-quality car rental service on best cheap price. Whether you want car for short term or looking for a car on long-term rental basis. The best car hire price will be gauranteed from carrentaldxb.

Car Rental DXB is also famous for offering the best price on Sports Car Rental. You can Rent Mustang GT in Dubai for the price range of 500 AED to 600 AED which is comparatively lower then many other rental companies.

X Car Rental

If you are looking for best price car rental then no company can beat X Car Rental in term of cheap prices and best quality service. X Car Rental company really cares about customer satisfaction and really want to make customer happy, without taking care about price. You will might able to get a sport car for 1 AED only in ramadan and alot of other offers will be also available on all public events and holidays.

Renter Point

Renter Point is a one point spot for all different type of vehicles. Whatever car is in your mind, just contact Renter Point company in Dubai and they will sort the car for you. Although prices will be also competitve and you will able to get more discount on long-term rental basis.

Renter Point is also a famous rent a car company, in term of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi Rental Dubai.

You can get huge discount from Renter Point on booking any car for long term rental basis.

Which company is best for Dubai Airport Car Rental?

Well, All three of above companies are highly customer focused and promise on-time deivery service in term of Dubai Airport Car Rental.

Although, X Car Rental and Car Rental DXB both companies offices are near to the DXB Airport. If you are looking for instant car delivery service by making booking same time then better to choose one among them.

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